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Top 7 Questions Everyone Should be asking from Professional Moving Companies?

Do you have the capacity to handle my move?

By kunalPublished 2 years ago 4 min read
Top 7 Questions Everyone Should be asking from Professional Moving Companies?
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Can moving be an easy task to perform? Obviously, never in the first place. It is one of the strenuous tasks you've to perform which needs a lot of research before even the process starts. Preparation is a key facet, otherwise, it will become a nightmare when you're not prepared for the things that will come in your way while moving and also the hurdles the process itself will follow. As we all know, there are many hurdles involved in each step of the process, it is always better to hire packers and movers so that they can make your task easy. Now, the question arises on how to choose the moving company? What all factors will decide which moving company is best suited as per your requirements?

Your Movers will handle all the stuff including your biggest price possession you'll ever have. How will you trust them and their hands while trudging the things from one place to another? It comes down to asking the right questions to the respective moving companies, this will help you know the company, as well as your own requirements and your doubts, will get cleared. So whenever you're planning or scheduling a meeting with moving companies that may be on call or in-person do ask them these 6 questions which will make your decision easy to whom to rely on.

How long have you been in this line, provide us with some references?

If they are into this business, then they must be doing something right and worthy of every consideration and appreciation. It is obvious that you don't want to put your moves in those hands who don't even know how to handle things so it's better to ask them this question, ensuring your stuff is in good and trustworthy hands. Also, don't hesitate to ask them the references if they are in this business for a very long time they must be having good references to give. People who have already used their services can't tell better than anyone.

How many hands will you bring?

This is one of the most important questions you should ask them if you're planning to relocate and you have a lot of stuff, it is always better to ask them first and then tell your own requirements as per the distance of the move and the things involved. Make sure they provide you with an adequate number of hands and ask them to cross-check that their every member is well trained and equipped.

What happens when you might get late, will the delivery be free (or will give us the discount)?

Sometimes, it is probably that the movers may come late. You've told them to come in the morning and they have arrived in the evening. What's then? Will they give you a discount? Responsibilities and words are the thumbs of the rule of any business. For your own security and surety, you should tell them either you have to choke on time otherwise the whole paycheck will be deposited again in your own bank account.

Should I break you if something breaks?

Obviously, you wouldn't but what if something breaks, what it by chance or by mistake the staff members broke anything. Also, go for insurance, reimbursement of any kind of breakage will solely depend upon the insurance you've signed while you're selecting and did select the company. It is always better to visit the head of the company to look on to all the matter beforehand and precisely. You can easily reach out to California movers for any moving services, they do provide short distance and long-distance moving services making your moving process easy.

Will, be things that you wouldn't wanna touch?

Just in case if you don't know there are some laws pertaining to things which can be loaded into the truck and some can't. So always ask them and tell them your things also that you want to shift from one place to another. There are things that are not being transported, for example, liquor bottles so it is always better to ask them the proper list for the same in the first place to avoid last minute hassle and chaos. Obviously, you won't want chaos and arguments while shifting right? So always ask them before only.

Will you customise everything according to our needs?

You might be having certain goods that need extra care and attention while moving.

If the moving company doesn't pay attention to it then you might be at a loss. Also, if you are working and you are moving because of your job you would want to finish the task of moving in a particular period of time in order to join back on time. Also, ask for insurance your goods will be ensured by which company if the goods get stolen, damaged in transit

So who is going to compensate for that...which company?

Charges: What are the charges and do they charge any extra fees after a specified quantity of product?

It is obvious that you will ask about the charges, you can also negotiate with them about the charges as most of the companies do provide discounts to their customers. Also, ask them the criteria for charging like for example, are these charges depending on the number of boxes or on the weight of the particular object. Sometimes, it becomes oblivious that they will charge an extra penny for the extra work they do, it can be carrying an extra box or carrying just a tablecloth.

These were some of the top 7 questions mentioned above, that one can ask from professional moving companies. It's always better to ask rather than regret it in the end. Don't hesitate to ask questions when you've decided to hire any professional mover, and it is oblivion on their part that they will answer all your queries in order to prove that they have been the best in their work.


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