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Lifehacks That Will Improve Your Home Immediately

Add space, clean better, and keep things neat with these lifehacks that will improve your home.

By Salvatore FratelliPublished 6 years ago 4 min read

When you've just moved into your first place like I have, you need as many lifehacks that will improve your home immediately as possible. I'm dealing with limited space, limited experience, and a fear of losing my security deposit thanks to property damage. So if it helps me maximize space, minimize risk, and makes me feel better about living on my own (but with roommates!), then I'm all for it.

Use shower hooks instead of coat hangers.

If you're like me, then you don't have a lot of closet space, so you want lifehacks that will improve your home by adding space to it. One way to do that is by using shower hooks instead of coat hangers to hang more things. Almost everything I own has a tag that can hang off a shower hook; and everything else I can just fold and put on a shelf! What a great idea; thank you internet!

Glue a magnet to the bottom of a hammer or screwdriver.

If you glue a magnet to the bottom of your hammer or screwdriver, then you're less likely to lose screws or nails later. The magnet will hold your nails, which is a much better option than holding nails in your mouth. This is also one of the lifehacks that will improve your home immediately because you won't risk stepping on a nail or screw. If I was smart enough to come up with something like this without having to consult a list, then I'd be famous!

If you do end up losing something, an easy fix is to pull a stocking or some pantyhose over your vacuum cleaner. That way you get all the power of the vacuum's suck without the hassle of having to dig through dust to find what you've lost. I am in awe of whoever came up with this idea!

Tape a dryer sheet to your AC to take care of smells.

If your room smells as much as mine does, then this is one of the lifehacks will improve your home immediately by making it smell better. Put a dryer sheet of your choice on your AC and then turn it on. The air will distribute the scent across your room. This is perfect for the summer, and in the winter, just do this trick with a rotating fan on a low setting.

Use tea bags and rice to make your smelly shoes smell better.

If your shoes smell as much as mine do after a workout, then this is one of those lifehacks that will improve your home immediately. A few dry tea bags in each shoe will take care of the odor. If your shoes are also wet, dry 'em out with a mix of rice and baking soda!

Clean your toilet with Coca-Cola.

This is one of those lifehacks that will improve your home by making it cleaner. Toilet stains fill me with so much shame! Just pour in the Coke and let it sit for an hour. If you've got any doubt about this lifehack, just remember the story of the mouse that got dissolved in a can of Coke. Eeek! It certainly is, at the very least, an amazing lifehack that's backed by science.

If Coke doesn't work, use a pumice stone! Soak the stone in warm water first, and make sure both the toilette and the stone are wet when cleaning to avoid scratches. Then scrub your shame away!

Keep your hair ties on a carabiner!

If you have long hair like I do, then this lifehack will improve your home immediately because you won't be making a mess looking for those darn hair ties! Just hook the hair ties onto a carabiner and put it in your medicine cabinet. It's one of the lifehacks to simplify your life. Now you always know where to find your hair tie, and can replace them more easily so they don't end up littering your home when they get too loose.

Use old bottle tops to keep bags closed.

This is one of those lifehacks that will improve your home that's so ingenious it might as well have been concocted by Einstein. If you're anything like me, then you have bags of stuff that are hard to keep closed. What you do is cut the top of a plastic bottle in half and then pull the bag through that bottleneck. Then you just twist the cap onto the bottleneck. Voilà! Your bag is now closed and you were able to improve your home. What an awesome lifehack that uses an everyday object.

Choose complimentary colors.

If your space is as small as mine is, then this is one of those lifehacks improve your home immediately: choose only complementary colors. Too many colors will make your room feel busy. That feeling will fill your room and make it feel smaller! There's a reason why feng shui has been around for millennia!

Clean your blender by blending soapy water.

Unclean blenders are such an eye sore! They also make me feel like a dumb-dumb because, what, I can't figure out how to clean? Well, I guess I couldn't because I hadn't been just blending soapy water to make things easier for myself. Now I know! This is one of those lifehacks that will improve your home immediately just by having one more clean item in your cupboards.

If you're like me and make a shake every morning, then this is one of those lifehacks that will improve your home immediately. My freezer is full of four people's worth of stuff. By using binder clips, I can keep my items in the front like the priorities they are. YOU'RE NOT EATING SALMON EVERY DAY, CRAIG; YOU DON'T NEED SALMON IN THE FRONT OF THE FREEZER! Berries up front; salmon in the back. That's what I call a freezer mullet!


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  • Aaron Hubermanabout a year ago

    Definitely need to try some of these.

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