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Top Facts about Social Media Marketing In 2024

Social media marketing (SMM) is a kind of digital marketing that makes use of social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.) to promote your brands and services to target customers. As opposed to popular notions, it comprises much more than random posts on business accounts.

By Amara GomezPublished 4 months ago 4 min read
Social Media Marketing

Social media teams are the captains for navigating the ships of social media marketing strategy in the vast sea of changes in digital marketing that is happening all the time. From developing new formats of content to changing best practices, social media teams are highly active in the face of the New Year (2024).

Social media marketing serves as a vital element in the marketing mix of several businesses- small or big. This is because nearly 4.9 billion persons use social media platforms globally, and hence, connecting with these users is invaluable for marketing your product or service. 

Whatever your industry, the best way to reach the target audience, empower your brand, set up a loyal base of customers and enhance your revenue is through social media marketing, like that by Boston social media marketing agency.


Social media marketing (SMM) is a kind of digital marketing that makes use of social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, LinkedIn, etc.) to promote your brands and services to target customers.

As opposed to popular notions, it comprises much more than random posts on business accounts. To be effective, a social media marketing campaign needs sound planning and strategy.

This works in the following way. First, you must create your business profile, which must be well-maintained and optimized. Next, you must create a calendar for the content, like what you will post, when you will post and where you will post the marketing content.

Your posts will typically comprise a combination of videos, images and text to illuminate your brand positively and impact your target audience.

Apart from regular or unique posts, you must respond to shares, likes and comments to keep track of your reputation and maybe build up a community.

Based on your specific goals and budget, SMM may also make use of paid social ads. Such ads will display your brand to the right people at the right time.

Tips for a Good Social Media Strategy

Success in SMM can be accomplished by following tips:

  • Define objectives and goals

Firstly, you must determine what you hope to accomplish with your SMM strategy. For instance, it may be to spread brand awareness. Or it may be to generate more leads. After you set your goals, you must establish metrics for all social media channels you intend to use.

Examples of metrics include the rate of video completion, the growth rate of audience, impressions and reach of posts.

  • Know your audience

For creating content that truly impacts your target audience, you should take care to find out what resonates with them and who they are. Conduct polls, focus groups, and interviews to penetrate into their aversions and their likes.

Another good idea is to conduct certain social listening wherein you analyze trends and conversations pertaining to your brand as well as competing brands.

  • Be active on your favourite platforms

You can create as many SMM accounts as you prefer. However, your audience will connect with you only on the platforms that they already use actively. So, you must place your brand where your target audience can find it easily rather than expecting them to search for you.

Thus, there are two factors: determining your target audience and the social media platforms they like. For healthy growth of SMM, you need to do both.

  • Study the competition

Ultimately, you desire that your target audience should opt for you rather than your competition. Hence, competition research is vital. It provides insights into what competitors are doing on social media and gives you some good ideas for your SMM strategy. It helps you stand out from the crowd with some fresh and unique ideas. Also, draw inspiration from some influencers in your niche industry.

  • Develop the best content

First, you must conduct research and select the SM platforms which you intend to use. Next, you must develop a content strategy. Above all, ensure that the content you create is a match for the tenor of your brand or the brand image you wish to convey to the target audience.

Next, design a content calendar outlining your posts for different platforms. Additionally, you can save hassle and time by scheduling content in advance for Boston content marketing.

  • Regular reporting and adjustment

There is no hard and fast rule for SMM strategy. It is likely to be transformed when you use analytics to determine what worked and what failed to work. After implementing your original SMM strategy, revisit it on a regular basis. Ensure that the content is helping you meet business goals. In case it is not, it is time to tweak your strategy.

  • Diversify content 

Just like regular posting of content is important, so is posting of diverse content. To keep your audience engaged, offer a wide variety of posts, which help in the sales of your services and products and place you as a market leader. Consider a variety of content like industry news, announcements, polls and contests and formats like live streams, videos, images etc.

In sum, use the above SMM tips to refresh your strategy in 2024. Social data is becoming more sophisticated with the dawn of 2024. Stay on top of industry trends to guide you on your SMM journey.

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