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You will Build a Successful Future By Your Own Habit

by Talat Yusuf about a month ago in how to
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Habit is intersection of knowledge (what to do), skill (how to do), and desire(want to do) - Stephen R. Covey

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Our habits contribute who we are. Everything we do, think, and say is outcome of deeply engrained habits in our mind. A study shows that around 45 percent of everything we do in a daily life is guided by our habits. The power of habits is extensive, depending on whether they are good habits or bad habits. Good habits help us attain our goals productively and adeptly, but bad habits makes things difficult or prevent us to become successful. Habits form our attitude, behavior, actions, and decision-making abilities. and it influences our every aspect of life.

The good news is you can acquire good habits and make better future. But before we can build good habits, we need to understand, it takes commitment, willpower, and desire to conquer our seemingly natural habits to think, feel, speak and act in a certain way. We also need to know what mistakes we should keep away in the activity.

How do habits form?

Habits is the exercise in which behaviors become automatic. It can be happened without thinking about it. For example, when you were child most likely taught to wash your hands properly before eating food, and now, washing your hands became automatic. It wasn't intended, but it happened after a lot of repetition.

How many days it take to form a new habit?

In 2009, a study at University College London's researchers found that, on an average building a new habit takes approximately 66 days before the behavior change becomes automatic. But some habits are harder or easier to acquire than others and how motivated you are, how much effort you do to build a new good habit. Example, replacing coffee with tea might be easier but replacing cigarettes, nicotine with candy might be tougher.

During transform habits: 3 mistakes to avoid

Here are three mistakes to avoid when you want to acquire new good habits:

1. You can't control your environment

One of the biggest threats to replacing an old habit with good one is your environment, you can't control or change your environment. If you're going to bar with friends after a bad day in office, you probably won't stop stress. instead, choose to go around with friends at a different place like a library, a park, or a tea shop.

2. Don't try to change too many habits

If you try to change too many bad habits at once can make you feel confused and anxious. In place of changing to many behaviors at a time focus on one at a time. once that habit becomes happen automatically, move on the next one.

3. Concentrate on the outcome

Many people focus on short-term results, like reading book, joining gym is not give quick result. But the key to persisting change is a lifestyle change. Instead of focusing on short-term results, focus on redesign your lifestyle.

Good habits that will make you more successful

1. Read books a lot

Reading is the best habit to form that can help you to increase your creativity, analytical skills, and knowledge. If you interested to read good novel, that can also help. Science says that reading for enjoy can boost your career too. The act of reading for more than a few minutes every day can relieve stress, help you to sleep better, and lower your heart rate. Successful business people make a habit of reading biographies, research, or non-fiction book to stay updated themselves.

Make a list of you want to read, plan a certain amount of time for reading around for 30 minutes after waking up or before going to bed.

2. Spend 15 to 30 minutes every day with yourself

Many of the successful millionaires said they make time to activity that's going on their lives. Spend at least 15 minutes every day in quiet place with yourself can improve your well being and mental health. Even, take a break of 2 minutes at work and focus on your breath will help you relax.

3. Spend time with people who inspire you

Connecting and maintaining highly- motivated people in your personal network can effect on your career significantly. Attend events to meet people, which is the best way to meet positive individuals. Spend quality time with colleagues and friends after the work hours. You could also join groups who share your same career, then develop the contact by keeping in touch.

4. pursue their own goals

Eighty percent of the wealthy and successful people have their own goals. Avoid expecting from someone and don't spend golden years of your life. Find your dreams, goals and pursue them. Planning, identifying, and getting progress toward your goals is a habit that can help to get success.

5. Avoid time-wasters

Your time is more important than money. Be careful about the apps and social media you spend your time with because time will never come back. When you understand time is precious thing you have then it will force you to become more aware of exactly how to spend your time and you will become more productive and successful.

6. Learn from failure

You must make a habit of learning every failure, obstacle and mistake is the first path of success. Learning from failure and see it as a positive thing is one of the most toughest good habit to form, but it is essential ones to become successful.

7. Adopt a positive attitude

With learning from failure you must need to adopt a positive attitude in everything you can do. Given the variables that can influence your chances of achieving success, it is important that you take control of your own viewpoint and use positivity as a way of identifying opportunities.

8. Maintain healthy lifestyle

Acquiring good habits strengthen your lifestyle choices, and the best way to change your lifestyle is by maintaining and improving your daily schedule. Draw up your daily routine and do practices where they make sense.

For example, eat green vegetables and fruit, take a nap after lunch, and take 15 minutes walk in the evenings. Keep in mind the practices you choose are realistic and beneficial.

9. Stay updated

Highly successful people are regularly up-to-date in their field. Subscribe to news channel and aware of trends that are relevant to your industry, it will help you to perform well in your field. identify market opportunities, research and know which is the best way to manage any situation. Learn something new each day.

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