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Some people hesitate to face the public due to the defects in any of their body parts. However, with the advancements in technology, various techniques have emerged intending to improve your overall beauty. These are commonly called Cosmetic procedures. You can improve the beauty of all body parts through various cosmetic techniques. One such major surgery technique is Facelift surgery. This is a surgical process used to improve the beauty of your face, chin, and neck.

How to Choose the Best Surgery

Choosing the right facelift surgery is an important factor before deciding on whether each surgery has its purpose and benefits. And this is a tedious and confusing task that needs expert opinion and advice. Here are some major categories of Facelift surgery:

1. Deep Plane/SMAS Facelift

Deep Plane/SMAS Facelift helps to remove sagging skin at the base of the chin and neck. This can be done by lifting and strengthening the lax muscles of the face portion. Your surgeon will make an incision on both sides of your face and cut the superficial musculoaponeurotic layer and tighten the tissue, iron out the wrinkles to make you look younger and more vibrant.

2. Liquid Facelift

Liquid facelift surgery is popular because it takes less time and is a simple technique. In this technique, an injectable serum made from hyaluronic acid, or lactic acid calcium is injected into the problem area on your face. The serum stimulates collagen production and promotes skin elasticity.

3. Mini Facelift

Mini facelift needs small incisions under the cover of the hairline and tighten the skin through the incisions and remove excess tissue. This surgery technique also helps in improving the appearance of the jowls and neck. Since Mini lift uses small surgery procedures, it takes a few days to recover.

4. Mid-Facelift

The mid-facelift is an excellent option for those who want to do cosmetics near the cheek area. Incisions are made on both mouths and in the hairline above the ears. The fat pads over the cheekbones are replaced and tighten the skin through the incisions. very effective in treating the mid-face (cheek) area. During this procedure, a surgeon makes small incisions in the hairline above the ears, as well as within the mouth. These incisions allow the surgeon to reposition the fat pads in the checks over the cheekbones while also tightening skin in the area. This surgery technique can be used to remove the sagging skin and wrinkles and is a very good option for those who don’t have jowls or marionette lines.

5. Jawline Rejuvenation

As the name suggests, this procedure is done for enhancing the beauty of the jaw and neckline portion. Liposuction is used for removing the excess fat from the neck area. And the removed fat can be reused back into the cheek area to add volume if needed.

6. S-Lift

The S-Lift procedure is a good option for neck and jowls. In this surgery technique, an S-shaped incision is made and skin is separated from the tissue so that the surgeon can tighten the muscles and tissue. S-lift does not require a huge surgery process and needs a small time for recovery. used for treating the lower third of the face (neck and jowls). In this procedure, an s-shaped incision is used to separate the skin from the underlying tissue. The skin is lifted allowing the surgeon to tighten the muscles and tissue. The major advantage of doing this technique is to lift up the skin, remove excess fat, and tighten muscles and for getting smooth wrinkle-free skin.

7. Cheek Lift

Cheek lift surgery procedure is similar to Mid-facelift. The major motive of cheek lift surgery is to improve the beauty of the cheekbone and remove the wrinkles in the mid-face portion. Cheek lift also helps to eliminate under-eye puffiness and shaping nasal folds.

8. Temporal Facelift or Brow Lift

Many people have droopy or too low eyebrows. Temporal or Brow Lift will be an effective solution for such people. Small incisions are made in the foreheads for lifting the skin on the eyebrow area. Temporal/brow lift is faster, more convenient, and requires less recovery time than invasive eyebrow lift.

9. Traditional Facelift

Traditional facelift surgery is an excellent solution for facial aging. In this surgery, incisions are made around the ears, hairline, and below the chin portion. A large number of wrinkles and deep creases, drooping or hooded eyes, sagging facial muscles, etc can be cleared through this surgical procedure. The patients will take a minimum of fifteen days to recover from the surgery.

Major Benefits Of Facelift Surgery

Various advantages are associated with cosmetic surgeries especially Facelift surgery. They are:

1. Helps eliminate a double chin

2. Boosts your self-confidence

3. Physical health improvements

4. Reduce folds and creases

5. Tighten up saggy facial skin

6. Re-contours your jawline and neck

7. Facelifts Help Reduce Deep Wrinkles

8. Invisible Surgical Scars

9. Natural look after surgery

How to Speed Up Facelift Surgery Recovery

Completing the surgery is not only the task for the patient, but we have to follow the post-surgery advice from the surgeon. Our body is very sensitive and any complication will lead to severe irreversible damage to the whole body. So you must follow the right directions after the surgery. Here are some tips and duties you must undertake for a quick recovery.

1. Stay Hydrated

2. Avoid medications

3. Avoid Smoking and Alcohol

4. Be patient

5. Take Rest

6. Stay away from extreme temperatures and sun exposure

7. Follow a balanced diet

8. Keep the incision clean



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