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Relief for Tessa's Tender Tootsies

Mind-Body Wisdom & Tapping to Heal Foot Pain

By Colleen FlanaganPublished 9 months ago Updated 9 months ago 8 min read

Painful, aching feet can be due to a number of physical issues that require a doctor’s care. Often overlooked is the role that fear-based emotions play in triggering sore feet.

My Story

During several months of extreme job and relationship stress, my feet became so sore that I could barely walk. I didn’t know to release emotions at the time but I was aware of the mind-body wisdom at the core of my pain:

  • Feet represent our ability to walk our path in life, sore feet symbolize that we're walking a painful life path.
  • Right side of the body ailments often involve fears and emotions about finances, work, school or income.
  • Left side of the body ailments can be triggered by fears and fear-based emotions regarding our relationships, loved ones, and inability to be doing what we love for a living or for fun.

No wonder I had two sore feet, I had difficulties at work and in my love life! Eventually I quit the stressful job and terminated the frustrating relationship. My foot pain vanished in days.

Over the years, I’ve worked with several clients suffering from foot and leg pain manifested by current or past fears of feeling unsafe walking their life path or moving out of a painful relationship or unfulfilling job.

After the fears are released, the physical pain may completely vanish or merely lessen to a level of intensity of 1 or 2 out of 10. Sometimes the body needs time to heal even though all fears causing the physical pain are cleared.

Here’s how I helped one woman heal her emotions and painful feet.

Tessa’s Tender Tootsies

After I did an "DIY Acupressure for the Emotions" presentation at a safe house for rehabilitated prostitutes, “Tessa” approached me about her severe foot pain and swelling. Her doctor found no physical reason for the pain, which began after Tessa got off the streets, began her addiction recovery and felt well enough to search for a legit job.

When I asked if she felt unsafe now, she said she felt extremely afraid of starting this new life. As her fears mounted, the foot pain and swelling increased, keeping her at the safe house, unable to wear shoes to go to any interviews.

Tessa was open to trying Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) to relieve the pressure of her fears. She followed my lead, tapping with fingertips on herself as I tapped on my acupressure points.

First Round of Emotional Release

Tessa’s subconscious and conscious minds had set up many obstacles to prevent her from further emotional abuse and keep her protected in the safe house.

We repeated these clearing statements, based on what she’d revealed to me:

  • I release my fears of failure, that I’ll mess up every job interview or get hired then fired for incompetence. As I let go of these silly fears, my feet feel safe to release their pain.
  • I let go of my fears of being rejected by employers for jobs I really want, because these fears are causing my foot pain, trying to keep me safe at home. As I clear these fears of rejection, my swollen feet feel safe to return to normal size, inflammation gone.
  • Even though it’s scary starting a new career, I choose to look at this as an adventure on my new life path and let go of the fear-caused foot pain and swelling.
  • I feel safe to tap away fears that my new co-workers will reject me if they find out what I’ve done in the past. I clear out these fears of rejection by colleagues that are causing my feet to swell and hurt.
  • I release these fears of not being safe and terror of feeling under attack because I’m afraid my new male co-workers will hit on me if they find out what I used to do for a living.
  • I forgive myself for all these crazy fears about things that never happened and may never happen, I now choose to release them and be a confident, empowered woman. So be it!

After we finished the last clearing statement, we both laughed. Tessa said she felt safe going to interviews and starting a new job. Her foot pain had subsided to a level of intensity of 6 out of 10, but she felt anxious and couldn’t tell me why.

I explained to her that I was going to read her energy via a form of dowsing called surrogate muscle testing (SMT) to identify her subconscious fears. SMT indicated that an event in June 1983 triggered her anxiety and the remaining foot pain. I asked her if she could recall any traumatic events at that time.

Tessa said that was the month and year she’d married her boyfriend against her father’s wishes. Soon afterward, her new husband began “drinking and swinging”, physically and emotionally abusing her. When she fled to the safety of her parents’ house, her father told her she wasn’t welcome there because she didn’t take his advice.

Without any money or a place to go, she had to return to her abusive husband who then forced her to use drugs and work as a prostitute.

Second Round of Emotional Release

With this new revelation, we began our next round of gently tapping our karate chop points, the fleshy areas below both pinky fingers, repeating these release statements:

  • I let go of my fears about walking my life path after being rejected and hurt by my father and husband. I release all fears and mistrust from that time, now and about my future.
  • I now tap away my terror that my husband will find me and hurt me again. I choose to believe I’m safe in this house and will never see him again. I let go of my fear and terror of seeing him in public when I start a legitimate job.
  • I release my trauma and mistrust due to all the men who hurt and abused me for years. I choose to let go of these old fears and allow peaceful, kind men into my life and a perfect new job, when the time is right.
  • Even though I was scared about walking that painful, dangerous path for so many years, I now choose to feel safe. My feet now heal to carry me to my perfect new job with kind coworkers and a great boss.

I asked Tessa to think about these frightening situations and tell me how she felt. She replied that she felt no fear, physically lighter and confident that her new path would be much more enjoyable than her previous one!

SMT indicated that all fears causing the pain and swelling were gone but her foot pain was at level of intensity of 2 out of 10 and not 0 out of 10, which is the goal of EFT healing. My intuition told me that that the swelling had to go down for the pain to vanish. According to my muscle testing, her feet would feel better in two days.

When I called the safe house the next week, the program director told me that Tessa was out job hunting, her feet now free of pain and swelling gone as predicted. Some of the other house residents were so impressed with Tessa’s results that they began experimenting with EFT, too.

Four Steps to Heal Trauma-Triggered Foot Pain

Always first visit your doctor or a podiatrist concerning any soreness or discomfort of your feet. If s/he cannot find any mechanical reasons for the pain, trapped emotions might be the root cause. Use the below protocol at your own risk.

  1. Identify the Stuck Emotions: Think back to when your feet became sore. List every possible fear and stressor that was happening then or just before the condition started. Assign a severity number from zero to ten of how you feel about the event, ten being the worst possible pain, for each memory, e.g., "Got fired in 2020: 9"
  2. Apply continuous acupressure: Gently tap with fingertips on your karate chop acupressure point, below your little finger, of either hand. You can also tap both hands' karate chop points against each other or tap under your nose, above your upper lip. (These are EFT shortcuts to get started.)
  3. Talk as you tap: repeat clearing phrases (I let go of, I now clear) based on your list, e.g., "I release my severity 9 fears causing this foot pain from when I was fired in 2020. I finally have a new job, my path is no longer painful, therefore my feet feel safe to heal."
  4. Test your results: Think about the event and emotions you just cleared, notice if you felt an emotional charge. If you're still uncomfortable about what happened, release the additional emotions. If no emotional charge, go to the next event on your list, clear the trama from that time.

After you've finished your list, give your body several days to respond and begin to heal, especially if the pain has been there for a while. Reapply this modality as needed, such as when you're walking a new painful path in love or work, and your feet become sore.

For links to my videos and books, visit my website

Thank you for reading my post and ALWAYS being kind to yourself!

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  • Tayyab Ali8 months ago

    Good one! Check out my story sometime

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    Really nice, interesting read. Thanks for sharing 🙏

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