How to Make $10 in 20 Minutes

by Warren Urquhart 7 months ago in tech

The Beauty of Website Testing, No Coding Skills Required

How to Make $10 in 20 Minutes

Hi there, my name is Warren and I am a young millennial dealing with the high cost of living (Shout out to Toronto).

A few months ago, I was fortunate enough to have paid off my student debt for undergrad, as I was fortunate to have a decent paying job, and fortunate enough to live with my parents to save on living expenses. Any ladies interested in a man living in his parent’s basement? I bet the answer is yes!!

Unfortunately, like most people in my generation, even a large milestone such as paying off my student debt is under shadowed by how expensive housing is. I talk to people within my generation, and most feel that the only way to buy a house or condo is to get a six-figure job. The numbers are showing that they’re not wrong.

For this problem to be fixed, there needs to be a number of systemic changes that affect government and the public sector.

Because I’m not that smart, this article is not about that.

Instead, this article is solely about how to make a quick buck every now and then in about 30 minutes. This article is about website testing.

Website testing is simpler then it sounds; after signing up and passing a qualification test, a website testing service will notify you through email that a screening test is available. The screening tests ask for basic demographic information (gender, income, nationality, etc.) and if you fit the profile they are looking for, you open up the company’s screen recorder. Now, you are connected to a website where your goal is to click through based on provided instructions, and verbally remark how you feel (“I love this blue colour but the font is terrible!”).

Be as kind or mean as you want as you click through, and when finished, you might be prompted to ask a few questions.

Yeah Testing is not this intense. Source:

Tests are typically 15–30 minutes, but sometimes may reach 60 minutes for extra compensation. Below are the three services I subscribe too:

User Testing: My favourite service, and the one I use most often. I average about one test a week, and everyday I get at least one screener to answer. Some advice is to leave the website open on your browser, as the tests reach the required number of testers fast. Tests give me on average $10 USD, and are deposited in my PayPal account within a week. Sometimes there are live conversation tests from 30–60 minutes that can pay up to $60, from what I have seen.

Try My UI: While I do have an account, I did not pass the qualification test due to my computer making an intense, Hans Zimmer-like buzzing sound during my recording. Tests are usually paid out the Friday they are taken, or a little later.

Userbrain: I have an account and successfully passed the qualification test, however, I usually focus my efforts on User Testing, which gives me more screeners to take. Tests are compensated at a lower comparative rate of $3 for each 5–15 minute test. You can be paid out when your balance reaches $10.

As time goes on, I plan on writing a Part Two that will go in more detail about Userbrain, Try My UI and other website testing accounts, but for now, Usertesting has been the best to me.

Websites being tested can be anything from food websites, hotel booking, credit card reward sites and many more. All you need to do is test in a quiet place, speak thoughtfully in real-time about your experience, and write quick but detailed answers to the written prompts. Once you finish a test, you will have enough money for a few cups of coffee. It won’t let you buy that house, but it’s a start.

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Warren Urquhart
Warren Urquhart
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