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Ways to save MONEY while grocery shopping

by Jiska Stuij about a year ago in how to

Grocery shopping is something we all do and sometimes, it can hurt our wallet. However, with these tips you can save a lot of money!

Ways to save MONEY while grocery shopping
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Doing groceries. Have you ever thought about how much money you spend on it? Spoiler: the outcome is shocking. No worries, you can easily save money on groceries. With these tips you will go a long way.

"I'm either wearing it, or I ate it" is a very recognizable meme for a reason. Saving money is always nice, but where do you start? We got you. With these tips you can easily save money on groceries.

Save money on groceries

It may take some time for all of these tips to be in your system and become a habit, but it's worth it. This way you will have more money at the end of the month to do other things.

1. Do weekly errands

Can you be found in the supermarket three or four times a week? Chances are that you spend a lot of money on groceries. By often doing small errands, you have no insight into what you actually spend. And let's be honest, with those "short" visits you always come home with more than you came for. By planning meals for a whole week in advance, you will see that you automatically spend less.

And sure, it's a little less spontaneous than thinking about dinner every day, but you can still switch between all meals. Mid-week you can always plan an extra visit to stock up on some fresh fruit and vegetables.

2. Discount, discount, discount

An easy way to save money is to look at discounts. Some supermarkets work with a savings system such as Bonus Cards. Other promotions, such as 1 + 1 free, can also be nice if it applies to products that you still needed. You could of course also look at where you can score the cheapest products (such as detergent or toilet paper). That just takes a bit more time and energy.

3. Do you really need it?

Also take a critical look at everything you put in your basket. You may not necessarily need meat with certain dishes, such as lasagna. You can also serve that well with only vegetables. Not only good for the environment, but also for your wallet.

4. Pay your groceries with cash

By giving yourself a shopping budget, you can save a lot of money. Paying with cash can help to keep that budget. It is very simple: you take the amount you want to spend and when it is gone, it's gone. It may take some calculations (in advance or in the store), but this way you know what you spend on your groceries every month.

5. Buy groceries ahead

Is the toilet paper or detergent on sale? Then buy ahead. That might save you a little less money on groceries this month, but you'll benefit from that the other months.

6. Save money by cooking

Of course it is tempting to score a frozen pizza, but those are products that you can easily make yourself from scratch. Not only nice against boredom, but also the best way to save money. Tomato sauce, granola, pizza: make it yourself, don't buy it prepackaged.

7. Freeze food

Actually that brings us directly to the next point. If you make a little more food, you can freeze it. Chili con carne, tomato rice and even a homemade frozen pizza: there are many recipes that are easy to freeze.

8. First run errands at home

A shopping list is nice, but how many of the things on it do you have in your closet at home? Before you go out the door, check what you have left in the cupboards. That saves you a few lasagna sheets, a jar of pasta sauce or spaghetti.

9. Don't go shopping with hunger

Another easy tip to save money on groceries is to avoid getting groceries when you are hungry. Believe us, going hungry is really not a good idea. As soon as you enter the supermarket, you feel like everything in the store. Weekly messages are useful for that. Say goodbye to unnecessary messages.

10. Save money through a cheap supermarket

Is there a more expensive supermarket at the end of your street, but cycling less than five minutes is a cheaper one? Then it might be worth considering getting your groceries there.

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