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DIY Bathroom Ideas That May Help You Improve Your Storage Space

Ever thought about redesigning your bath for some extra room? These are some DIY bathroom ideas that may help you improve your storage space, but will actually make that undesirable place in your home pop out like never before.

By George HermanPublished 7 years ago 5 min read

Do you love DIY? Is your bathroom looking shoddy and in need of a makeover? These are some of the few DIY bathroom ideas that may help you improve your storage space, and can give your new bath a subtle look of polished personalization.

From adding a curtain rod, to installing DIY stands for your all of your shower necessities, the following tips and tricks will give you the insight needed in redesigning that unappreciated place of everyone's home: the dreaded bathroom.

Build a medicine cabinet out of a wall-mounted mirror.

It may not sound like the easiest DIY task, but its one of many DIY bathroom ideas that may help you improve your storage space.

Use a five or six foot mirror, place it into the frame of a rectangular wood box, and add shelves with all of your everyday bathroom necessities. You can even make a really 'cool magic mirror,' one of the best DIY projects ever.

After it has been built, nail it to the wall as a really neat way to store all your toiletries and supplies without the hassle of an unusually cramped space like most medicine cabinets.

Hang baskets on your walls, or design a "wall of baskets."

These two tricks really help at making your bathroom look fresh and hip, plus it leaves a lot of room for extra storage.

There are two ways you can do this: either nail individual wire baskets to your bathroom walls, giving them the added bonus of deep-dish picture frames, or design this cool "wall of baskets," which not only looks really fancy, but also makes your essentials easily accessible.

Though they may not be conventional, hanging baskets or the wall of baskets are both sure to liven up your bathroom and are only two of the great DIY bathroom ideas that may improve your bathroom storage space.

Turn an unused ladder into a nifty supply stand.

This easy reuse of a common tool is one of the few simple DIY bathroom ideas that may help you improve your storage space. Set up an unwanted ladder and give it new purpose in life.

Try this if you have a small or medium-sized ladder laying around your home. Tac on some baskets, mason jars with flowers and lights, or storage bins for an added look of realness, or you can place some plants on the steps to spruce your up bathroom.

It's perfect for the crafty in-home designer that loves recycling unused clutter. Just try not to walk under it.

Redesign a cake stand into a crafty toiletries holder.

Though it might not be ideal for the more organized of folks out there, repurposing a cake stand into a toiletry holder can really free up space from your sink-top.

If you're like me and have razors, toothpaste, brush, shaving cream, comb, and so on, scattered all over your bathroom sink, try using a cake stand to give it that organizational aesthetic we all truly need in life.

You can even paint it whatever color you like, add cool place-holders to the sides, and insert multiple layers to create the perfect personalized toiletry stand. Your cluttered sink will thank you.

Build storage into the space between wall studs.

On average, wall studs have about 16 inches of space between them. This gives you ample amount of room to carve out some neat spaces for all your bathroom needs. Plus they are super secret, and can fold back into the wall like something from the Oval Office.

You can use this space for towels, extra toiletries, or toilet paper. It's up to you, just be careful when making it, because it does call for some serious DIY work.

If you enjoy redesigning, plus tackling hard-to-do tasks, try out this perfect example of the best DIY bathroom ideas that may help you improve your storage space. You'll be more stressed about what else to keep inside these neat and secret compartments.

Install a dividing box or shelf above your sink.

Got a neat wood box that can fit under your bathroom mirror? Even if you don't, this DIY idea is simple and practical. Throw some mason jars on there with some cool lights for an added look of style and freshness, or if you want that DIY touch of fall, use the mason jars as pumpkin spice candles.

As one of the awesome DIY bathroom ideas that may help you improve your storage space, setting up a quaint wooden box above your sink will instantly give you an organized spot for all of your cluttered toiletries.

This one is simple and straightforward. If you don't have a dividing box of some kind, craft one out of an old drawer. It's not only practical, it's practically a necessity.

Create a roped tower of buckets.

Super easy and especially whacky looking, try stringing together a few of your beach buckets to create a hanging container for your shower gels, soaps, and shampoo.

They can be hung from the shower curtain rod, or attached to the ceiling, whichever is easier for you. Even rope together some mason jars alongside them for an extra cool look of non-conformity.

In the realm of DIY bathroom ideas that may help you improve your storage space, the roped tower of buckets not only frees up clutter, it gives the room a whole new atmosphere.

Convert bottle caps into wall-mounted toothbrush holders.

Probably the most simple of all tasks from this list of DIY bathroom ideas that may help you improve your storage space, the recycled wall-mounted bottle cap toothbrush holder is definitely easier done than said.

Go out and get any one of your favorite bottle caps. It can be anywhere from a soda bottle, to a disposed-of protein container. Cut a little hole into the side, wherein your toothbrush will forever lay, and glue it securely to the wall by your bathroom mirror.

Not only do these look really cool, you don't have to worry about your brush getting lost in the clutter of your sink or medicine cabinet; it's waiting for you right there on the wall as you walk in.

Dress your sink in a skirt.

As bathrooms go, the sink is by far the least of all touched when attempting to design something cool and pleasing.

For those who want to give their unloved sink a different type of shine, the skirt or drape addition to its underside will liven up the bathroom and give you a private storage area.

You can put boxes of towels, baskets of extra toiletries, or towers of toilet paper underneath your sink without having to worry about it looking too gaudy or out of place.

These DIY bathroom ideas that may help you improve your storage space certainly help free up clutter, but they also give you bathroom aesthetic new looks that are sure to make friends or guests gasp in awe.


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