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Productivity Hack to Reset Your Mind

by Kristina Segarra about a month ago in health
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This little trick is a game changer

Productivity Hack to Reset Your Mind
Photo by Amy Treasure on Unsplash

We’ve all had days when we’re knee-deep into work and projects. We race against the clock to get the work done, so we don’t miss a deadline. We squeeze every drop of our energy to bring our to-do list to the finish line.

But pushing the envelope when your mind is on the brink of exhaustion is well… counterproductive.

So, what do you do? That’s when a power mid-day afternoon nap can save the day!

Instead of powering through exhaustion, here’s what I suggest you do — step away and take a mid-day power nap.

Afternoon naps are a great way to recharge your mind and power up your productivity.

Because let’s face it: When your mind is fresh, you’ll be less stressed — and, above all, more productive.

Research shows that in other countries, such as Japan where napping habits are greatly encouraged, people tend to be less stressed, more alert, and productive.

In a country like China, napping culture is also deeply embraced. During work, workers are allowed to take a nap at work, with some offices even having a built-in “sleeping room” designed for sleeping. People can take their naps for as little as a few minutes to an hour, which helps them recharge their minds and get back to work.

Research shows that naps provide cognitive benefits and can be beneficial in boosting your productivity, making you more efficient in your work. They can help in all areas of mental cognition, such as attention, memory, problem-solving, and creativity.

In addition, naps can be a great way to make up for the night of poor sleep, helping you reduce your overall level of stress.

Since I started taking miniature wellness naps in the afternoon, I felt more energized and revived to tackle my workday. I was no longer anxious and approached my to-do list with a sense of calm instead of a sense of dread.

Somewhere between 2–3 o’clock after my lunch or snack break, I’d step away from my computer, lay on the couch or my bed, and unplug myself from technology completely. And every time I do it, it feels like I’ve just taken a mini getaway vacation — in my home.

How to take a power nap

Contrary to what you may think, naps don’t have to be long. As little as 10–20 mins are enough to help you feel refreshed and energized.

The best time to take a nap is right after lunch — somewhere between 1 pm-3 pm when you feel sluggish and notice a drop in energy levels.

For the duration, you want to aim to get anywhere from 10–20 minutes to reap the full benefits.

Depending on how tired I was or how my brain is functioning on any particular day, my naps could be anywhere from 10 to 30 minutes.

Be careful not to overdo it, though — you don’t want to go into deep sleep either. If you wake up during the time when your body goes into the deep sleep cycle, you’ll likely feel cranky and grumpy afterward. Setting up an alarm will help you stick to the recommended amount.

Make sure the environment you choose to nap in is comfortable, cool, dark, and free of noise. Put your phone in vibrate mode and eliminate any distractions that will interfere with your napping time.

The takeaway

If implemented daily, napping practices can help you be more productive, decrease stress levels and reduce mental overload. Short naps taken in the afternoon for as little as 10–20 minutes a day can be a game changer. If you find yourself suffering from mental exhaustion and burnout, taking a mid-day nap will help you relax and recharge your mind.


About the author

Kristina Segarra

Health & wellness and self-improvement writer. Mother of 2. Musician.

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