Attributes to consider regarding the Coronavirus

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Just a few important points I need to discuss.

Attributes to consider regarding the Coronavirus
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Health officials and doctors around the world have said there would be a big epidemic. No matter how one looks at it, with all of our science and understanding, we are still prone to nature's grasp. The Coronavirus is one such recent example.

I'd like to bring up several points that I believed should be stressed in the outbreak of this illness.

First of all, one of the most infuriating things I see is when people consider things to be less serious than they are. It has been a pet peeve of mine to see people brush serious things aside as though they do not matter. The other day, I was at work and I brought attention to the Coronavirus. In my line of work, safety is the main attribute in the way of my profession.

By trade, I am a security officer. And in many circles, security officers are often the first line of defense the common citizen has against crimes or dangers. While we do not have the same authority as the police, we are there nonetheless to ensure safety is enforced.

I said to my supervisors that we needed to be more aware of the dangers of the Coronavirus and the possibility of it reaching American shores. Considering that the products we protect are created and shipped from Chinese factories, it made much sense. After all, China is the epicenter of the Coronavirus. Therefore, it was wise to be cautious of what products are imported to the United States.

One would assume that because of the dangers presented by the Coronavirus, such precautions would be taken seriously. Yet, one person had the nerve to say, "The Coronavirus isn't here. So why should we worry?"

Now, on one hand, I could understand where this person was coming from. The coronavirus isn't here yet. However, the concerns regarding the coronavirus far overshadow any lax perpetration. While I am by no means a fearful person, I do believe in taking steps needed to curtail any chances of any sort of disaster or downfall.

Something that this person did not understand. Yes, China was the epicenter, but the Coronavirus is spreading around nonstop. To laugh this illness off is pure foolishness. With the rate of 38 nations being affected (see here for more details) I believe the Coronavirus should be taken seriously.

The second point I want to discuss is border control. Is is no surprise that nations whom have strong border control have little to no cases of Coronavirus. A good example of this would be Russia. To prevent the spread of the Coronavirus, Russia closed off its land boarder with China. As a result, Russia has no Coronavirus cases.

On the other hand, nations whom have little border protection, such as Italy, have seen Coronavirus cases skyrocket.

Wouldn't you know that border control does work? Say what you will about Donald Trump's wall, but the guy does have a point: We need stronger borders. If not close off our borders to certain people and nations until this epidemic passes over.

I know I will receive flak for saying such a thing, but its the truth. Border control does work.

A third point I wish to bring up is vaccinations. I know somewhere the Anti-Vaxxers are saying that the vaccinations did not work. Interestingly enough, China vaccinates up to 90% of its people. Let that sink in: This is a country with a 90% rate of vaccination. Then, why did the Coronavirus spread like it did?

It has to do with washing one's hands.

Yes, the Chinese do not wash their hands much. Now, before anyone accuses me of Anti-Asian Sentiment, let it be known that this is a fact backed up by research. According to a study called, Handwashing behaviour among Chinese adults: A Cross-Sectional Study in Five Provinces which was conducted in 2013, it was discovered that around 53.7% of the Chinese population reportedly washes their hands. And 30% of the population uses hand soap! For those interested in reading about this, please click here for more information.)

With this information in hand, I really wish the Chinese government would encourage more hand washing. While vaccination is good and it works, washing one's hands still is the finest line of defense against the spread of germs and disease. In fact, I would love to see an increased awareness of hand washing world wide!

Lastly, I want to say to those who are discriminating against Asians or anyone of Asian descent: stop it. I am tired of this hasty generalization and guilt association with anyone whom is Asian regarding the Coronovirus. These people did not intend for this to happen, nor they be held entirely accountable for the Coronovirus. This illness could have broken out anywhere. Would that have made that nation's peoples or races guilty? No. Its just by some geographical fluke, the Coronoavirus had to occur in China.

Yes, I quoted an article which says half the Chinese population does not wash their hands. However, I refuse to hold all Chinese accountable! And nor should you! If anything, the Chinese are working around the clock to contain this epidemic like anyone else.

Therefore, rather than discriminate against Asians, lets help them. Together, we can beat this thing.

Until then, please be save everyone.

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