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Espousing Dowsing: Sway Test

Simple Method Using Your Body like a Pendulum

By Colleen FlanaganPublished 2 months ago Updated 2 months ago 3 min read

The Sway Test is one of the easiest dowsing methods to learn and use.

Complete relaxation is crucial for this test’s accuracy. If you’re prone to dizzy spells, have vertigo or other inner ear conditions, this dowsing test is NOT FOR YOU.

NOTE: if you prefer video instruction, you should find this demo helpful:

This method uses the magnetic pull of Earth’s North and South Poles plus your body’s sense of balance to lean forward (or north) for a yes reply and gently tilt backward (or south) for a no reply.

Pros and Cons of this Method

Some people enjoy this whole-body dowsing because you cannot falsify the replies. As you grow in skill, you can minimize the movements to accurately use this test inconspicuously in public, when seated, and while chatting with others.

While the movements forward and backward are subtle, in the beginning you may not be able to dowse in public without others noticing and commenting.

Preparation Posture

Stand straight, your back relaxed, facing north with both feet parallel, pointed forward and shoulder width apart, arms relaxed at your sides.

You may want to close your eyes for maximum sensory effect. I noticed a stronger sense of the energy moving to influence my body’s sway with both eyes shut.

Programming a YES Reply

1. Say aloud, “I’m programming a new dowsing method’s yes reply. When I ask a question to which the answer is yes, my body tilts slightly forward.”

2. Gently allow your body to sway forward.

3. Repeat steps one then two in order, ten times or until you feel comfortable with the amount of sway forward.

Programming a No Reply

1. Say aloud, “I’m programming a new dowsing method’s no reply. When I ask a question to which the answer is no, my body tilts a bit backward.”

2. Gently allow your body to sway slightly backward.

3. Repeat steps one then two in order, ten times or until you feel comfortable with the amount of sway backward.

Now that you’ve completed your programming, practice the test with questions to which you know the answers.

Practicing the Test

Training yourself with responses to substances using this method is an excellent alternative to merely asking questions, hence the following suggestions.

1. Gather a selection of healthy and unhealthy food or beverages, such as an organic protein bar and a candy bar, or a glass of filtered water and a can of soda pop or tap water. While standing and facing north, hold one substance in your dominant hand at the level of your solar plexus.

2. Focus on allowing your body to be loose and relaxed, then ask aloud or to yourself, “Is this substance I’m holding beneficial for my body to consume?”

3. You should feel a gentle energy wave move your body forward for a yes answer, or backward for a no reply.

4. If you have no sway, the substance may be neutral, neither beneficial or harmful to your body. Dowse on that question, “Is consuming this substance neither beneficial or harmful to my body?”

5. Remember to have fun and reward yourself with celebratory kudos, “Yes! I’m seeing progress in my dowsing mastery!” when the dowsing replies are correct.

6. Test with various substances until you receive consistent replies. You may want to practice further with true/false questions if you feel confident. If you learn more easily via visual aids, find and view online sway test how-to videos.

Two Troubleshooting Tips

Check the below if you're receiving incorrect or inconsistent replies:

1. Polarity reversals sabotage dowsing / muscle-testing results. Tap gently with fingertips under your nose, repeat 3X, "I now clear all polarity reversals and instill correct polarities in all cells of my body, mind, emotions and energy bodies. So be it!"

2. Feeling stressed? Your muscles may be tight, hence the wrong Sway Test replies. Use your preferred emotional release modality to clear all feelings of hopelessness, impatience, giving up, incapability, or frustration.

BONUS TIP: Practice OFTEN, and never give up! Dowsing is a lifetime skill that will benefit you, your loved ones and animal friends.

More Dowsing Info Sources

1) Download 10 FREE chapters of my Fearless Accurate Dowsing book or read it online via my website:

2) Get more details about the book and table of contents on my Amazon USA Author Page.

3) YouTube 80+ video playlist: How to Dowse for Wellness

4) YouTube 50+ video playlist: Dowsing on Various Topics

Thank you for reading this article. YOU are uplifting the Earth's energies just by being YOU.

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