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Easy DIY Valentine's Day Mason Jar Gift Ideas

Want to give your lover the most thought-out, but simple to make gift this Valentine's Day? Consider any of these DIY Valentine's Day Mason jar gift ideas to create on your own.

By Jennifer VioletPublished 5 years ago 8 min read

Valentine's Day is getting really close this year and it's certainly time for you to think of what stunning gift you'll give to your lover! No, it's never too early! Even though the two of you are constantly showing your love for the other, Valentine's Day is all about that love. Even if the two of you agreed that you won't give a gift this Valentine's Day... we all know you still will. However, if you're looking for an inexpensive and easy gift to whip up for your partner, I have the perfect ideas.

Since Valentine's Day is the day of love, show all of yours through any of these great Valentine's Day Mason jar gift ideas! While you're the one creating the gift, any of these ideas are super easy to make and shows how much thought you put into it. So, be creative! Take one of these best gift ideas for crafters for yourself or be inspired to create something similar. Trust me, in the end, your partner will not only be upset that the two of you agreed to no gifts, she/he will love it no matter what.

When these adorable Mason jar lamps light up the room, your lover's face will light up, as well! Super easy and adorable to put anywhere in the house, the Heart Mason Jar Votives is the perfect Valentine's Day gift if you want something that your partner will always use. And nothing beats fairy lights in Mason jars.

Don’t be intimidated by its appearance, it’s quite easy to create. What you’ll need is painter’s tape, a heart-shaped stencil (or cookie cutter), a Mason jar, X-ACTO knife, chalk paint, a paint brush, battery-operated twinkle string lights, a pen, and ribbon or twine. Once you’ve gathered everything, putting it together isn’t difficult at all. Light up your lover's heart with one of the cutest Valentine's Day Mason jar gift ideas ever.

Heart Candy Mason Jar

A bit easier than the previous one, but still a thoughtful gift idea, the Heart Candy Mason Jar is ideal for anyone who can't get enough of chocolate! Either M&M's, Hershey's Kisses, or any other type of chocolate will do for this gift idea. Plus, your partner can snack on these whenever he or she wants... unless they eat the entire jar in one sitting. Then that means they loved the gift!

To make this Valentine's Day gift, you'll need a clean Mason jar, a small piece of vinyl, heart punch holder, spray paint, fabric scraps, ribbon or bakers twine, and scissors. Even though it shows M&M’s, you can use whatever chocolate candy that your partner loves! Don't forget a cute little note for the tag.

Valentine Cookie Mix in a Jar

Among the delicious and thoughtful Valentine's Day Mason jar gift ideas you can create, the Valentine Cookie Mix in a Jar is certainly brilliant. If your partner has a sweet tooth, consider this idea as a gift! You're basically putting cookie mix in a Mason jar for your lover to bake later on. Or the two of you can use this gift and bake the cookies together. Not only will the two of you spend some quality time together, but you'll be wind up with delicious M&M cookies!

For the supplies, you're going to collect ingredients to make M&M cookies from scratch, with any additions to decorate the jar. What you'll need is all purpose flour, cornstarch, sugar, baking soda, salt, light brown sugar, semi-sweet chocolate chips, and M&Ms to fill the top layer of the jar! For the outside, grab a Mason jar, paint for the lid, and add a red velvet ribbon to tie around the lid of the jar. This is definitely one of the gifts for people who love to make things.

Love Birds Mason Jar

Now the Love Birds Mason Jar is a really cute idea from the Valentine's Day Mason jar gift ideas you can easily create. It's two love birds sitting on a branch inside of the jar! Can't get any more adorable than that. Your lover can also place her gift anywhere in the house, like the living room coffee table, the dining table, or her bedside table. The birds can represent the love the two of you are sharing.

Even though it looks like a huge project, it truly isn't. In fact, the supplies are simple and so are the steps. Just gather a large mouth Mason jar, two little feather birds, a stick, Krylon white primer, a heart sticker, a ribbon, scraps of fabric, a hot glue gun, glue dots, pinking shears, faux moss, and you’re good to go! Once you've presented this to your partner, they won't stop adoring her gift.

Heart Attack

Of course, it's not an actual heart attack, but this Heart Attack is something that someone will love to have! It's a Mason jar filled with little adorable and heartfelt notes like "Sweetie Pie," "Honey Bun," "You Had Me At Hello," "Angel," and many more to fill your jar with. It's a Valentine's Day gift to shower your lover with sweet words reminding her how much you love them.

What you need is a Mason jar, a bunch of colorful hearts with little notes on them, twine or a ribbon, and a label on the jar saying "You've Been Attacked." Your partner will certainly feel attacked with all the sweet words in the jar as her gift. You can also throw in a bunch of chocolate in there, too, to really make it a sweet gift!

52 Things a Year in a Jar

From the cutest Valentine's Day Mason jar gift ideas you can present to your lover, this 52 Things a Year in a Jar idea will surely steal your partner's heart. It's a jar consisting of little reasons why you love them all tied up. And I bet they'll be so curious to unravel every single note and read the reason. However, you'll have to tie all 52 notes with a piece of string or ribbon. But the thought always counts!

While the process of making this Valentine's Day gift is a bit longer than the rest, the supplies are easy to get your hands on. What you'll need is a Mason jar, little slips of paper, and a colorful string. Yes, that's it. Then all of the work is put into thinking why you love them and tying up every reason. This is also a very popular gift idea that couples do for a wedding or anniversary gift, too.

Valentine Glitter Votives

If you liked the Heart Mason Jar Votives, then you'll certainly love this idea, too. Among the heartfelt Valentine's Day Mason jar gift ideas, the Valentine Glitter Votives adds much more sparkle to your votives! These candle holders are ideal for decorating the dining table when the two of you are enjoying dinner together. The glitter on the Mason jars gives them a pop of shine, too.

In order to create the Valentine Glitter Votives, you'll need a ball half-pint Mason jars, foam heart stickers, white acrylic paint, pink acrylic paint, mod lodge, and white and pink glitter. Don't forget either a colorful string or ribbon to tie around the top of the jar. Your partner will always use these candle holders for all of her candles!

Vintage Pictures in Mason Jars

From the most unique Valentine's Day Mason jar gift ideas ever, the Vintage Pictures in Mason Jars idea is definitely different from the rest. It's a really creative way of displaying a photo of the two of you together, but in a jar! It's perfect for having anywhere in the house. And this specific idea will make it look like a cool, vintage photo.

To make the Vintage Pictures in Mason Jars, you must grab a Mason jar, a black and white photo of the two of you, vegetable oil, and dried flowers (optional). You can also laminate the image before putting it in the vegetable oil for it to last longer!

Valentine Snow Globe

This is probably one of my favorites out of the Valentine's Day Mason jar gift ideas—Valentine Snow Globe. You can easily create your own snow globe as a gift for your partner. Plus, you can place anything as the center like these adorable hearts!

Making a snow globe does sound difficult, but believe me, creating this one is a total breeze. What you'll need to whip up the Valentine Snow Globe is a Mason jar, faux snow, any form of hearts, and that's it! You can also put water in the jar to really make it a snow globe, but use materials that won't dissolve from the water.

Valentine Heart Jars

Lastly among the Valentine's Day Mason jar gift ideas, the Valentine Heart Jars can be the cutest addition to your Valentine's Day dinner or any dinner the two of you are sharing. Fill the colorful Mason jars with any type of flower your partner loves, fake or real, and you've created the perfect piece of decor to suit anywhere. This is just one of the homemade gifts they will actually like.

In order to make these stunning jars, you'll need Mason jars, white paint, red acrylic paint, baby pink acrylic paint, paint brush, Washi tape, a toothpick, and clear coat sealant. The design is also up to you if you’re not crazy about the tiny hearts and strips. Then, fill the vibrant jar with whatever bouquet of flowers your lover adores and you've created the ideal Valentine's Day gift that she can always use!


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