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Badinu Butoru

Badinu Butoru

By jennifer edwardsPublished 4 months ago 4 min read

As soon as the emperor had sent Aladdin's mother away, he went to the boudoir of Princess Badinu Budoru with his attendants and guards, and ordered the maidservants to show her the betrothal gifts.

Princess Badinu Butoru was shocked when she saw the betrothal gifts, and sighed, "It seems to me that these treasures are very rare." She looked round her handmaids, slim and beautiful, and lively in their manners, with great pleasure. The knowledge that these maidservants and the trays of treasures were the betrothal gifts of the man who loved her was a source of joy to her, and that, though she had grieved and agonized over the failure of her marriage, she was now quite free from the pain, and at last she was smiling and fresh.

Seeing this, the emperor's worries disappeared, and he said to the princess happily, "My daughter! These betrothal gifts, do you like them? I dare say that the man who has proposed to you today is a better husband for you than the son of a chancellor. You must have a happy marriage."

As soon as Aladdin saw his mother running home with a smile on her face, he realized that this was a good omen, and could not help crying out, 'Thank God! Mother, you must have some good news for me, to see how happy you are."

"My son! Be happy. Your wish has come true. I tell you, the Emperor has accepted the dowry I sent him, and he is so satisfied that he will give you the princess in marriage. He told me, 'Send your son to court at once, and he will marry the princess this evening. 'My son, I have done all I can for your marriage, and now it is up to you."

Aladdin jumped for joy at once, took his mother's hand, kissed it kindly, and kept saying thanks.

After a while, he went into the bedroom, took out the magic lamp and rubbed it. The genie of the lamp appeared in front of him. "Take me now," he said, "to one of the most rare baths in the world, where I shall bathe in incense, and prepare for me a suit of robes never seen by any emperor."

The Djinn agreed, and flew Aladdin to a bathhouse so splendid that no Persian king had ever seen it. The walls of the bathhouse were granite and ruby, resplendent in gold. The walls of the hall are inlaid with all kinds of precious stones. It is like heaven on earth. The bathhouse was very quiet and empty, except when Aladdin arrived, a servant of the gods came to wait on him, to wipe his back and wash him.

When Aladdin had finished his bath, he went to rest in the great hall, which the Genie of the lamp had prepared for him. The servant offered him some fruit and a cup of strong coffee to enjoy. After he had eaten and rested, a group of dark-colored servants came to wait on him, dressed him, bathed him with cigarettes, and dressed him well. Now Aladdin suddenly became a figure of outstanding appearance. He was no longer regarded as the son of a poor tailor, for he was about to join the royal family.

When Aladdin was fully dressed, the Genie of the lamp appeared before him again and said, "What is your command, Master?"

"Listen, I want forty-eight servants for my guard, half in the vanguard and half in the rear-guard, dressed and equipped only in rare items, and a fine horse fit for an emperor, with a saddle studded with jewels and made of gold and silver. Another 48,000 gold pieces, which would allow each squire to carry 1,000 gold pieces. And to give my mother twelve maidens as beautiful as heaven, in the finest dresses, of course, to accompany her to the palace."

"I see." "Answered the Genie, and flew home with him, where he retired at once.

A moment later, when the Djinn appeared again, he brought everything Aladdin had asked for. He led a great horse, so famous that not even the best Arabian steed could match it, with gold and silver bridles, and saddles made of the most precious damask, and studded with jewels, shining brightly.


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