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Adult Acne: One Overlooked Treatment

Don's Emotional Release Led to His Acne Relief

By Colleen FlanaganPublished 5 months ago Updated 5 months ago 5 min read

For us sensitive souls, mind-body wisdom paired with emotional release work is a simple way to clear our path to healing, especially SKIN conditions.

People around our planet suffer from skin conditions, which in my experience are often triggered by fear or stress “getting under your skin”. I’m not saying that ALL skin conditions are caused by emotions, but many can be completely healed via emotional release.

As a former acne sufferer, I offer these insights with the hope of helping you resolve your skin ailments, too.

Healing the Acne Lumps on Don's Neck

Take for example, my friend “Don” (not his real name). In his late forties when we met, he told me he’d visited many acne specialists and used their prescriptions. Unfortunately, his adult acne condition persisted and worsened whenever he felt anxious or upset.

This revelation was a clue that releasing the painful emotions causing the eruptions might in turn permanently relieve his acne.

While hiking together one morning, I gently suggested to Don that we work together to relieve the acne, starting with the large, thick lumps on the back left side of his neck. He replied that he'd try anything. The lumps had been there since he was a teenager.

I asked Don what big stresses happened in his life then. He said he had severe fears of failure to please his father, as they often engaged in a power struggle about rebellious young Don's future. Don is from a traditional ethnic culture in which the children are expected to obey and please the parents, no matter what age they are. As a teen, he couldn’t express himself in protest to his father via words. Instead, his body spoke loudly via the red, angry skin eruptions on the left side of his neck.

Don's Emotional Rescue

Don followed my lead and we used our fingertips to gently tap our Governing Vessel Meridian acupressure endpoints under our noses, which releases stagnant energies and emotions.

As we hiked and tapped, massive anger and resentment at his father's controlling ways erupted. Don had stored these red hot emotions for 30+ years. I encouraged him to express himself, let his rage and tears flow as we repeated these clearing phrases:

  • I now release this fear and anger at my father for manipulating me, for trying to control my teenage and adult life. Someday if not TODAY, I choose to forgive him and myself for carrying this rage and distress under my skin that erupted in this acne.
  • I now let go of my repressed feelings that I’m a failure for not being the perfect first born son. I forgive myself and release this fear of being angry while stuck on my life path since my teenage years because Father might reject me if I didn't obey him.
  • I choose to release these fears of being a failure in my father’s eyes, and all associated emotions that got under my skin, including betrayal, hopelessness and despair. As I let go of these feelings and realize I’m doing the best I can in life, my skin heals and becomes clear.

Moments later, Don’s painful feelings from that time period were gone. He felt NO emotional charge about those memories. He grinned with astonishment and exclaimed, "I'm okay with everything now - it's over!"

When I saw Don again a month later, the acne lumps on his face and neck had shrunk to only minor skin discolorations. Within three months, the discolorations had completely vanished.

Three Steps to Emotional Acne Relief

The human body's largest organ is the skin. It’s the boundary between us and the outside world, a reflection of how we emotionally and mentally perceive our lives, our work, past events, present situations and future dreams. Skin also reflects our feelings about our loved ones, their lives and their influence on our lives.

Use these three steps to begin your path to clear skin:

(1) Write a list of your acne emotional triggers by considering which fearful or angering inflammatory bumps in life happened to you right before the acne popped up, and what irritating things are happening now. Also think about any payoffs you might have to NOT healing the acne, such as being too embarrassed to socialize, which keeps you safe in your comfort zone, not dating and therefore not getting your heart broken.

(2) Using this list of potential acne-triggers (which may include feeling outraged at this ailment), apply the under-nose tapping (or your preferred emotional release technique) until you can think of those events or people and feel NO emotional charge. Your goal is to feel confident about handling current situations and FREE of past traumas that erupted through your skin.

(3) Observe your acne over the next two weeks, as skin can take two to four weeks to show positive changes, especially if you've carried those emotions for years, as Don had. If there's partial but not complete healing or no change, you still have repressed emotions to find and release. Schedule your self-care time and release that trauma!

Take heart, you CAN do this! After ALL the dermatology appointments, all the lotions and potions you've used, releasing your old angst may trigger your body’s natural healing, a FINAL step to achieve clear skin glowing with health.

More info on how to use mind-body-emotions wisdom:

Thank you for reading my work!

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  • Alex H Mittelman 5 months ago

    Very Internationally interesting! Great work!

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