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Shambala Secret Review - My 21-days Results & Experiences

In this Shambala Secret Review find out everything I have achieved after trying the Shambala Secret Program for 21-days...

By ReviewdunkPublished 2 years ago 7 min read
The Shambala Secret Program

Shambala secret program although a fairly new product but with claims to give you superpowers to manifest anything you want just by listening to this 22-minute audio track for 9 consecutive days.

Is it true?

Well, that is what I will reveal in this Shambala Secret Review based on my personal testing and experiences with the Shambala Secret Program for 21-days straight.

But first...

What is the Shambala Secret Program?

Shambala Secret is a manifestation program that consists of an audio that facilitates the working of the subconscious mind with the goal of reaching a point called Shambhala.

Going by the conventions of the Tibetan Buddhist tradition, Shambala is actually a place of utter tranquility, prosperity and quietude.

By listening to the 22 min music track every night for 9 consecutive days, an aura of the same degree of serenity and prosperity as that of the Shambhala is believed to be created around you.

Besides, the Shambhala Secret Program lets you apply the 3 golden principles or truths to life.

  1. Truth No. 1: The creation of your reality depends upon your attention.
  2. Truth No. 2: The Negativity Vortex
  3. Truth No. 3: Your attention is ‘conducted’ by none other than your subconscious stage or mind.

The job of the powerful audio file is to travel to the area where the Subconscious Conductor resides as the audio track decodes the language of this very Conductor.

This may sound incredulous but this is the very audio track that utilizes the sound power to alter your Subconscious Conductor so that you can enjoy living the life of your dreams.

Curious to know who is the one behind this program of wonder? Let’s delve deep into it then!

So Who is the Creator of the Shambala Secret Program?

David Chandler is the man behind this program. He prepared the Shambhala Secret Program with the inputs gained from Aria, a lady whom he met in one of Antarctica’s cafeterias. Want to know the full story about this meeting? Click here!

Aria shared with David the 3 truths of life and handed over him the 22 min audio track and asked him to simply listen to it nightly for 9 consecutive days. She also said to him that if no positive change occurs in his life, he may stop listening to this audio and even forget the fact that they had ever met.

Though David was quite skeptical of the program, he decided to give it a try nonetheless. He was very disappointed when nothing fruitful occurred for the next few days. However, he perceived a new change of positive flow of energy into his body on the fifth day of his listening to the audio. He felt as if he had ultimately been connected to the life that he dreamt of.

Overwhelmed by the positive change in his life, David moved ahead to dig deeper into this program and found out interesting stuff about the program’s working methodology.

How Does the Shambhala Secret Program Work?

This program is based on reconstituting and reprogramming your Subconscious Conductor. If you just transform your attention, you can change your life for the better.

David noticed that the audio track had chimes, bells and chants as the integral parts of it. He wondered what could be the reason for it.

He found out that the recent discoveries in science say that only a handful of the sound waves that are combined with the Gamma wave audio tones have the potential of impacting the subconscious mind.

Your brainwave state interacts directly with your Conductor by directing your attention to a certain focus so that you can concentrate on what you really want to do in life.

Though it is your attention that forms your reality, the Gamma waves are also responsible for blending your senses together.

Your attention is directed to endless possibilities at a time when the bonding of senses also takes place resulting in your brain thinking that you are already living your dream life.

This mechanism is repeated so that you can live a prosperous life and restrict the replication of the life of scarcity and poverty as your mind doesn’t want that.

Enhancements of the Shambhala Secret Program

3D Soundscape: David added 3-Dimensional sound waves so that fresh pathways in the nerves are stimulated in your brain. This opens up avenues for persistent recreation in yourself.

Subconscious Messaging: As per the theory of neuroscientists, subconscious messaging is 500,000 times more powerful and effective as compared to conscious messaging.

Since the Shambala Secret Program is way too effective and can be easily handled by anyone, David has himself included a free audio track titled ‘The Golden Journey’ to let the other users give it a try and realize the power of it.

Is the Shambhala Secret Program Going to Work for You?

Well, then it is both yes and no!

Since the subconscious mind cannot interpret what is right or wrong, if you bear negativity in your mind, you won’t get positive results.

So, it is YOU alone who can determine the type of results that you will get.

Keep listening to the full 22 min audio track every night for 9 days straight with no gaps in between and it is expected that you will get good results if you bear a positive approach.

In case you don’t get the expected results, you will get a 100% refund within 1 year of the purchase without b by the manufacturer.

So, there is nothing to lose by giving it a try, you see?

Try The Shambala Secret Program 100% Risk-FREE Today!

What Do You Get in the Shambala Secret Program?

You get a 22 min audio track that you need to listen to every night for 9 days.

Also, you get the following bonuses worth $131 for free.


  1. The Healing Wind worth $37
  2. The Sleeping Ocean worth $57
  3. The Golden Sunrise worth $37

David has also mentioned that a portion of your purchase will be donated to non-profit organisation Hungry for Music.

Click here to purchase the Shambala Secret Program and Help the Needy!

Pros of Shambala Secret

  1. Can be used easily, even at the time of sleeping.
  2. Instant results can be obtained.
  3. You can get your hands on free Bonuses worth $131
  4. Full refund within 365 days

Cons of Shambala Secret Program

  1. Not everyone will have the potential to make it work as it is necessary the users maintain a positive attitude.
  2. Can be purchased solely from the official website.

Final Words: Based On My Experience and Results

As advised, I had listened to the track for 21-days straight.

After 2 days, I felt I have grown quite confident and garnered great self-esteem.

I understood what I really wanted in life and my goals became as clear as a day. This helped me to achieve my targets easily.

After a period of 9 days, I felt a surge of positive energy coursing through my body. I bid adieu to my worries and started to work on my goals and dreams with sheer dedication and hard work.

After 21-days my to-do list had no pending tasks as I became more punctual and active in my everyday tasks I started to accomplish my goals quite easily.

With the help of all these habits I developed with the Shambala Secret Program I managed to earn an extra $1200 from my side-hustle which previously made me no money.

So as I am writing this, I have earned over $1200 and managed to develop habits that are almost certain to help me reach my goal.

I will keep updating the review as and when I feel the other changes happening in my life. But, as of now, I give it a 9/10 rating based on the immediate results that I have got.

Anyone can get the results if they maintain a positive attitude and listen to the audio for the prescribed duration.

I will recommend you to give it a try as it is really great and you have nothing to lose by using it (thanks to the 100% money back guarantee).

Buy Shambala Secret Program now!

Disclaimer: Results are NOT typical implied or guaranteed. You may not get the results if you will not stick to the program as mentioned by the author and if you use it with a negative mindset.

If you feel you will fail or you feel you will succeed either way you are right that's why I will say to try it only if you have a burning desire to succeed with it.

Disclosure: As always, I want to be above board and honest with all my readers. Since I share product reviews or strategies online for free with awesome people like you, naturally my content may contain affiliate links for products I tried and approved 100%. If you take action (i.e. subscribe, make a purchase) after clicking one of these links, I’ll earn some coffee money(at no extra charge to you), which I promise to drink while creating more helpful content like this.

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