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'Covid' Ops: Abortion and sterilization in Third World

What lies beneath the Gates' foundation?

By Steve HarrisonPublished 4 years ago 6 min read

My wife, God rest her soul, was a huge admirer of Bill Gates, he was the man she held up for our children to aspire to be like, predominantly because he’d accrued a vast fortune but also because she believed he was using it in a philanthropic way to improve the world for generations to come.

I guess he was looked up to as something of a God in our household and probably many others, but the big question for me is how does he view himself and how far is he prepared to go to see his vision for mankind come to fruition.

Once he gave up the reins at Microsoft in 2008, he embarked on his life’s work… with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation his vehicle to achieve it.

As well as his own contributions to the foundation set up in 1994 with his father as head, investor and philanthropist Warren Buffett made a lifetime pledge to the foundation of Berkshire Hathaway stock valued at US$31 billion. Quite a war chest to fight to improve health and well-being around the globe.

My research up to this point had unveiled his father’s links to the organisation Planned Parenthood, heavily associated with eugenics, abortion, covert sterilization and the promotion of population control in poor communities, both in the US and beyond.

Then I watched the Netflix documentary series, Inside Bill’s Brain, and a whole different side of the foundation was portrayed. Gates’ quest to bring sanitation and water to Third World communities, his mission to eradicate polio and his vision to create a sustainable nuclear power source to replace fossil fuels and cut carbon emissions.

It is said that with great power comes great responsibility and from watching the documentary I believe this weighs on him, even with his vast wealth he can’t finance his vision alone and it’s clear from the documentary that obstacles frustrate him, but there’s also no question that he is extremely motivated to find solutions to them.

The roots to these “Covid” ops being carried out in the name of “saving lives” run so deep it could take a century to uncover them all, but a man as powerful and driven as Gates has to be a major player.

Until a few days ago if someone had asked me who Warren Buffett was I’d probably have guessed at country music singer, little did I know that he’s the third-richest person in America with US$80.8 billion to his name.

Buffett also dabbles in a few foundations and is a major shareholder in the Wells Fargo bank… and according to Inside Bill’s Brain is a man that Gates has a lot of time for.

So let’s start with Wells Fargo… and it doesn’t take much digging to realise this bank is involved in some pretty shady behaviour.

Buffett owns US$100 million of Wells Fargo stock in his own name… and his firm Berkshire Hathaway is the bank's biggest shareholder, holding nearly 10 per cent of the stock.

So would it surprise anyone to learn that in 2016 Wells Fargo was slapped with a US$185 million fine for creating millions of fake accounts and charging its customers false fees for years; while also being involved in a lawsuit for wrongfully denying federally-required mortgage modifications to borrowers in danger of having their homes repossessed.

The bank has acknowledged that 870 borrowers were wrongfully denied a “modification” and that more than 500 borrowers lost their homes as a result, but the bank blames the issue on a series of calculation errors, according to the lawsuit.

And on 21 February this year it was hit for another staggering US$3 billion by federal authorities outraged at the millions of fake accounts created at the troubled bank over many years. The settlement with the US Justice Department and Securities and Exchange Commission, which has been years in the making, resolves Wells Fargo's criminal and civil liabilities for the fake-accounts scandal that erupted nearly four years ago. But... with the “Covid” ops underway at the moment... it barely made the news.

Then there are the Buffett foundations, a significant one of which is the Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation (STBF).

After his wife’s death, Buffett renamed the foundation he’d set up in her honour and bequeathed about US$2.5 billion to it, standing down from the board, with his daughter Susie taking over as its chairperson.

He also announced that he would contribute most of his then-estimated US$44 billion fortune to a number of philanthropic efforts including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and four foundations controlled by his children... The NoVo Foundation, the Sherwood Foundation, the Howard G Buffett Foundation, and STBF.

STBF is a quiet but massive financial supporter of pro-abortion activities and population control policies. It is reportedly the largest non-governmental funder of “reproductive health and family planning” in the world.

One estimate found that STBF had given more than US$1.2 billion to organisations which advocate pro-abortion policy, perform elective abortions, or helped develop the chemical abortion pill Mifepristone. And, as of 2012, STBF had provided almost US$300 million to the controversial abortion-clinic network Planned Parenthood.

In addition to the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, STBF is also a major benefactor of Population Services International, Marie Stopes International, Ipas, the National Abortion Federation, New Morning Foundation and the Guttmacher Institute.

Both Population Services International and Marie Stopes International have been widely linked to forced sterilization programmes in the Third World, including Kenya, India, Uganda and Peru.

Interestingly, the Gates’ foundation remains a major benefactor of Planned Parenthood, and Gates’ father remains a co-chair, with Buffett one of the foundation’s trustees.

The Gates’ foundation has given more than US$82 million to the Planned Parenthood Federation of America, International Planned Parenthood Federation, International Planned Parenthood Federation – European Network, International Planned Parenthood Worldwide, and Planned Parenthood in both central and western Washington state.

Now what’s wrong with all this, you might ask? Well, I’d certainly support the use of of birth control pills and contraceptives if people want them, I’d also support a woman’s right to have an abortion if she is certain that for good reason she does not want to become a mother, and I would also support a person’s right to be sterilised if they are certain they no longer wish to have children.

The problem arises when these procedures and pills are used to control population without the consent of the individuals involved. Would it be right to force a pregnant mum in Nigeria to take Mifepristone to abort her child against her will? Would it be right for any nations to introduce forced sterilization programmes on their populations? How would we feel in the UK if we were forced to take a vaccine that reduced our ability to procreate?

Well it seems these organisations are often implicated in such practices: sterilization of prison inmates, women from poor backgrounds within the US and beyond its borders, widespread promotion of birth control and the use of Mifepristone to bring about population control in the Third World. Is this a cornerstone of the policies that will make up this new world order we’re heading towards?

It’s a real concern and, wouldn’t you know, I still haven’t started looking deeper into Gates’ involvement with vaccines yet, nor his links to Monsanto… seems like there’s a lot more digging to do!

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