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Awesome Lifehacks that Use Everyday Objects

Feeling like MacGyver? These lifehacks that use everyday objects are good to know and incredibly useful.

By Mackenzie Z. KennedyPublished 5 years ago 4 min read

Ever meet someone who was able to make things work, no matter how little resources they had at their disposal? It's really something amazing to see; and most of us mere mortals are curious as to how they're able to make do.

Believe it or not, these people aren't made of MacGyver. Chances are, they just know a lot of lifehacks that use everyday objects. If you learn these cool tricks, you'll find life to be a lot easier—and possibly a lot more affordable.

Use large paper clips to help you stack beer in your fridge.

You'll soon find that a lot of lifehacks that use everyday objects will involve office supplies. Who would have thought that those massive binder clips would let you get more out of your fridge space?

These must-have office supplies are also great for clipping toothpaste tube ends, straightening out wires in an organized manner, and also just clipping papers together.

Another awesome item with a million hacks is the simple toilet paper tube.

Toilet paper tubes are one of the easiest ways to organize your apartment on the cheap. Use them for storing loose cords and chargers by just shoving a bunch of them in a box, and dropping cords in each tube.

On a semi-similar note, Pringles cans are perfect pasta storage containers. They're also airtight, which makes them useful for cereal, candies, and other goodies, too.

Going back to toilet paper tubes, these tiny cardboard tubes are great for making quick and easy starter planters. Just cut the ends of the tube into four; then glue them together for a quick and free planter.

Light difficult-to-reach candle wicks with pasta.

This is one of those lifehacks that use everyday objects to do the stuff of more expensive equipment. Forget those long length lighters! Angel hair pasta can be a godsend here. (See what I did there?)

Use a plastic cup as a speaker amplifier for your phone.

If you've ever been dirt poor, then you already are aware of this lifehack. Still, it's worth mentioning. Just put your phone in, speaker-side inwards, and let the cup's natural acoustics amplify.

Use a folded Post-It note to catch dust when you're drilling holes in the wall.

There are many DIY tips you should know, many of which take the form of lifehacks that use everyday objects to make cleanup easier.

You may have heard of using plastic to line the floors of workspaces, but have you heard of this one? It's great when you're looking for new ways to hang up photos, without whipping out a Dirt Devil.

If you're looking for a cheap way to clean your keyboard, just use the sticky part of the Post-It to get the grime out. (That being said, if you have a writer's keyboard, you may need CyberClean.)

Use pennies or bunched up foil to turn AAA batteries into AA batteries.

This is one of those tips that can help you power a Nintendo controller, or power that drill you're using to hang pictures. The reason why this works is because the metal conducts the electricity. (Bill Nye would be proud!)

Get a lot of command hooks and do everything with them.

Command hooks offer so many options when it comes to lifehacks that use everyday objects to their maximum potential. A well-placed command hook can keep trash from slipping, organize pot lids, create a DIY coat rack, and more.

Want more? You can actually read a full list of command hook hacks here.

Use clear nail polish to fix every thing.

A drop of clear polish can secure eyeglass screws, or keep pantyhose runs from worsening. If you have metal allergies, you also might want to grab a bottle of this stuff, since coating your rings and accessories with a bit of polish will put a barrier between your skin and the allergen.

Oh, and rubber bands are cool too.

A large rubber band stretched over a can of paint can serve as a perfect place to wipe excess paint off your brush, without it clogging up the edges.

Putting rubber bands over a door's lock will also prevent it from closing entirely and also noise from slams. This is perfect for rooms that require loads of quiet—such as your newborn's.

Wrap (and hot glue) fuzzy pipe cleaners to your clothes hangers.

This is one of those lifehacks that use everyday objects to their maximum potential—even if it seems weird. Doing this helps prevent clothes from falling off the hanger, and therefore prevents excess cleanup.

Stop using a "bag bag" and prettify it!

A bag bag is where you store all the plastic bags you get from stores, because plastic bags are incredibly useful and perfect for being trash can liners for small waste bins.

Instead of using an unsightly bag bag, why not just stuff all those bags in an old tissue box instead? Decorate it, and make it a case of "waste not, want not."

You can use dental floss to cut cake, cheeses, and other soft items.

This is one of those lifehacks that use everyday objects to reduce your washing machine load. Note: You still have to floss after you cut your food with floss. On a similar note, there's quite a few toothpaste hacks you can enjoy, too.

Lastly, you can always pull an "Always Sunny" with this epic beach trick...

No, not the rum ham. Using a fake suntan lotion bottle to hide your keys, wallet, or liquor—whichever is more important.

But the rum ham is good, too.


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