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If You Have Chronic Sleep Problems, You’re Not Alone

by Sara Swan 5 months ago in product review
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A quick and easy guide to rediscovering sleep.

If a mattress could become your best friend, the Lull Luxe Hybrid would be mine.

As parents of a toddler and newborn, the alone time of going to bed with my husband was the one thing we could look forward to each day where it was just us. A time to unwind, relax, catch up, binge watch tv, or simply just have a quiet moment to cuddle. A moment so important and crucial to our relationship quickly became a time of dread. After months of sleeping on an old, poor quality mattress, the one thing we looked forward to turned into hours of tossing and turning, aches and pains, sleepless nights, and waking up feeling even more tired than we were when getting into the bed in the first place.

We began experiencing nights where we would find ourselves so far away from each other that it even became a normalcy to wake up to one us on the living room couch. That basically sums up how most nights of sleep were lost for the two of us on our old mattress. We decided we needed to take control over our sleepless nights, which led us to Lull. Now I’m not saying that a mattress can change the way you feel about your spouse, but I am saying that a QUALITY mattress can change not only your sleep, but also your overall mood, energy levels, prevent pain, and even reduce your stress levels. If you’re finding yourself waking up with soreness throughout your hips and spine, restlessness, or if you simply want to be able to cuddle your person without the pain of an old mattress like we did night after night, then maybe, just maybe, you should consider a change of mattress. And I can assure you the Lull Luxe Hybrid is just the change you need.

I know it sounds cliché to say, but I have to be honest and just say it: The Lull Luxe has changed our lives. If I could reach through this screen, shake you, and scream “IT CAN CHANGE YOURS TOO,” I absolutely would. But, since I can't (unfortunately), take this as your sign. Night after night, day after day, I woke up with aches and pains, tightness, and extreme restlessness. And we are not the only ones! Between 50 to 70 million Americans suffer from a sleep disorder. Whether it’s soreness upon waking, restlessness throughout the night, snoring, or simply falling asleep and staying asleep, most of us are caught up in an endless struggle.

The good news, however, is that it doesn’t have to be this way. There’s still hope in rediscovering the best version of yourself and getting back to a quality night's rest. With the Lull Luxe Hybrid you too will be able to quickly fix your problem, and, thankfully, Lull makes it hassle free. From their quick and easy FREE delivery, lifetime warranty, convenient customer service, all the way up to the packaging of the mattress, Lull is changing our relationship to sleep one mattress at a time.

The Hassle Free Shopping Experience

Say goodbye to hours and days wasted at mattress stores, delivery and set up fees, or stressing over how you will get a mattress to your home. With Lull it’s as simple as placing your order online then sipping on your favorite beverage as you wait for your speedy delivery (I suggest a nice hot cup of tea). And when I say speedy, I mean it! Lull ships in 1-4 business days!!

Once your mattress arrives, it’s finally time to say goodbye to that old, painful, and long overdue mattress. Thanks to Lull's Mattress Disposal Guide, you don’t even have to worry about how you’ll get rid of that huge reminder of life before rest. They’ve already listed all the best ways to dispose of, donate, or even sell your current mattress (we decided to recycle ours. Like Lull, we take protecting our environment seriously).

Now all that's left for you to do is to unbox, unroll, and, finally, truly unwind. Your Lull Mattress will arrive in a convenient, small box. Once you open your box and wiggle out your mattress, carefully cut off the protective plastic wrapping, and your mattress will unravel itself and is ready to sleep on. Easy peasy!

New, Improved, and Relationship Approved Rest

Poor sleep quality does not only take its toll on you throughout the day after waking, but it affects the quality of your life in the long run. During sleep, our bodies take the time to fully, and properly, recover from the mental, physical, and emotional stresses of the day, whether big or small. This is the time that our body is able to reset, recharge, and repair any damage done throughout the day. Without this quality time between our bodies and the systems of our body that keep us running strong from day to day, we are preparing ourselves for the “crash and burn '' moment. And for those of you who are trying to work, play/raise kids, and spend time doing things you love, like me, you absolutely know how important it is to avoid that crash and burn moment at any costs!

Since switching to Lull, my husband and I wake up every morning (seriously!) in awe of how drastically different our sleep has become. The Lull Luxe Hybrid truly lives up to its name of pure luxury from the sleek look, to its level of comfort. With a 6 layer design consisting of a breathable sleep surface, cooling comfort layer, fast response transition layer, precision-crafted pocket coils, perimeter and edge support, and lastly, the premium stretch-knit cover with durable handles, you are guaranteed your best night's sleep. Not to mention their 365-day risk-free trial, if you don’t love it (which you will) Lull has a 100% money back guarantee.

Choose Lull! Seriously — it’s beyond worth it.

I said it, and I will say it again. The Lull Luxe Hybrid has changed our lives. And that’s even factoring in waking up two or three times a night to take care of our 2 month old daughter. The comfort of our Lull Luxe Mattress is unmatched. It gives us the firm support we have been looking for but also the memory foam softness that allows us to really sink into our dreams.

The way our outlook on sleep has changed is unreal. Finally, we look forward to the nighttime again, with the girls sound asleep in their rooms, we are back to racing to our room, turning the tv on, and enjoying our alone time on our Lull Luxe mattress. Take it from me! The Lull Luxe Hybrid is the bed for you. Unbox, unroll, and unwind.

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