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May Finds on Amazon

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By Ada ZubaPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
May Finds on Amazon
Photo by Maddi Bazzocco on Unsplash

It is that time of the month again! May shopping be with you! Here’s some cool Amazon gadgets for the month of May, remember that I do earn commissions and clicks for every Amazon product listed down below. It’s not extra cost to you! Anyways, here are some great finds for Amazon:

We have this amazing office chair that is perfectly ergonomic and comfortable, this is what we all need to stop seeing our chiropractor so often:

Does your dog eat so fast and then has stomach issues or throws up because of how fast they eat? Or do they gain too much weight? Here’s a fog bowl that will help them slow down their eating habits:

Are you looking to lose weight or monitor your sleep, but you are not a fan of having a watch? Well, now you can track these things with the Oura ring, yup the electric engineers did it! You can track everything from your ring:

Look out internet here is a product that will change the way you shower, you can dial in the water pressure, you can dial in the perfect temperature all by using your phone! Wow! You can now take the perfect shower:

Let’s start a new water bottle trend with Owla? or owela? I honestly don’t know about the spelling, but this is a great water bottle as you have an option to either drink with a straw or not:

The world of printing just got elevated, now printers are ink less and you don’t have a whole stack of papers to go through. This is a Bluetooth printer and you can print on the go:

Do you have a hairy friend? Or just a super furry dog? This might be a total game changer, this vacuum grooms and picks up all your pets fur, plus it’s so quiet it won’t spook your pet:

Spring cleaning is in the air especially for us Canadians. Well, here is something that will make spring cleaning so easy, this little mop has a spinner brush so you never have to bend down and scrub the floors when you have this:

Travelling anytime soon? This is a little handy dandy thing especially if you need to iron your clothing, this does a great job and it’s great for going to conferences when you need that perfect shirt:

Why not make everything electric? Well this toilet brush is exactly that it’s an electric toilet scrubber, no it’s not automatic so the crappy job is still yours, but it certainly changes the toilet cleaning game:

Next, I have some great cuticle and nail oil for you to purchase, OPI is used in many nail salons and you can take care of your nails now too:

This next product is a bathroom life changer, if you have bad morning breath it makes life so easy. This is an automatic mouth wash dispenser. It has a sleek design compared to other ones that you can purchase:

Change the way you wake up and go bed, no need to search blindly for your charging cable for your phone, this is a wireless charging station and alarm clock:

If your chair can swivel so can your appliances, this is great because you can stick these on to the bottom of your appliances so you can swivel them in and out of use:

Thank you for taking a look at my list and maybe there’s some cool products you have found or maybe you already knew about these products and that’s perfectly fine too, stay tuned for some great Father’s Day gift ideas that are not golf clubs.

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