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How to get more views on YouTube

by Maks 5 months ago in tech

Top 5 Tools for YouTubers and Creators to Grow

Achieving success on YouTube demands that creators turn out participating, high-quality content to stay viewers amused. That direction has helped thousands of YouTubers earn six, seven, and eight-figure incomes annually. though several creators earn ad revenue through the YouTube Partner Program, there square measure some ways to create cash from YouTube by uploading videos. the quantity of channels earning $100,000+ proves that YouTube could be a viable thanks to earn a living. concerning earnings and subscribers.

Video, audio, and redaction product and computer code square measure essential to create videos, as an example, a camera and overlap electro-acoustic transducer. they permit content creation and production processes. i exploit Camtasia, that could be a video editor and screen recorder. as an alternative, several free and premium video redaction applications square measure offered.

Video redaction computer code and equipment square measure solely 1/2 the battle. you want to even have a basic understanding of channel management, analytics, keyword and tag analysis, proof, graphic style, marketing, and the way to spice up views and obtain subscribers to succeed. Thankfully, there square measure several glorious tools to support those functions.

Arguably, four to 6 apps in your toolkit can fulfill. as an example, Joe uses one tool from every of those classes, i.e., channel management, analytics, keyword analysis, and graphic style for a complete of 4 apps.

Let’s review the most effective YouTube tools, apps, products, and services for YouTubers, content creators, vloggers, and marketers.

Best SEO YouTube Tools

1. TubeBuddy

TubeBuddy is that the YouTube tool that creators rave regarding, and for several, it’s the sole app they use. It offers 60+ options to assist YouTubers, creators, marketers, and agencies grow their channels. Its free browser extension — for Chrome, Firefox, and Opera — has tools for productivity, keyword analysis, tags, bulk process, analytics, and more. Its internet app provides dashboards and charts for numerous video and channel metrics. several options square measure liberal to access, whereas others square measure offered through paid plans. TubeBuddy could be a YouTube-certified app.

Let’s review some options which will assist you get a lot of views and subs :

Channel & Video Analytics

TubeBuddy provides video and channel statistics on any user through its browser extension and internet app. The Videolytics aspect panel offers video and channel information, together with total views, comments, ratings, SEO insights, social media engagement, and best apply recommendations.

Channelytics, a distinct feature, is on the market on a channel’s homepage, and showcases live stats, together with total and 30-day metrics for views, videos, and subs. the online app offers extra video and channel insights through a health report, retention instrument, and usage stats.

Competitor analysis

Videolytics permits you to create video comparisons on your channel and against different users. Secondly, you’ll get notifications and alerts once your competitors transfer new videos. Lastly, the online app features a record tab for examination your channel to others.

Keywords & SEO

See the YouTube Keyword Tools section below for a lot of details.

Tag Management

Video tags square measure another part of ranking well on YouTube. TubeBuddy helps you decide on tags in period of time as you sort, discover relevant and high-level tags, translate tags, organize tags, and make centralized lists for fast access. Moreover, you’ll read and duplicate tags from the Videolytics aspect panel from any video, together with your competitors.

Comment Management

Comments create the YouTube universe go spherical. YouTubers World Health Organization manage user comments expeditiously will expertise will increase in video engagement, channel loyalty, and distribution. However, managing comments are often long. TubeBuddy streamlines the method with canned responses, comment filters, formatting, and therefore the ability to spot your Patreon supporters.

Bulk Updates

TubeBuddy is that the final time-saver with its bulk update and process options. Users will create changes to the data on all their videos at the same time. Users will bulk update, copy, delete, replace, and append things, betting on the task. as an example, I create bulk updates often to links in my descriptions.

Thumbnail Maker

TubeBuddy’s fingernail editor will produce professional-looking thumbnails victimization still frames from videos. you’ll select a background, add text/designs, preview, and publish. what is more, save and utilize templates for future use.

Other options

We’re solely scratching the surface of TubeBuddy’s capabilities. you ought to additionally review its finish screen templates, video topic planner, data split tester, milestones, social media integrations, termination hindrance, mobile app, COPPA center, channel backup/export, and member perks. TubeBuddy creates new content for its YouTube channel and web log weekly.


TubeBuddy has 5 plans, together with Free, Pro, Star, Legend, and Enterprise. valuation starts at $9 monthly, and coupons/discounts square measure offered. as an example, users will lay aside to fifty p.c on the valuation page, if they meet specific criteria. Begin victimization TubeBuddy at no cost.

2. VidIQ

VidIQ provides tools to help YouTubers, marketers and agencies increase their channel and brand awareness. Free Chrome browser extensions provide ratings, search engine optimization scores, keyword research, tag management, analytics and more. The web app provides dashboards and charts for various video and channel metrics. Many features are free to access, while others are available on paid plans. VidIQ is a YouTube certified app. Let’s explore some features that can help grow the channel.

Channel and Video Analysis The VidIQ “Scorecard” side area is the most important product for video / channel analysis and statistics. The dashboard highlights the overall video rating, views per hour, total views, and video length. The rating considers different data points to determine if a video is likely to appear in YouTube search results, related videos, and recommended videos. The closer the score is to 100, the better.

The Social Media section shows engagement statistics for Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter. The status bar at the top of the YouTube channel website shows various performance results in real time. The channel audit tool displays monthly views, subscriptions, and viewing times as a percentage. Web apps aren’t as impressive as browser extensions. However, the Analysis, Video, and Subscriber tabs provide useful insights.

Competitive Survey

VidIQ’s browser extensions and web apps have a competitors tab. You can compare your channel to other channels in terms of totals, totals, views, subscriptions, and uploads. Also, check out our competitors’ trend videos at different time intervals. Scorecards provide insights, statistics and ratings for all videos and channels. See the YouTube Keyword Tools section below for more information on

Tag Management

VidIQ provides a user-friendly and efficient tag management solution. You can see what terms are used for each video on the scorecard under the video and channel tag headings. Click the paper clip icon to copy the tag or download the term to a CSV file. You can translate, reorganize, copy tags, and create tag templates for later use on the YouTube page of your video. VidIQ also provides terminology recommendations, suggestions, and rankings.

Thumbnail Generator

VidIQs Thumbnail Maker allows you to create eye-catching images in 3 steps. Select a video still image, solid color, image, or current thumbnail. Then add text, styles, shapes, and images to create templates for future use. Press the Save button and the thumbnails are ready.

Demonstration Prevention

Demonstration is a recurring concern for YouTuber. VidIQ’s controversial keyword feature identifies words and phrases that can be problematic for advertisers and monetization. For example, the title “How to take great pictures with your iPhone” is considered potentially problematic because the term “shooting” can refer to tragedy or violence.

Other Features

Like the TubeBuddy, VidIQ has too many features to list. You’ll also need to find out about trend alerts, most viewed achievements, explanatory campaigns, comments, online videos / tutorials, and productivity tools. VidIQ has a great YouTube channel that uploads content every week.


VidIQ has four plans, including Basic (free), Pro, Boost, and Enterprise. Prices start at $ 7.50 per month. We rarely offer coupons or discounts. Get started with VidIQ for free.

3. Unsplash

If you have not heard of Unsplash, you can go on this website

and they have so many photos, and it’s a search engine.

So you search for what you’re looking for, and you can use these for your thumbnails. You don’t even have to pay for them, and you can use these photos.

It’s absolutely free. There’s no copyright infringement. There’s nothing like that. You could just use these photos on your YouTube videos. You can use them in your videos if you wanted to do that, you could use them for thumbnails.

We like to use this for thumbnails because you can find amazing

photos on this website. So if you haven’t checked out Unsplash, make sure that you do that.

4. Canva

Now, actually Unsplash and Canva pair really nice together because you can take a free photo off of Unsplash, throw it inside of Canva, and Canva is basically like a graphic design, but made really, really easy.

So if you don’t know what you’re doing, you’re a complete beginner, then you can use

They have really cool presets, so you can make thumbnails in there.

You can also make end cards. And I actually made an end card with Canva and you can click on the card right now, if you wanna watch that. But there’s all sorts of stuff you can do in there. You can make logos, you can make intros to your YouTube videos.

The list goes on and on with Canva. You can make your YouTube channel art. You can literally do anything you need to do.

If it is graphic design, check out Canva, and I love their presets.

You can literally search in YouTube outro, YouTube intro, anything, and you’re gonna find something there for you. And one last thing that I love about Canva is that they have a free and a pro version, but their free version is not like super limiting.

5. Royalty Free Music


There is a difference between free music on YouTube videos and royalty-free music. Free music is a place where you can download music for free, but it’s not always free. You may face copyright issues. Copyright-free music means royalty-free. To get it for free from other resources, just buy it once. Once you purchase / receive a track, you can use it for free on video without being charged for music for a series of viewings.

HookSounds is a carefully selected and exclusive music site featuring a variety of original tracks composed by carefully selected artists from around the world. Most online content creators are looking for unique music that is modern and trending.

That’s what Hook Sounds offers to its viewers. One of the main goals of HookSounds is to create uncommon music that you won’t find anywhere else. Hook Sounds has its own sound.

pixabay is an awesome library of stock music that you can download completely for free and use for your next video project. Created by some of the world’s most talented artists, these curated music tracks are royalty-free and can be used without attribution or registration. Tracks that do not contain pixabay can be used in YouTube videos, background music, podcasts and online advertisements.


Now that YouTube has become a universal entertainment and lucrative business area, video optimization is a skill that every marketer should soon learn. Search engine optimization on YouTube is neither fast nor simple, but once mastered, it can be very rewarding.

Download the tool that seems best to your process and use this list as your roadmap to unlock the platform’s ever-growing potential.


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