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Cervical spondylosis dizziness

Without evaluating these 5 issues, no amount of treatment will help

By GorodnikiPublished 5 months ago 4 min read
Cervical spondylosis dizziness
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Cervical dizziness, do not assess these 5 problems, and more treatment is useless!

Do the right treatment and stay away from paralysis! Hi, I'm Li Guomin, a shoulder, neck and back specialist. I write an article every day to share my actual treatment experience and cases, hoping to give you some inspiration and help, this is the 1503rd original article.

This morning, a friend consulted me, he said he had intermittent slight dizziness recently, his eyes were a little bit up, he did a head CT and so on, but no problem was found.

He also went to see a neurologist, his blood pressure and other things were normal, and the doctor said it was fine, he didn't know what was going on

If your dizziness is ruled out as a cerebrovascular problem, then you need to be re-evaluated because there are so many factors that can trigger dizziness.

Especially if you have checked a lot and no problem is found

You need to evaluate the following points

1. Metabolic problems in the brain

Metabolic problems in the brain are most often seen in recurrent episodes of dizziness, which can last for more than 10 years

And when you have dizziness episodes for 1 year, it will basically be accompanied by this problem

This was the case of a patient I evaluated in 2020, who had been suffering from dizziness attacks for almost 9 years and had taken various medications to no avail.

When he came to consult me, he had already given up, but finally he went to the program I gave him with his own determination.

Fortunately, in less than 3 months, his dizzy spells were rare and his dizziness was reduced to more than 80%.

The training program she was given at that time was supplemented with some nutritional supplements

This piece must be a systematic program, otherwise it is really not effective at all

2, vestibular problems

Vestibular problems, dizziness will be more powerful than other causes of dizziness

Because your positioning system has problems, just like the GPS system of cell phones, no navigation, basically you can not accurately position

So, as long as you can't locate your position, you will basically get dizzy, and this dizziness will basically be followed by anxiety.

This kind of dizziness is one of the more difficult ones to recover from, so it's important to start training early.

This type, the longest I have seen is the onset of 30 years, once you have such a long time, basically the treatment is not useful

Too long for your nerves, your vestibular recovery is too difficult, and you will give up on yourself

3, sympathetic nerve problems

This kind of problem is mostly found in young people, because now the pressure is great

The pressure of the boss, the pressure of work, the pressure of life, often the irregularity of life and work

Will make your autonomic nerve, especially sympathetic nerve problems, gradually appear insomnia, headaches, anxiety, depression, etc.

This kind of basically, you will be pushed to the psychology department, but in fact, the problem is not here

That's why you take a lot of anti-anxiety drugs and find no effect at all

And you will also find that your symptoms are getting worse and worse, and no amount of treatment will help you

If your dizziness has no effect for more than six months, most of you need to deal with this problem, do not deal with you will not recover completely

4, balance problems

Balance problems, from another aspect, is your proprioceptive problems

That is, your feet do not give you enough stimulation, you can not feel the feedback from the ground

This is generally not found in the early stage, and only after a long time, you can find out, because basically you will not feel too obvious in the early stage

You may think it is a cervical spine problem, or cervical spine compression of the nerve

But this solution is relatively fast, as long as the right training, you can soon see the effect, unless you have cerebrovascular problems, then your recovery will be very slow

5, diet problems

Diet-induced dizziness is common in young people, or 20-45 year old office workers

Because your diet is irregular, and a lot of take-out food, there are a lot of synthetic substances that the body can not break down

This synthetic material is artificial, the body is not able to break down, as long as the body gathered more

Your liver can not break down, your thyroid and brain will follow the problem, and then dizziness recurring attacks

This cause is ignored by 90% of people, including many doctors, so at all times, this cause needs to be ruled out

It is necessary to have a whole set of recipes to solve it, and I have evaluated patients and basically given them recipes so that their dizziness will recover faster.


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