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Friends Products to Buy

Friends franchise products

By Ada ZubaPublished 29 days ago 3 min read
Friends Products to Buy
Photo by Radoslav Bali on Unsplash

hello shoppers! I love friends and I took some time to find some cool Amazon products that the friends lover should have:

This candle calls for the cozy coffee lovers out there: this is on the more expensive side of things but you get a mug after the candle is done!

Whoe! Careful there you do not want to leave that coffee mug ring there on a hot day with no coaster! Never fear for the Monica’s out there:

“Cooking soothes me” or “I can do more than cook” here are some kitchen baking items that you need to show off your cooking skills:

We love playing games like UNO and now you can play with these themed cards:

Starbucks or central perk? You need to put your iced drinks somewhere…why not in this purple tumbler?

Instead of the one where you turn 30, you can now have the one where you turn 50 especially with these decorations:

Even your dog can be a huge fan of friends with this orange couch that screams pivot! I’m kidding but if you can’t hear it in your head you have not watched friends enough

Keep your lips hydrated with this lip balm, I have an eraser that super similar in scent and shape and I use it all the time:

Drinking wine? Becoming friends? Say no more and drink from this wine tumbler or drink coffee? Up to you:

We all need some kitchen utensils so we don’t have to say “get out of my kitchen” These are great because they are wooden.

Don’t forget your car especially if you do not live in New York like the friends did, so you can keep tail haters at bay with this:

Do you remember when Paul Rudd guest starred on Friends? Well, here’s something funny to have:

Want to remember all the friends quotes but you cannot? Well, worry no more and get comfy with this fuzzy friends blanket:

Do like to see your beautiful iced coffee? I do and I have similar glasses to these except these have a fun friends quote:

If you have a Stanley cup I found the perfect thing to keep your drink from spilling, these cute friends cover caps are all that you need:

The iconic yellow frame that is in Monica’s apartment is available on Amazon too, so you have have a subtle yet iconic product from the Friends television show:

You might think the next item are coffee to go cups, but they are actually super cute pepper and salt shakers:

I found this cute key chain with a little friends frame on it or a central perk keychain. This is so adorable to have on your keys if you don’t want to be too tacky:

Do you enjoy some funky and fun socks? I know that they make my day better. Here are some friends themed ones:

Kitchen mats are so useful especially if you are standing in the kitchen all day and these central perk mats are the perfect fit:

Cookie jar or dog treat jar? It can be both or buy two and have one for your furry friend and the other for your child just be sure to not to mess those up:

I think this a pretty extensive list of friends themed things you have in your house to let everyone know that you are the biggest fan. Keep in mind that I am affiliated with Amazon and I do earn a tiny commission from when you purchase products through my links, but of course there’s no extra cost to you. Happy shopping!

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