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Espousing Dowsing: Intuition at Your Fingertips

What Dowsing Is & How It Can Help YOU

By Colleen FlanaganPublished 3 months ago Updated 3 months ago 3 min read
60 second demo how pendulums boost your energy - you'll feel immediate results!

We ALL have a sixth sense. Our intuition is a personal navigation tool for this Earth life, but is repressed in most humans due to fear of ridicule or rejection. Saying you have a "hunch" is acceptable but openly admitting to using your intuition as a guidance tool is still considered crazy or woo-woo by some folks.

My intuition was seriously repressed due to fears from religious teachings, authority figures and working in the very logical field of operating and programming computer mainframes.

Perhaps like me, at some point you severed your connection to your gentle inner voice or mistrust its information?

Never fear, dear reader, you can reconnect to your divine discernment via dowsing, the use of simple tools or the body to read energy.

This article explains simple dowsing for those new to the concept. Future posts will offer various dowsing methods to connect to your intuition to find hidden information.

A Genius Defends Dowsing

Physicist Albert Einstein positively weighed in on dowsing by saying,"I know very well that many scientists consider dowsing as a type of ancient superstition. According to my conviction this is, however, unjustified. The dowsing rod is a simple instrument which shows the reaction of the human nervous system to certain factors which are unknown to us at this time."

Taking Mr. Einstein's statement a bit further, using dowsing tools (including rods, pendulums, bobbers or the body) enables the human nervous system to sense and read energy then respond via basic yes or no replies.

This simple way to connect to your intuition has been around for thousands of years. Our earliest ancestors used sticks or a stone tethered to a string as a form of divination to find water, minerals, food, and other life staples.

Dowsers have been summoned, usually in secret, around the world to assist utility companies, military branches, archaeologists, law enforcement units and fire departments to name a few. (Yes, you can find proof of this via any search engine.)

The popularity of this art and its tools continue to increase into the 21st Century. More dowsing social media groups are popping up, dedicated to those who wish to teach, learn and practice this skill.

Dowsing terrifies some closed-minded, superstitious folks. They’ll tell you that it’s controlled by negative lower energies and the results are questionable. I've had only positive dowsing experiences.

My reply to naysayers: if dowsing isn’t accurate or safe, how has it survived and grown in popularity for thousands of years? Being closed-minded is far more dangerous... and boring!

How Does Dowsing Read Energy?

Albert Einstein also said, “Everything is energy and that's all there is to it." All beings and things are vibrating at different frequencies with their own energetic signature. Humans and animals vibrate at higher frequencies than rocks or soil. Quantum mechanics suggests our energies are entangled and can affect each other, like the moon affects Earth's ocean tides and certain birds' migrations.

Accomplished dowsers can connect to and read the energy signatures of people, plants, animals, buildings, hidden water or minerals, lost objects and anything in the world, including planet Earth herself.

Other fun and useful things to dowse for include:

  • Measuring your body's energies, clearing imbalances
  • Identifying your Angels and Spirit Guides, decoding their messages
  • Interpreting dreams as predictive or creative problem-solving
  • Enhancing the vibrations of food and water, selecting most nutritious
  • Most effective vitamins and supplements to buy for your body's needs
  • Finding repressed emotions that are triggering physical ailments, financial and relationship issues or anxiety.

Hooked on Dowsing

I've been a dowser since the 1980s, primarily using a form of dowsing called muscle-testing. Here's a two minute video introduction on how I read energy with my hands:

My life is far simpler not wondering which substances are most beneficial, or the safest route to drive home, or which fears are causing anxiety and physical pain. I no longer have buyer’s remorse about any purchases nor wonder when I should water my plants.

Does dowsing sound like something you'd like to learn?

If you can't wait until my next Vocal Media dowsing how-to article, here are two ways to begin:

1) Download 10 FREE chapters of my Fearless Accurate Dowsing book or read it online via my website:

2) Get more details about the book and table of contents on my Amazon USA Author Page.

You don’t have to spend years trying to figure out dowsing as I did. Plenty of online instructions exist via articles, videos & books. Yes, mastering this art takes time and patience... But you ARE worth it, right?

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