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Roses are for More than Just Romance

In a month of celebrating love, let's highlight what other lovely uses roses have

By Nani CruzPublished 3 years ago 4 min read
Roses are for More than Just Romance
Photo by Brigitte Tohm on Unsplash

I have an annoying concoction of sensitive and extremely oily skin (thanks, mom). This has made it impossible for me to find the perfect drug store skin care products, especially for my face. Any moisturizer I have ever tried felt cakey when combined with my natural abundance of face oil. I don't use any foundation or makeup on my skin because it would only feel worse. I even went through period when I would only put water on my face, but that was not enough.

Then I discovered rose water and rose oil.

Not a toner and not the rose waters with a bunch of other chemicals in them. Pure rose water and rose oil, extracted from just roses. This made a world of difference for my skin and hair! Rose water is always my first recommendation to others with skin troubles. I only use rose water on my face now after I wash it and let me tell you, I wish I knew about it sooner. But the benefits do not end with skin health!

Here are a few ways that rose extracts can improve your skin and overall health.

1. Clear, healthy & glowing skin

By Linh Ha on Unsplash

Rose water is natural and gentle on the skin. It is derived straight from roses by steeping the petals in water. It is also the by-product of creating rose oil for perfumes. Even those who suffer from sensitive skin and rosacea can use rose water to calm their skin. Interesting how roses can help with rosacea, huh?

Rose water is great for soothing skin irritation, reducing redness and hydrating your face without clogging.

You can put it on your skin as often as you want. I like to use a spray bottle to apply it on my face. It is even great to spritz through your hair for a shinier, healthier feel. Plus, it smells amazing!

2. Contains powerful phenolics & antioxidants

By Tim-Oliver Metz on Unsplash

Evidence of early cultivation of rose water and rose oil has been found in Iran as far back as the 7th century AD. Cleopatra herself was recorded using rose extracts for various medical treatments. Now it is cultivated all over the world, especially in Iran, Bulgaria, Europe, and India.

Rose water and rose oil have been extracted for centuries for its powerful uses, especially its antioxidant content. Rose water and oil contain phenolics, which are compounds with many proven pharmacologic benefits. These include antioxidants, free-radical scavengers, antidepressants, anti-inflammatory agents, and anticancer agents. These agents, especially the antioxidants, help strengthen cells and the cells walls to prevent immunologic diseases, heart diseases, and cancers.

Let's not overlook those anti-inflammatory properties that especially help with menstrual pain!

3. Relieves headaches, migraines, and allergies

By Ivan Aleksic on Unsplash

Aromatherapy and essential oils have inserted their way into the natural treatment realm, but can be quite expensive. Well, rose extracts serve as an aromatherapy that fight against headaches, migraines and allergies that are cost friendly.

The vapor from rose extracts has been tested and proven helpful in fighting these symptoms. This is attributed to the chemicals and de-stressing agents in rose water and oil.

4. Enhances your mood

By Fernando Brasil on Unsplash

Rose water and oil contains antidepressants (the phenolics mentioned before) that have been tested and proven to reduce stress, anxiety, grief, tension and depression. Who doesn't want to smell great and feel better in a natural way?

To reap these benefits, the vapor from rose extracts can be inhaled or the rose water can be drank, if it is pure and natural rose water with no chemical additives (please do not consume rose water facial toner).

5. Antibacterial properties for healing

By Brittany Colette on Unsplash

That's right- rose water and oil have antibacterial properties!

These antibacterial properties have been scientifically tested and have shown that rose water & oil help to heal cuts, scars and burns. These antibacterial properties even extend into healing sore throats. Simply add natural and pure rose water to your tea or water and voila! Plus it has a great taste, so you can even drink it by itself.

Of course, you should always consult with and primarily follow the instructions of your healthcare provider when treating an illness or injury, but rose water is a great natural substance for healing that you should try.

6. Digestive health, chest pain, and abdominal pain

By Katherine Hanlon on Unsplash

For centuries, people have used these rose extracts to heal their gut and resolve chest pain. Studies have shown rose water to positively influence digestion and relieve gut pain by increasing bile flow and decreasing gut inflammation. Rose extracts can help with chest pain by lowering blood pressure, decreasing rapid heart rates, and relieving muscle cramps (the heart is a hard-working muscle!).

Natural and pure rose water can be added to tea, water, or can be drank straight to obtain these healing results.

By Juliana Tanchak on Unsplash

As we move through the month of February and celebrate love with one another, keep in mind all the fantastic properties that roses have. They have been treating us for centuries and are for more than just Valentine's Day!

Source: Pharmacological Effects of Rosa Damascena


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