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DREAMS : What do they mean? What purpose do they really serve. Is a dream nothing more than our minds working over time as we sleep. Bringing us to another world far beyond the reality we live in. Do they serve as a warning of bad things to come, or of people who are wishing to harm us in some way. As far as dreams and go science not a lot is really understood about dreams. But one things is for sure we all dream. Some dreams are so crazy they don't make any since after we wake up from them. We have all had the type of dream where we wake up and wonder what the hell brought on that type of dream. For example why did I dream I turned into a flying purple dragon. This type of dream is not scary or bothersome just strange. You think about it for a few minutes and go back to sleep. Then there is a dream which we enjoy having . It is a dream about something fun or a wonderful event or place. Everybody understands what I mean because we have all had them. In this dream we actually wish we could stay and are sometimes disappointed because to keep having the dream, and enjoy are time there for just a little longer.

Then of course is the type of dream I hate the nightmare. When I was a small child I suffered from sever nightmares. I would wake up screaming. As I got older the night mares came to visit me less and less. There is one I would have over and over. It seemed like there was someone on top of me, I would try and call out for my mother but it seemed I could not. Needless to say I spent many years of my childhood afraid at night. I stopped having that dream years ago, however it did revisit me a couple of years back. The same dream with the same feeling and me wanting to yell out for my mother. Thankful I haven't had the dream since the last time. Because I am here to tell you , it is not at all pleasant. That type of dream is called a repeating dream. Does it have some type of meaning. It is said in this type of dream your subconscious mind is telling you there is an issue. A fear or worry you need to examine within yourself. As I have said before the subconscious mind is not something we know a lot about. I myself am prone to them, some I wish I could never dream of again, like the one I have mentioned above. I have been the victim to some vivid nightmares. Almost like the ones written for Hollywood.

The exact cause of a night mare is unknown , but there are many factors that can contribute. Such as stress and poor nutrition, some stem for some type of trauma. I also dreamed I could fly when I was a child often. I would just pick my heels of and off I would go. We have all had that type of dream. It is almost enjoyable. Another type of dream is dreaming you are falling, and it feels real. I hate that type , you are sound asleep when all of a sudden it feels like you are falling 50 feet, and you jump out of the bed. That one is not at all fun.

Some say the purpose of a dream is to help store important memories and things you have learned. Others say the dreams come to sort out complicated feelings , although there is no real proof that your dreams have anything to do with what is going on in real life. It is said that dreams help with our creativity , which is in the case of Stephen King, many of his novels are based on dreams he had. So in theory they do serve a purpose , but it is only in theory. My theory is that because your mind keeps moving even when we are asleep, it is able to bring us to different realities. Some of the realities are enjoyable and there are some, you wake up and have to be glad that you are not actually there.

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