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Book Review on Beauty Tips:

Helpful Tips for Timeless Beauty by Kaye Young

By Lisa BriskeyPublished about a month ago • 3 min read

Beauty Tips: Helpful Tips for Timeless Beauty- Natural Ways to Enhance and Maintain your Beauty by Kaye Young is in the genre of Health, Fitness, Dieting, Beauty, Grooming, and Style. This 56-page book was published on February 22, 2015, by CreateSpace independent Publishing Platform.

Kaye Young is a single mother of three kids while being a Pilates instructor. She has been writing and blogging since the year 2002. She also researches everything that she writes about.

Table of Contents

this book contains the following chapters:

Chapter 1: Are you healthy enough to be beautiful

Chapter 2: Acquiring Good Beauty Habits

Chapter 3: Natural Beauty Supplements

Chapter 4: Beauty treatment that work like magic

Chapter 5: Your manners affect your beauty

Chapter 6: Sensual rejuvenation

Chapter 7: Steps to revitalize and replenish your skin

Chapter 8: Healing the harmony of your body

Chapter 9: Peace of mind for a long and beautiful life

In today's society, it seems like everyone wants to be beautiful to the extent of spending hundreds and sometimes thousands of dollars having surgeries to be beautiful. Do the surgeries really work? We forget that everyone in the past centuries wanted the same things but they didn't have what we had today. They used natural beauty treatments so it's time for us to try them today. The good thing about natural beauty treatments is that they are good for you and save you money. This book gives you some beauty treatments to try

Most people think beauty is just our faces but we need to take care of ourselves from our head to our toes. Beauty can include spas, aromatherapy, massages and hair care. A massage is a great way to release tension and stress from our muscles, it can restore energy, improve sleep, remove toxins from our bodies and many more.

Some tips that can enhance our natural beauty are black head removal, decrease wrinkles, exfoliate, get your hair professionally done, keep fat cells and acne at bay, luscious lips, moisturize your nails, shape eyebrows, soothe face, these are just a few tips the author mentions. You will need to read the book to read some more. What I love is that after each of tips mentioned, there is a brief explanation on how to do it in easy to understand manner.

the author even gives us an example of a daily routine that will help us to maintain beauty. She mentions that our morning routine be cleanse, tone and moisturizer. She even tells us how to do it. Then our evening routine should be remove makeup and cleanse. What I love is that she gives us the information on how to do what she mentions and the recipes to make them.

this book is packed with a lot of information that is useful to us so that we can have beautiful faces and body without spending a lot of money or using harmful chemicals. If you love to detox, there is even a chapter on how to do that and what natural products to use.

The author also gives us the reader some good habits to have such as: be happy and smile, think about your breathing, move around, watch your diet, relax, sleep and clean your face before sleeping. These are good habits to have but I never thought that they were good for beauty. Washing your face before going to bed is a good habit to have and one I need to work on. I like that she after she lists the good habits she mentions the reason why this is something you should do.

Another thing that I like about this book is that some natural pills and supplements are included in this book. For example, did you know that by taking Biotin or fish oil that it helps strengthen your nails, or that Alpha-Lipoic Acid (ALA) and Fern Extract is good for sun-damaged skin, if you take CoQ10 it can help prevent aging? Evening Primrose & Black Currant is great for healthy skin, hair and nails and Iron and Vitamin C is for hair loss. Flavonoids, Retinoic Acid, Vitamin B, C, E, Selenium is also great for your skin and the best part is that it is natural.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who is interested in using natural ingredients to enhance their skin and beauty. I will be using this book frequently and have already mentioned some of these beauty recipes to my sister and her kids. I love this book because it is easy to read and the recipes are easy to make.


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