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Ho'oponopono & The Aloha Spirit

Create a Cleansing Waterfall of Hawaiian Healing

By Colleen FlanaganPublished 6 months ago Updated 5 months ago 3 min read
Ho'oponopono & The Aloha Spirit
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After visiting Oahu, Maui and Lanai years ago, I pretty much love everything Hawaiian. I live in the Southwestern desert but wear Aloha shirts, play Hawaiian music and wear puka shell necklaces. When I learned about a Hawaiian energy cleansing and healing modality called "Ho'oponopono" I couldn't wait to use it.

I heard of the Ho’oponopono mantra via bestselling author, speaker and entrepreneur Joe Vitale, who learned it from Dr. Ihaleakela “Stan” Hew Len.

Dr. Hew Len, a consulting clinical psychologist at the Hawaii State Hospital, used Ho’oponopono to heal dangerous, violent, mentally ill criminals. He never saw or talked with his patients, but had profound results using this process. He simply wrote down their names then applied the modality to himself to cleanse his judgments, beliefs and attitudes about these prisoners. After his attachments and memories were cleansed, his patients’ conditions dramatically improved. Whaaaat?

Skeptical at first, Joe did loads of research on the modality. He was so impressed with Ho'oponopono that he wrote a book on using it called “Zero Limits”, and went on to teach classes with Dr. Hew Len.

What Is Ho'oponopono?

Ho‘oponopono loosely translated means "to set things right". We are all co-creating our lives energetically with the Universe. Sometimes we create uncomfortable situations with other people so we can learn about love, forgiveness, patience or endurance.

Yes, we can release our own fears and hard feelings about these situations via therapy or energy work. BUT, the other people may retain their negative feelings about us and what happened. Why not dissolve the hurtful energies for all parties involved, right?

How to Begin Ho'oponopono Cleansing

Dr. Hew Len invokes Ho‘oponopono, which is also called cleaning or cleansing oneself, via these four phrases, repeated four times. Please note that you are NOT directing the phrases to another person, but to whatever you believe is a Higher Power, Divinity, Spirit or God:

  1. I Love You
  2. I'm Sorry
  3. Please Forgive Me
  4. Thank You

Dr. Hew Len advises that everyone, “Clean, clean, clean!” Non-loving situations are presented to us for a reason. Our responsibility is to clear the energy using Ho'oponopono, whether we're involved in the situation or simply witnessing something uncomfortable or wrong.

What a wonderful gift to share with this troubled world, in the Spirit of Aloha kindness and caring!

Repeating those four phrases, you'll cleanse your energy and the energies of those around you, like standing under a magnificent Hawaiian waterfall on a sunny day. You should feel lighter, brighter and unburdened. You may want to continue chanting the four Ho'oponopono phrases until you can think of that person and/or situation and feel acceptance, relief, joy, or no emotional charge.

Below are two examples how Ho'oponopono has worked for me.


I'm generally a positive person, but found myself in a new six month consulting gig, seated next to two abrasive, angry, negative office bullies at a corporate client site.

As an empath who senses the emotions of others, the negative energy felt deeply disturbing to me and I began to dread going into work each day. I repeated the Ho'oponopono phrases to "set things right" in the office. After a few days of Ho'oponopono chanting whenever I felt the tension, both bullies simmered down. They acted kindly toward me and our colleagues. They also began to smile more and the energy there felt lighter and friendlier. What a relief!


While walking across a busy shopping center parking lot, I saw a man yelling at a little boy for dropping his water bottle on the ground. The man berated the terrified boy, "It's all your fault what happened to your mother!" I began the Ho'oponopono chanting in my mind. Moments later, I felt the tense energy shift then lighten. The man stopped yelling and hugged the boy, apologizing in a trembling voice. I knew I'd witnessed the scenario to clean it via Ho'oponopono.

I also mentally chant Ho'oponopono when I hear children crying in public places, like grocery stores, or when I can't sleep. I love the instant relaxation!

YOU can work Ho'oponopono miracles for yourself and others, too! If you can't remember the four phrases, repeat whatever you can, such as, "I love you, I love you, I love you, I love you!"

Your intention to help will shift the energy for the benefit of everyone involved.

More info on DIY holistic healing:

Bless you for helping yourself and others through their daily challenges!

Thank you for reading, liking, commenting below.

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