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How To Leviate

My personal experiment

By Andon DevelopsPublished 28 days ago 3 min read
How To Leviate
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The ability to levitate is one of the most amazing magic tricks, and there are numerous ways to do this.

we'll discuss a handful of them.

Let's get started learning how to levitate! We'll go over some basic techniques you can do at home right now, some more complex ones that will require some practice and planning, and some more expensive versions the pros use that you've probably seen on some national television shows.

In the first technique, the magician enters the room, covers the front of their body with a blanket or towel, and then magically appears to just levitate off the floor. To achieve this, first attach a pair of shoes with a large rubber band, or you can use velcro to attach the shoes to the sides so they stick together. Next, if you move one shoe, the other shoe moves along with it. This is important because when the magician covers themselves with the blanket, they are actually removing their right foot from the shoe and placing it right behind their other foot now under the cover of the blanket, the magician lifts their left foot and moves it around, creating the illusion of levitation. They then return their foot to the other shoe and remove the blanket. In the next method, the magician walks up to a step stool and appears to levitate right up to the top, floating in midair without visible support and what's great about this method is that it's very inexpensive to make and can be done at home right now.

You will need a baggy pair of pants for this; I like to use jeans. Next, cut a slit down the middle of your right leg. Then, from inside the pants, glue or tape the pants to the bottom of the shoe. It may look messy from the front, but keep in mind that they will only see it from the back. Finally, attach velcro to the inside edges of both shoes—in my case, sandals. Similar to what I accomplished earlier with the rubber bands, the velcro is utilized so that when you push the two shoes or sandals together, they stick to each other and lift together.

This will enable you to take off your right shoe and slide your leg out of the slit in your jeans. Now, as you step up into position, you'll hold your two feet together so the velcro sticks. This will allow you to step up onto the stool and raise your body, but from the back, the two legs stick together, giving the impression that you're

The following technique is highly well-liked by street performers since it appears fantastic from every angle and doesn't fail. You may have even seen it on a well-known television program, or you may have even witnessed two performers performing this act simultaneously but regardless the method is always the same.

The reason why there is always something on the floor in each scenario—be it a blanket, rug, or, as I previously mentioned, beach sand—is to deceptively conceal the steel support holding the magician in the air. In this instance, the support runs from the floor up the staff that he is holding, then it goes up his sleeve down his back and creates a seat that he is sitting on. This next levitation is typically performed as a stage effect because the setup is very awkward and the angles are crucial. The assistant is comfortably resting on this small support bed, and the magician is standing directly in this spot, covering the vertical beam so the audience cannot see it.

There are no gaps or holes in the hoop, so you might be wondering how the magician maneuvers it over the body without running into the support beam. It all comes down to the movements the magician employs.

He begins at one end and crosses the entire support beam. However, notice how he spins the hoop in the other direction, never really reaching the area where the beam is coming from the front. This creates the illusion that the hoop has crossed the complete body, which is how magicians levitate.

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