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How to take honey to increase your immunity levels

raw honey is better than processed one

By Pawan kumarPublished 2 months ago 3 min read
How to take honey to increase your immunity levels
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In our ancient tradition honey is like medicine that improves our immunity. Honey is natural need for every human being. It is taken regularly in those days, but now we forgot some beneficial foods and addicted to fast foods. There is a need to reduce intake of unnecessary stuff like junk foods and increase healthy foods. After covid pandemic people are looking for natural foods which are beneficial in so many ways. Honey can be taken by any age group people preferably from 5 years. Taking this organic food as a daily basis can help for both body and mind.

Honey is available in local super markets in the processed form, but taking raw honey is better than processed one. Do some research in your local areas where this raw honey found, or order it online if you trust that seller company. I think raw honey is available in online also. Do some research for good company and order it.

Benefits of honey: honey is taken from flowers by honey bees, you heard about this in your high school. As we know that natural fruits are beneficial, in the same way honey is natural that coming from flowers. It has carotenoids and bioflavonoids known for antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant properties. It heals body pains, and cures infections in your body. Honey has so many other advantages which are energizing your body. Honey reduces digestion problems. And it improves hungriness of children

How to take honey: You can take two spoons of honey with lemon and tepid water early morning (tepid water means water with slight warmness). it is better to take it with empty stomach. By taking this way it will reduce getting cold and cough. You can take honey with normal water also but it is better to take with tepid water which works as powerful anti-biotic.

You can mix honey with dry fruits and eat it. By eating this way, you can take more honey at a time. You can store honey with a mix of dry fruits. And take it as a snack at evening times. Some of the products are also available in super market. But don’t buy them, make it your own which is better to your health. Honey can be used when you are doing fasting. It gives strength at fasting times. We can use honey instead of sugar in different types juices also.

Some people believe that taking honey with hot water reduces weight, but it is not true. Because honey has calories itself, so it is an addon to your body and helps to stabilize your entire system.

How to find original honey: Don’t buy honey from unknown seller at your village. it is difficult to find out original honey. You can buy honey from your local market which has quality marks of their own nationalities. Otherwise search for original seller nearby, or you can ask your dietician to buy best honey from them. Not all packed honey bottles in your super market are impure, some of them are good. So, buy honey from trusted sellers.

Caution: Do not take more honey at a time. If you take more honey, sometimes it will not digest in your body. as it has more sweetness, your body may get some discomfort. So, you can take little amount preferably two to six spoons of honey in early morning and evening with empty stomach. Taking small amount of honey is better to you. If your body able to digest more honey you can increases your intake of honey, otherwise take it very little. You can take some more honey with dry fruits also.


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