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Apple Watch Health Features

That Can Save You

By Jaymie SuhPublished 3 years ago 4 min read
Apple Watch Health Features
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If you have an Apple Watch, you should know that it has a lot of features other than being in sync with your iPhone. It's a technology that you can wear to your wrist that allows you to call and send messages without taking out your phone. This is convenient especially if you're always on the go. But it's not just those features that you will have from the Apple Watch.

There are also different health features that you should be taking advantage of from the Apple Watch. If you have an existing health condition that needs monitoring or you're just simply health-conscious, check out the list of these health features below. It will help you to maximize these features and can even possibly save your life during emergencies.

Apple Watch Features

ThApple e health features of the Apple Watch are very helpful. If you have to monitor your body all the time, it's best to learn more about these features. Many health professionals can find it useful to learn more about their patient's conditions. It will also be convenient if you happen to have an emergency that is unavoidable at times.

1. Notify Your Heart Rate

The Apple Watch will notify the user if their heart rate is unusually low or high. It will help you to monitor your heart rate and when to get help. When your heart rate goes more than 120 bpm or lower than 40 bpm and you appear to be inactive, you will receive a notification. It's a good way of making yourself aware of a possible problem and if you need to go to a doctor right away.

2. Inform About Irregular Rhythm

Another health feature of an Apple Watch is it can detect irregular rhythms that are related to AFib. You will be suggested to see your doctor and to get tested if you haven't done it yet. This feature uses the optical heart sensor to detect your pulse rate from the wrist and it will be recorded in the health app. It can be handy if you need to get checked.

3. Comes with an ECG App

The ECG app feature is perfect for those who experience symptoms or skipped or rapid heartbeat or irregular rhythm. Aside from getting those notifications, you can use the ECG feature to provide to your doctor. It will help a lot with your treatment if needed. Just show them to your doctor so that they will be aware and help them figure out what to do.

4. Fall Detection

This feature can save your life in case you had a hard fall and you're alone. The fall detection will ask you to call SOS or ignore it if you're fine. But in the event the user is unresponsive, an emergency call will be made automatically. A message will be sent to your emergency contacts to help you.

5. Show Your Medical ID

If an emergency occurs, you don't have to worry since your Apple Watch will show your medical ID to the responders. It doesn't have a passcode to get accessed but you don't have to worry about your privacy. You can set up your medical information such as allergies, existing conditions, emergency contacts, etc.

Can the Apple Watch Take Body Temperature

With all the great health features, can the Apple Watch take body temperature? Unfortunately, this smartwatch can't take your body temperature. It doesn't have the sensors capable of doing that task. However, if you need that, you can find an app from the iOS app store to monitor your body temperature instead.

Although, it will be a useful feature if Apple can add it to their next series. Fitbit can take and record your body temperature though if you need to have that feature. But the latest series of the Apple Watch is packed with useful features so it compensates for the absence of that one feature.


Although the Apple Watch cannot take body temperature, there are still a lot of health features that you can use. Its main function is to be connected to your iPhone anyway. Just take advantage of the other apps from the Apple app store that you need. That way, you will know what your body temperature is if needed.

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