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Pet Month Amazon Finds

Amazon finds for your pets

By Ada ZubaPublished 20 days ago 3 min read
Pet Month Amazon Finds
Photo by Jamie Street on Unsplash

Happy pet month everyone who has a pet! I don’t own a pet due to rental regulations but I used to have a dog, so here’s a list of a few things to purchase for your pooch or favorite book-sitter. Here are some items that you should get your furry little friend. I earn commission from Amazon with no extra cost to you! That's right it does not cost you cent for me to receive commission! Here is the list:

No matter what kind of fur baby you have you absolutely need this to avoid having hair all over your carpets and furniture, it's a removable roller, so you just use it take out the roller and you peel off the fur and use it again.

If you are a pet enthusiast and love making owners smile at their poodle these are the tools you need to make sure your pet has the hair trim that they deserve! Keep your dog's fur well-kept with these scissors and other trimming tools.

If you have a puppy or and older dog that has "accidents" all the time then you need this spray, it takes out the smell of urine and it cleans the mess from your carpet and other upholstery. If your cat pees, we all know what that smells like and this is the way to clean it up.

Clip, clip, snip, snip. We do not like this as much as our dogs don't like it either, but we have to get the job done, so it is easier on their nails and better for your pet to go on walks with you.

If you have a self-sufficient cat these two feeders are wonderful, it automatically fills up, so your pet will never starve. Of course, cats tend to be predators and are able to hunt what they need, but it is always good to keep your cat well fed and you need minimal work to keep them happy with this.

Scooping the poop is always an unpleasant task, but these bags are biodegradable, and it comes 540, so you will not be running out anytime soon and it comes with a handy holder that you can attach to their leash, and you never have to leave their poop on the ground.

Your dog is a messy eater? never fear for this mat is bound to save you some cleaning time for your animal, plus they can adapt to have the mat as their feeding area.

Every dog or even cat should have an ID tag and these come in such fun shapes and sizes, they are bound to not get lost wearing one of these. These are surgical grade stainless steel, and it comes in rose gold too!

Because it is springtime or summer means that ticks are out there to get you! Humans might have bug spray, but your furry best friend does not, so here is an easy-to-use Tick kit. Comes with little tweezers and a magnifying glass.

Every little puppy goes through the phase of training and here are some puppy pads that will make life easy!

If you still do not have one of these, it is time you get one, keep an eye out for your puppy with this Furbo and it shoots treats, so your friend never has to be alone.

These flashing balls are always going to be fun for your pet to have as you will never lose it in the dark and they will have hours or fun!

Munch, munch! Do not worry I did not forget about the small critters in your house! This feeder is great for rabbits and hamsters all! You can put in hay at the top and their fun food at the bottom, this is a great feeder!

Don't forget rabbits love to play too and here is a fun tunnel that they can hop around in and play hide and seek.

All cats need a tree to hide in or to take their daily snooze on, this is not that expensive, and it is a great thing to have when there are two cats, so each can have their own sitting place.

A way to your dog's heart are some yummy treats, great for training and these are organic, so your dog should not get sick from these, they do not have the harmful chemicals that other treats do.

Once your cat hears that bag crinkle, they will come running at you ready to take a bite!

That's it for pet week. Hopefully, you've found this list useful! If so, feel free to subscribe to me. Stay tuned for Father's Day gifts! Happy shopping!


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