Interesting F#*king Facts About Tourettes!

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Tourettes and Me

Interesting F#*king Facts About Tourettes!

In my life, so many times when I have told people I have Tourette Syndrome, they either don't know what it is exactly or only know one version of it... (the swearing kind.) I have lived with this condition for almost 6 years now. Not many people in my life know this, as my type is easier to hide... here are some lesser-known facts for people who are either facing a diagnosis of TS or are just interested in the syndrome.

1.) There is NO cure for TS at the moment!

There are options for treatment which include medication or if it's very severe, deep brain stimulation. (I myself use to be medicated when I was first diagnosed... but didn't like the damage it was doing on my body.)

2.) There is more to Tourettes than swearing.

This one kind of annoys me a little when someone asks... although coprolalia, the fancy word for involuntary swearing, can be a symptom of TS, it is surprisingly rarer than the majority of television shows would have you believe. Only an estimated 10 to 15 percent of people with Tourette syndrome swear involuntarily. I only say something random when my anxiety plays up, or when I'm incredibly tired.

3.) Some tics can be painful.

Most tics are harmless, some can cause either minor or severe pain. This can be due to repetitive movements, punching or kicking things, biting and scratching ourselves! Eye rolls are my new thing at the moment... which can cause strain behind my eyes. I have also done some silly things in the past like punching myself in the nose... and even took a cactus to the face once.

4.) We can’t “just stop it.”

If it was that easy, don't you think we would of done that by now? I mean... I understand that it can get annoying and usually isn’t the best place to be making said noise. Many of us get what is known as a premonitory sensation or urge that can feel like an itch inside the body or can feel like a sneeze coming. Some of us can, and do, learn to suppress our tics, but it can be hard for us to do so! I can only explain it as if someone was to try and not blink... you can feel it building up and will have to give in to the urge eventually! If I've suppressed them all day... I find myself exploding with tics all night long, even whilst I sleep, which means I get a terrible night's rest.

5.) Some hobbies/activities can stop tics.

Something like a sport activity, playing an instrument, painting, or even playing with an animal can reduce and sometimes even make tics disappear. When I am focused on doing my crafts... I can feel my body relax.

6.) Pointing out when someone tics can make them worse!

In my experience when someone tells me that I've just made a funny sound or a strange movement, it makes it much worse as I'm now aware of this tic. It causes embarrassment and makes me want to repeat that action or become louder!

7.) Some people do not grow out of TS.

Although a lot of doctors say that most people grow out of TS at around 18 years old, this isn’t always the case and about 5 to 10 percent of people with TS continue to have symptoms as adults.

8.) Most people with TS have other disorders.

Most than 79 percent of people with TS also have co-morbid conditions — ADD, ADHD, OCD, anxiety disorders, sensory processing disorder (SPD), and dysgraphia, just to name a few.

9.) One in 100 children have some form of Tourette Syndrome. That is the same amount as children with autism.

10.) TS effects males 3 to 4 times more than females.

Tourettes And Me!

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