How to Deal with Loss

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How to Deal with Loss

Everyone deals with loss, at least once in their life, whether it's a loved one, a friend, or a pet. Everyone deals in their own ways, but some don't know how to. I'm here to tell you ways you can and positive ways to deal with it.

Coping with the loss of a loved one is probably one of the hardest challenges we have to face in our life. Depending on who you have lost, your grief can be intense. Loss is considered to be a natural part of our lives, but we still deal with it in various, unexplainable ways. We can still be overcome by shock or confusion, which can also lead to long periods of sadness or depression. The sadness can go away with time but grieving is an important part in this process that helps us overcome those feelings and help us embrace and appreciate the time we had spent with that person. It can take months or even a year to come to terms with a loss, but people recover from loss on their own time, and that is completely okay. Mourning/grieving the loss of a loved one can take time but there is many ways you can overcome them, slowly but surely.

Talk about their passing. Denying their death is the easiest way to isolate yourself from everyone and the world. You don't want to do that. Let it out, because keeping it in will only frustrate you more. Trust me. Learn to accept your feelings. Don't worry about crying, or yelling, or staying quiet. What you felt about that person, no matter the relationship was completely normal, and having these unexpected feelings is completely okay. Emotional support is key. When you isolate yourself, it may be hard to grasp what you're dealing with, but when you have your loved ones, friends and family, by your side, you'll feel safe, you'll feel like you still have everyone that you love with you, no matter what you are going through. Obviously there is no instant fix to a loss. It takes time. You can feel affected for a very long time, and while the pain of your loss is very sad and very real, you still have to realize that, you are very lucky to be in this world, and you should embrace the time you have with the people closest to you and especially yourself. With overcoming your loss, you will come to see their death as reality, and eventually you will be able to find yourself to move forward and think that's what they wanted for you.

Loss is as much a part of our existence as breathing is. It can happen everyday (a lost wallet, earrings, keys, credit card) then we find those things and quickly move on. But when it's a bigger loss like a loved one, everyone should know it can't be easily shrugged off like that. When you're dealing with loss all of a sudden, it changes the course of your life. Completely. Your reactions will differ on the type of losses you have, and how we show that grief, is a part of us, it always has been even if we never saw it, or felt it.

Making Sense of Loss

Talking about the experience you went through can certainly help determine the path for your future. Like i said before, loss changes the course of your life/ your life story. Characters/possessions are gone or taken away, your routine has changed, relationships have changed, it's been rewritten. But it can be rewritten the way YOU want it to be. It's okay to be sad about your loss, it's okay to be angry. You go through so many emotions it's hard to keep count. You can go as slow or as fast as you want, because your emotions matter. But be grateful for the fact that you had them, you spent time with them, you made memories with them. Cherish those little things, think about the good things. Move forward with your life when you can but always keep a special place for them.

Once again, loss is one of the hardest things we all have to go through, there's no way to avoid it. But it's okay, because you will always come to realize you aren't alone. You never will be. You'll always have someone that loves you by your side, even if you don't want them to be, because what you're going through, they might have gone through it or may be going through it with you too. It's important to keep those people by your side and help you get through one of the hardest times of your life.

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