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The Aethers

The Book Is In The Particle, As Much As The Particle Is In The Book.

By Dhermika FataniaPublished 3 years ago 10 min read

Vocal Submission: A Little Black Book

Slowly opening her eyes; like a new-born’s first time, Emma woke up from her delta brain-wave sleep, and felt the sky staring at her through her new windows. Waking up to the present-day she was given, Emma first said out loud, “Thank you God, I am grateful for this day, I am grateful to be here.” The sound of her gratitude echoed throughout her newly purchased house, stretching from the main bedroom on the top floor, to the crevices of her ‘larger than life’ kitchen. Ebbing and flowing out to the skirts of London and making it back the large green land that sat all around Emma’s Surrey house. Stereotypically, Emma Tatenen wasn’t the kind of person who would be able to buy the things she wanted to experience; she was used to living pay-check to pay-check, living a life without enjoyment. There was a constant worry and angst that Emma felt each day; before she experienced her wheel of fortune, she would affirm to herself daily, “I will be happy next month, I will be happy when I get more money, I will be happy when my stress goes away.” There was sadness to Emma’s old ways of life, her dreams seemed impenetrable, her daily thoughts consisted of questioning how she would put away money for savings and her sleeping patterns were just as bad as a new-born’s parents!

Walking into her lavish bathroom; Emma looked in the mirror briefly, reflecting on the ordeal that had just taken place. Quick flashes of the past brushed through her mind, showing the milestones and misdemeanours in which she played God, even though she wasn’t aware at the time. Going back a year and one month, Emma Tatenen was working two jobs and looking for a third whilst also studying art and design; her life was reaction after reaction, never stopping in the moment to be present. Going back even further to five years ago, Emma was living with her alcoholic father; her mother and her two older sisters, living life was hell plus she barely had any idea about who she was and what her purpose was. Even though; her mother and sisters were there, there was a taste of dissatisfaction and the smell of failure from all aspects of being alive, Emma was never in touch with her inner child resulting in fun that was out of sight and out of mind. Now let us mentally travel back; all the way to when Emma was in the atmosphere, her energy was fragmented and infinitely tethered to the source of all life. Me in short words. Emma’s creator and co-creator, her higher self and connection to all that is connected, the energy in which all is created, you could say this is Emma and this is another aspect of Emma, an aspect of you too.

Before the name Emma Tatenen ever existed, before Adam and Eve found themselves in a garden, before the creation of continents and the equator, before the creation of language and communication, there lies the one particle that created you, me, Emma and everything we know to be in existence in this fruitful life. I had sent Emma down to Earth to become down to Earth, her true self, which is me, had agreed to experience certain challenges in life in order to remember her true potential and power. Once she could remember she is me-pure energy and unconditional love, Emma would know how to help other people work past the detriment that we as a collective have created and extended through ancestral karma

and trauma. One particle that has no rules or obligations, only free reign to create or destroy in the form of energy, this particle can travel anywhere at any time because it has created everything in existence. As there is a universe in which anything can be experienced and formed; one particle became trillions of particles, forming planets, stars, life on those planets and eventually evolution of these particles. These particles are all an extension of this one particle; hence it also has the power to fashion anything knowledgeable or tangible. It’s purpose is to feel everything and experience as much as it can for intellect, whilst storing the collated knowledge, the particle has the power to help other particles that are in need of remembering they can do anything and everything. These particles who forget their original home, they chose to do this to learn and eventually all particles will remember they are the one true particle. No matter what country, person, place and time, all particles will remember that the rules and beliefs they create are real to them and their world.

Now let us travel back to the present moment, Emma and myself are looking in the mirror; well just her physically, she flicks back to her present moment and realises she’s got a few things to write down and reflect on before her day starts. Walking ever so slowly; she’s barefoot and loving the feel of warm, floccose carpet, feeling each strand of wool on her soles as she steps her way to the bed located in the middle of her alchemic themed bedroom. Internally, Emma is thinking of her breathing; “in, out, breathe in, breathe out, in, out.”, whilst visualising her energy floating around herself and her entire property, she sits down cross-legged on her black Sherpa blanket. Bringing her focus back to sitting on the bed, Emma bends over to the oak side table and pulls the draw out with rapid motion; so rapid she laughed at herself for pulling it out so abruptly, and out she pulls a little black book sized roughly about the same as her petite hands.

This little black book was made in the aethers, bound in pleather and sent by me so particles like Emma could create the life they intended on experiencing. It was made by the one particle that has extended itself into other particles; this way anything that specific particle believes will be manifest through their core beliefs. Emma started jotting down a few words and sentences that symbolised her gratitude for life and many other concepts; at this very point, she remembered the one affirmation she wrote multiple times that led her to where she is now. And you might ask, where might that be? Emma Tatenen is currently 20 years old, living in peace by just being and claiming anything she wants to have through knowing she is worth deserving whatever it may be; anything she wants to make a core belief is written down in the little black book. This book is an extension of the one particle which created everything, the book is in the particle as much as the particle is in the book.

Emma came to a few realisations several years back, knowing whatever you hold in your core beliefs is made then by your brain because it believes it so strongly. Obviously, no one can go back in time or change their race, but energy is limitless, therefore creation is limitless. After watching a young lady in a tv series, who listened to affirmations for self-esteem and confidence, Emma took it upon herself to undo the hurt in which her parents had caused her as a young child. Attentively listening to affirmations for freedom, financial stability, peace and many other internal processes, Emma started writing them down in small notepads that came in a pack of five. After she finished each one, she would hastily write down the date she finished the notepad and a few eye doodles for protection; eyes were something Emma always drew, it was always within her to express what she saw in her mind. One day, Emma had bought her usual five-pack of notepads to write her affirmations and anything she wanted to experience, one affirmation was receiving a specific amount of money and financial stability in general. “I have £8000 in my possession now; I claim the financial stability I know I deserve.”

Lo and behold, Emma had received a way of attracting the money she knew she deserved, every time she would affirm the statement and claim it, she would visualise that it’s already hers. She began to understand through her journey of knowledge, anything she believed enough, would be made physical. There was no more space or time left to worry, stress or believe that things would not work out for herself, there was only space for believing in the unknown and trusting the process. Before I made the little black book in the aether, I chose to place it in Emma’s living space at the time by random, so she could stumble onto its purpose later when she could fully comprehend it’s power and her true power. Each time, Emma wrote and visualised her affirmations being true, the power of this grew stronger and more potent. Finishing every colourful notepad she had purchased, she was frantically searching for another pack or loose ones lying around; waiting to be charged with surges of energy, but to her luck there were none. She was slightly attached to the colourful notepads which were minimal and mundane, but ‘at random’ Emma found a little black book with line paper printed in; it was her saving grace in that moment as she didn’t want to let the good brain juices go to waste.

Lying in a box full of reading, cooking and sudoku books; there was the particle that led Emma here in her new house. You could imagine that before Emma opened her books box; which was an Ahmed Tea cardboard box, the particles binding and forming together frenetically, eventually forming the little black book. Of course, it was already there but anything you see or touch is made for you and only made in time for your interaction. Emma continued using the book for all her future affirmations and claims, it was her power with words and energy that made the book entirely functioning. The particle knows it can do anything so all other particles help in achieving the particles intentions. Numerous abilities are encrypted within the little black book, the main treasure it held was Emma’s purpose funnily enough.

Helping people; all people everywhere, so as she helps and people accept that help, the entire collective receives assistance. Emma was receiving the stability she needed to help other people that need stability and support, she could see suffering in this lower-dimensional bubble; entrapping people in worry, anxiety and fear, it was consuming them as much as they consumed it! Emma had found a way to help people with this little black book, it was simply affirming and pulling the parallel of realities together with words and concentrated intention. The little black book was a direct stream and point of concentration, it was tessellating into a billion bits in front of Emma’s face, vibrating faster than the speed of light. Bearing in mind, this is all happening and being explained whilst Emma is still sitting cross-legged on her bed. Slowing down gradually; like a ceiling fan, the book lied still after that creation, Emma had intended and visualised people living in complete peace.

Hold on tight now, we are now one week down the timeline from Emma sitting on her bed and using the little black book. I can see Emma, she’s sitting on a chair on a stage, I shift sight and now I see thousands of people sitting on chairs on grassy fields. They are all writing in their little black books, it appears to be one repeated message. “Here to help and share with unconditional love and peace, creation lies in imagination, I imagine and create peace.” The ripple of this event spread to the aethers here and it was sent back again to Earth. Humans are learning how to help each-other; it only took one and infinite particles- the book and the rest.

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