Reason First: Dr. Sebi's Blind Alley

Can a quack have a shred of credibility?

Reason First: Dr. Sebi's Blind Alley

Medical professionals considered Dr. Sebi a phony and a fake. He allegedly told people that AIDS did not arise from HIV. Allegedly, he cured forms of cancer and became a healer to those yearning to be freed from a given malady.

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His certification to help in the health department lends to something to say about the medical profession. Doctors don’t need licenses from government backed agencies. Like Dr. Sebi, they should have the opportunity to practice medicine by private means. Word of mouth, online ranking sites, and personal rating factions would allow for patients to make decisions about their treatment and who provides it. And doctors would be able to choose their clients.

It is not founded based on the facts of reality that Dr. Sebi healed or even cured anyone. While books, films, and other media have presented him as an official medical leader, he lived as a pseudo-medical man.

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While racism may have played a factor in discrediting Dr. Sebi, the reality is that the hard science of observation limited Dr. Sebi to his status as a quack. Just because he was a black man does not mean that he would have been shot down by the medical community at large. There remain thousands of black doctors all over the planet who represent the science of medicine. What Dr. Sebi showed in his work was the possibility to be highly influential in certain crowds without going through the rigors of his purported profession.

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Noted celebrities have espoused and promoted Dr. Sebi’s actions. Each of them are running in blind terror away from reason into the abyss of evasion. They evade the fact that Dr. Sebi never saw one of his findings actually gain traction in the medical world.

All of his theories on the subject have not lead to a single case of someone being released from their ailment. Conspiracism has resurfaced after rapper Nipsey Hussle was gunned down in broad daylight. The slain rap artist possessed designs to complete a documentary detailing the life and legacy of Dr. Sebi. Such unfounded beliefs that pertain to anyone breathing a word about what Dr. Sebi did in this life are like the cancerous tumors that Dr. Sebi failed to heal.

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But the conspiracists tread on a wire that is splitting on both ends and they’re in the middle. Dr. Sebi demonstrated that a man can be a charlatan and still garner a substantial base of supporters. Each of the illnesses that Dr. Sebi claimed that he could cure never even saw a glint of being eliminated. His methods stood to mean that to be within the medical profession, all you need is an assumed name. Facts be damned. Logic be damned. It is just so long as you can cover up all of your findings and shroud your patients in a deadly cloud of darkness.

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Dr. Sebi may have meant well and exhibited a quiet, charismatic demeanor. But all of that may have just contributed to his “wool over their eyes” appeal. Some will say that herbalists like Dr. Sebi can make as many claims as they wish. They can hold their hands out and wish for sunlight to go across their palms at night but that is all that the will participate in is a wish. Dr. Sebi might have damaged many minds during his life on this planet. He mislead scores into feeling that herbs can evaporate cancer cells. This mental hindrance has proven to be detrimental to the minds of these people. For a shyster like Dr. Sebi to dupe the masses is still an affront to any cognitive brain.

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The profession of medicine is too good and too precious to have the idea of a Dr. Sebi besmirch the names of Dr. Percy Julian, a chemist and Dr. Charles Drew, a surgeon, among many other official doctors through the decades. They actually found real ways to promote life.

With knowledge of the fallacies that Dr. Sebi expressed during his life, people ought to realize the destruction involved in accepting this man’s claims. The real men of the mind will pick up the torch from the credible, scientific individuals, not Dr. Sebi.

As long as the populace is able to think for themselves, they will be able to discern from a real healer and a two bit medical imposter. There will be a day when the various afflictions will be things of extreme rarity like polio and smallpox. And at that time, it will be because of men and women of the mind will choose to say in the name of science, “Be healed!”

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