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Hoax behind hijama

Things you should know about hijama treatment

Hoax behind hijama

Before going to school, the science textbook Biology, Chemistry and Physics seem to have learned that the heart has four chambers, one on the right and one on the left. At that time, the child's mind imagined that the lungs would release carbon dioxide into the oxygen-deficient blood and mix it with oxygen, almost like soda.

As time went on, dark and white medical books were thrown into the fat books, and I realized that the heart, lungs, and kidneys were working non-stop from birth to death, expelling substances from the body. Physiology has shown that small pockets, arteries, and capillaries that hold hands together are the only result of some pocket roads leading to this process, which is efficient only when a number of components are combined.

Now it is heard that a lot of diseases can be cured by making a wound outside through the magic treatment of ‘Hijama’ and pouring out the ‘stagnant blood’ Demolished.

Even after asking those who do this how this is possible, a clear answer has not been forthcoming. Is there research or study? What type of blood vessel is bleeding from? How does the blood clot there? No reply

While it is possible to identify even the blood in the artery / vein by examining its oxygen and carbon dioxide levels, the lack of a satisfactory explanation is the first evidence that this is just an outdated method based on faith without explanation.

Another argument is that blood with low oxygen levels in the vein can be considered 'impure blood'. This is actually a misnomer. Oxygenated - Contains de-oxygenated blood. There is no "unclean" blood in the body to get out of the body.

Then ‘T - pure blood’ flows through the artery and the other vein. It is almost impossible to detect even the thickest skinned arteries or veins. There are no large blood vessels. And how can these wounds be made exactly the way they claim to be!

Now that some deoxygenated blood has flowed through the cut .. what will happen beyond the blood loss itself? Where, what is lying in the body? Except for the heart and lungs, the same blood comes out wherever it is cut. If blood clots anywhere, it can cause serious health problems. That is what happens in varicose veins (stasis). But even in this disease it does not lie dormant. On the contrary, it only slows down the flow of blood back to the heart.

Some hijamas say that excess fluid is drained. About five and a half liters of blood is in the human body. If there is excess fluid in the body (fluid overload) it will be seen as a body fluid. There are various reasons for this. If you make four wounds somewhere, you will not be able to drain this water. The water in the human body, which is spread over many compartments, has never been so easily accessible.

When the body is too hydrated, the patient may even develop pulmonary edema (pulmonary edema). This is a medical emergency. The patient goes to the hospital without being able to breathe properly after going outside to inflict a wound. That being said, fluid does not stay in the body, it is excreted from the kidneys to the skin. Or if it exists, it is an emergency. That is, whether the body is normal or abnormal, this 'bleeding' is not particularly effective.

No more arguing that it eliminates toxins in the body. Toxins in the body, whether they come from organisms or chemicals, have to be purified by the liver and kidneys. That is the main function of them. The blood they filter flows throughout the body. The same blood in many ways. The same factors are present everywhere for this blood. Toxins are not concentrated in one area. Normally, stabbing with the right hand, stabbing with the left hand or stabbing with the foot does not change the blood test results. This is because it is the same. Then how exactly does the toxin come out only through the wound?

There is a propaganda that this bleeding is the best solution for many ailments in the body. Treatment of other diseases may be postponed. If this one procedure had any credibility to claim, this simple procedure would have been enough to replace the dialysis used for blood purification!

This unscientific method is spreading here without any question as it is being marketed religiously like anything else. When any question becomes ‘religiously hurtful’, it is possible to stand without further explanation. Hijama can cause many complications beyond just being ineffective.

The backbone of any ignorance is empirical evidence. Michael Phelps, an Olympic medalist, and a Kerala MP have such experiences before us. Remember, hijama propagandists discourage patients with serious illnesses from being subjected to cupping called hijamah, believing the empirical evidence that they did not have any significant illnesses. That is, those who are not sick can get a few stabs, that's all.

Or for those who are interested in such superstitions, the only effect is a phenomenon known as a psychological relief or placebo effect. Cupping was a primitive practice that dates back to the 1500s, when it was rejected by science as having no scientific value.

* This pseudo-medicine (heart disease, vision loss, headache, brain disease), which claims to be the cure even for serious illnesses, can prevent / delay the patient from seeking proper treatment.

* Significant bleeding can occur in people with diseases such as haemophilia, people with heart disease who are on medication to prevent blood clots, and people with paralysis.

* Infection can be caused by improper cleaning of the wound site and open wounds on the body. It can seriously affect diabetics.

* Increases the risk of anemia. In addition, there is a high risk of procedures performed by people who do not know the exact physiology.

NB: Those who feel compelled to donate blood, please donate blood. At least four lives will be saved.

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