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Meet ARTAS, The First Hair Transplantation Robot

by Annette Duke 12 months ago in industry

Robotic restoration is the future of thicker, natural hair.

Thick, luscious hair of all lengths and textures—especially for those no longer in their thirties—is held to an enviable Hollywood standard: a standard that keeps those with dull, thinning or balding scalps feeling left behind. In response to this all-too common problem, we’ve seen all kinds of attempts at remedies and solutions from toupees, wigs and weaves to hair paints, plugs and growth-promising vitamins touted by Instagram influencers and YouTubers alike... to varying levels of success.

For many who feel like they’ve tried everything, or that their scalp is a lost cause, they might try and hide the problem under a hat (or series of hats), or sometimes make the decision to just go ahead and shave it all off.

But there is one solution that’s stepped onto the world’s stage that promises a permanent, natural-looking solution to hair loss… and its name is ARTAS iX.

The future of hair restoration is robotic.

The ARTAS iX Robotic Hair Restoration System uses a combination of robotics and artificial intelligence to provide the most painless, precise and state-of-the-art hair restoration available today. It identifies the healthiest hairs you have on your scalp to find the most viable hairs in order to take them and transplant them onto the “problem” areas on your head. This is a much more sophisticated approach than any other hair transplant surgery, working down to the follicle in order to ensure that it avoids damaging the hair, follicle, or scalp.

When you prepare for a hair restoration treatment with the ARTAS iX, you can first expect a numbing solution to be placed on any parts of your head that may come in contact with the machine. After that, lying on the reclined chair while the machine gets to work feels like nothing more than a head massage.

Once it gets to work, ARTAS iX creates a unique look based on a bespoke algorithm to plant hair follicles right where you need them most, providing the best, most painless experience for hair transplants on the market.

Expert Use and Education

If it's so easy, you ask, then why isn’t it being offered everywhere?

There’s a level of education and training that comes along with the fancy machinery—after all, there are some things you want to leave to the experts. Experts like nationally-recognized NYC hair restoration specialist Dr. Michael Wolfeld.

Dr. Wolfeld is the only physician in the United States who is double board certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Hair Restoration. He also boasts being named annually among the Top Doctors in New York with a Top Doctor Award (along with other prestigious awards and recognitions).

When it comes to hair restoration, you’re talking about a procedure that impacts the overall appearance of an individual. Your hairline can drastically change your appearance, making you appear older or younger, slimmer or more defined, depending on how far back it recedes and whether it suits your overall face shape.Dr. Wolfeld has been performing hair restoration surgeries for years, and regularly attends and is invited to present at local and international medical conferences. Dr. Wolfeld is routinely called upon to teach the newest and most modern techniques in hair restoration to other physicians.

When you combine the effectiveness of a machine like the ARTAS iX with a doctor like Dr. Wolfeld, you can rest easy knowing that you are getting the best to provide the most state-of-the-art, speciality care available.

Common Questions and Proven Results

If you’re still not convinced about ARTAS, or you’re worried that your hair is beyond help, experts like Dr. Wolfeld say that there’s no need to rush to shave it all off: While you may not need a full hair restoration, there are ways to strengthen and thicken the hair you do have that a doctor can recommend at a consultation before you make the decision to go bald.

Not every product you see peddled online or demonstrated by an influencer is inherently a scam. There are vitamins and products that can help at different stages of hair loss; just know that hair restoration specialists can help you choose the best options for your hair.

Dr. Wolfeld in the Press

As the only board certified physician in both plastic surgery and hair restoration, Dr. Wolfeld’s presence in popular wellness programs and other media outlets is rather constant. Timing, action and expertise are among the most important factors when it comes to hair restoration; so, Wolfeld’s broad media coverage has helped to guide many victims of hair loss in the right direction.

Programs such as the Dr. Oz Show, The Today Show and Good Day NY have featured Dr. Wolfeld to spread awareness of the very real solutions his practice offers. From debunking myths, consulting with celebrities, to discussing the real science on the topic of hair loss, Dr. Wolfeld remains the voice of authority to millions of people searching for answers everyday.

In fact, the ARTAS iX was featured on the Dr. Oz show in 2019. During the walkthrough, Dr. Wolfeld explained the method of this robotic machine. He clarified that there are sensors and artificial intelligence algorithms built into the ARTAS iX that allow it to “actually read the hair on the back of the head to choose the best hair for transplantation.” After the walkthrough, Dr. Wolfeld assured that the procedure is“very well tolerated” and there is “minimal discomfort” after the procedure.

Next Steps

With ARTAS iX, the future of hair transplant surgery looks more possible now than ever before, offering everyone the chance for thicker, more natural hair that’s here to stay.

If you’re interested in learning more about the ATRAS iX procedure, schedule a consultation with Dr. Wolfeld to learn whether it’s right for you.

Annette Duke
Annette Duke
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