Going solar? Shoot these 5 questions to your installation company!

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No wonder you are making the most crucial decision of your life! The one matter that doesn’t only affect you, but also your family

Going solar? Shoot these 5 questions to your installation company!

No wonder you are making the most crucial decision of your life! The one matter that doesn’t only affect you, but also your family, your finances, your future generations and even the environment. Going solar isn’t an easy job and certainly not a small matter! To start with, it does require a huge decision making to try the revolutionary theory at your home along with lots of finances. Then, there can be a phenomenal change in your life -- that would be positive for sure -- but big nonetheless!

Though you would have been all versed up about the details of solar energy, the panels, its installations and the numerous benefits by now, yet there can be some queries that could still be springing in your mind. These need to be sorted once and for all before you install the system in your house. And the best person to answer all these for you would be the one who’s installing the same for you!

Important questions to ask your solar panel installation company before installing the system!

It’s wonderful that you are determined to take this essential step towards the betterment of the environment and yourself! But there can be some matters upon which your installation procedure could depend. And these matters can be ideally simplified by the company that takes the responsibility of installing the system for you! We suggest -- don’t hesitate, just shoot these questions to the company before you finally install the solar panels in your home.

1. Which System Size is the Best for Your Home?

This would require them to check in detail the various aspects of your property. Like the total area, the usage of appliances, the size of your roof, the total utility expense and also the access to the net metering. These all factors are essential to exactly know the size you could choose for your house and how much can you save with it.

2. Are They a Licenced Solar Installer and What’s Their Experience?

It’s vital to know that the company you are hiring for installation of your solar panel is licensed by the city/state and also insured and bonded as per industry standards. Also, their experience in the field counts, as this guarantees their service and work for you. Ideally, if you are going for solar panel installation in Brisbane, Watts Up Solar and Electrical are the best in the field with the right knowledge, lots of experience and even the license that is required for the perfect installation of these panels.

3. What if Your System Doesn’t Generate the Anticipated Energy?

Things happen! Sometimes unexpected turns do occur, and the guaranteed amount of energy couldn’t be generated. You could ask about the same from your contractor and they’ll either change the settings of the same or add extra panels for you.

4. What if Your Situation Changes in Future?

There can be chances that you may finally decide to expand your property or add some rooms in it. If something like that happens, your panel size may seem smaller for this extended property. The company would suggest a middle way out in case such a situation arises.

5. What if You Decide to Relocate While Hiring the Panel?

Your company would let you know what to do in such situations. Though most of them offer the flexibility to change the locations within a stipulated radius; but if they don’t, you can end the lease too.

These are some crucial questions that you shouldn’t miss asking you solar panels installation company if you desire to enjoy the best advantages of this system in your home!

Natalie Ige
Natalie Ige
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