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You Eat, You Germinate

by Nature Lady 2 years ago in garden
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Why germinating seeds after you eat should be a reflex.

Mint and Strawberry Plants / Lizard Jungle

Germinating your seeds should be like wiping your ass after defecating. No joke ! Or let's say, to be more politically correct, like brushing your teeth after eating.

Our ancesters used to defecate directly onto the soil, their excrements giving the seeds they ingested a nice boost to begin the growth process. Now, most of us defecate in potable water and in the process, we keep those nice seeds away from Mother Earth, to end up sewer workers know where.

So while we are out there, living the Western World dream, we need to find a way to bring the seeds of what we eat back to the earth. You and I both saw how dependent most of us actually are to supermarkets, and how people have been displaying a whole range of survival-animated selfish behavior, arguing in the shops for their favourite food or toilet paper during the pandemic. (Some plant leafs on this planet are actually the perfect toilet paper) I think it is time to do what we can to reclaim our independence as living beings.

Our ancesters, and communities that stand outside the westernised world knew that one had to respect the cycle of life. After all we are all part of it. I personally think the traditon of religious food offerings actually comes from them buring or leaving a fruit or a vegetable on the earth in order for the latter to give back more in the future. It had to be the gesture of a God !

Now for city dwellers, I encourage you to start a few germinating experience by your windows. Gardening is therapeutic and looking after living beings has been proven to help you get over yourself. You can even place some specific kitchen scraps in water and later in pots to have a source of free greens and seeds.

I recommend doing a quick google search to learn how the seeds or scraps you find yourself wanting to grow like to be treated. Often the trick will be done with wet cotton or paper towel.

Lemon seeds

You can now start to keep aside cream and yoghurt pots, egg boxes and egg shells, and toilet paper cardboard to serve as seedling pots for your now cherished seeds. Simply wash the plastic pots and pierce their bottom with a hot needle or a knife. Then, put some earth and/or compost in you seed starters and place the germinated seed, root down.

Recycle your toilet paper cardboard. Cutting four slots on the bottom will help you close the bottom part. When planting, you only need to tear out the bottom and place the seed starter directly in the soil.

So up your sleeves, your wellbeing and your wallet will thank you.


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