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Most Useful Life Hacks

The most useful life hacks will save you time, energy, and money every day.

By Emily McCayPublished 6 years ago 5 min read

Life can get the best of us sometimes. Luckily for all of us who seem to be fumbling through life, there are plenty of useful life hacks to make your life easier. Have you ever been doing something and thought, there just has to be a better way to do this? Well guess what, you're probably right! With just a few tips and tricks, you can go from zero to hero. Try these useful life hacks and thank us later.

  • If your cab driver asks if you're from around here, say yes. They hike up the price, and take routes that are out of the way, for out-of-towners.
  • Throw your shirt in the dryer for 15 minutes with a few ice cubes to get rid of wrinkles.
  • Chew the same flavor of gum while you are studying, and while you're being tested to aid your memory.
  • Use a Ketchup bottle as a batter dispenser next time you make pancakes. Not only can you control the size better, it's also an easy cleanup.
  • If you bought something on Amazon, and the price is reduced within 30 days, email them and they will credit you the difference!
  • Rubbing a lime on your forehead will cure your headache (...or it will help, at least).
  • Before your next trip to the zoo, look up the color of the zoo keepers uniforms. The animals are more familiar with these people and will be much friendlier to you.
  • Embarrassed about buying something? Buy a birthday card with it.
  • A trip to Walmart is an instant self esteem boost.
  • Plug what ingredients you have in your house into www.SuperCook.com and they will give you a list a recipes you can make with them.

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  • If a gas pump handle is broken, place your gas cap in the handle for hands free pumping.
  • A handicapped parking spot needs a sign to be valid. If it just has a wheelchair painted on the ground, you can park there.
  • Use a garbage bag in place of a garment bag to move clothing on the hanger.
  • Running low on battery? Put your phone on Airplane mode and it will charge up faster.
  • Wrap a rubber band around a paint can to get the excess paint off the brush.
  • Fold your receipt around the gift card to always know the balance.
  • You can separate egg yolks from egg whites with a water bottle.
  • To download a YouTube video, just add 'ss' to the URL between www. and YouTube.
  • Use a spring from an old pen to keep your charger from bending and fraying.
  • Having a hard time opening that jar lid? Use duct tape and pull to the left.

  • If a disk is skipping, rub a peeled banana over it to seal the scratches.
  • Include an embarrassing detail in a lie you're trying to tell. No one would doubt something that makes you look silly.
  • If you are ever trapped in your car underwater, use the headrest to break the wind shield.
  • Slowly tilt your head from side to side to rid yourself of car sickness.
  • The length of a yellow light is 10 percent of the speed limit, AKA, if the limit is 40 MPH, you have four seconds once the green light turns yellow.
  • Use chapstick on paper cuts (after you clean it).
  • When ordering ice coffee, order your ice in a separate cup. You'll get more coffee for your dollar.
  • If you say the wrong thing on a voicemail, press the # button to erase it and re-record your message.
  • Save the envelopes from your parking tickets. Next time you're in a non-parking zone slip the envelope under your wiper. This one isn't 100 percent fool proof, but it might discourage them from checking your plate!
  • Flip a coin next time you have to make a hard decision. It won't tell you what to choose, but it will tell you if you're disappointed in the outcome, revealing what you really want.

  • Have a 20 minute workout in the morning. That way you can be lazy the rest of the day and not feel guilty!
  • Mixing alcohol with diet soda will get you more drunk than mixing it with regular soda.
  • Tell people to pick a number between 5 and 12, and 95 percent of the time they will choose 7.
  • Make one of your passwords a goal you've been trying to achieve. That way you have a constant reminder of it.
  • Sugar can cure a burnt tongue... I KNOW, this one is life changing!
  • Try staying silent when someone is venting to you. Most of the time they don't want advice, they just want someone to listen.
  • Press a warm spoon to a mosquito bite to stop the itch.
  • The best places to find free WiFi are McDonalds, Office Depot, and the Apple Store.
  • Make iced coffee cubes with the left over coffee in your pot. This way, when you make ice coffee it isn't diluted.
  • Tip your bartender a $20 after you order your first drink, instead of at the end, and you'll get great service all night.

  • Check your breath by licking your wrist and smelling it. I know, this sounds weird, but it's what your breath smells like to others.
  • Ctrl + shift + T will reopen your last tab.
  • Use trick candles to light fires in the woods. This way, the wind won't be able to blow them out.
  • Pressing all four corners of a credit card machine will reset it.
  • Trying to quit smoking? Run around your house once. The feeling of being out of breath will be associated with wanting to smoke, helping you quit.
  • Dental floss works wonders in place of a knife for cutting desserts.
  • Save your emergency contacts number in your phone as 'Owner' incase you loose it.
  • Paint things you lose, like your phone charger or keys, with glow in the dark paint. You'll never lose them again.
  • AAA batteries will substitute for AAs in a pinch. Fill the space around the edges with tin foil.
  • To keep your pizza crust from getting chewy in the microwave, place a small glass of water next to it.
  • Chew slowly! Not only does it aid digestion, it also aids weight loss.
  • Use your seat warmers to keep your food warm on your way home from the restaurant.
  • Use a rubber band to keep your apple slices together, stopping them from browning.
  • Stop worrying. It solves nothing.


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