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Dear Martha, Week 1

A Half Hearted Attempt At Taking Advice

By Kelly MorrisPublished 3 years ago 4 min read
Dear Martha, Week 1
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Dear Martha Stewart

I purchased your book Martha Stewart’s Organizing The Manual For Bringing Order to Your Life, Home and Routines last year and I have dutifully waited to be able to use it starting from the beginning, because that is just who I am as a person. I am currently working through the first week, and the entry way sections of the book and I have some things to report.

The first week of the year has a schedule as follows: Fri:Establish healthy habits, Sat: Finish Sun:Thank you Notes for holiday gifts,Mon: review your financial plan for the year Tues: Put away holiday decorations, Wed: Take a yoga or pilates class, Thurs; schedule health and wellness appointments for the entire year.

I was feeling fairly accomplished when tasked with focusing on whole foods. My pantry is not terrible, and I keep fruits and vegetables in the house. The next step, re-evaluate your exercise routine, is not so gratifying, as currently my routine is walking my 3 lb chihuahua half a block, and cleaning. Your suggestions are not within my economic means, could you provide a suggestion that is maybe free? I know I live in Colorado, so scheduling a ski lesson, a meeting with a personal trainer would make sense. I cant even afford skis, or to rent skis, or pay an instructor. Have you created any poverty friendly ideas? Perhaps suggest trying a new Youtube exercise channel, or use the free classes at the varying yoga studios in the area, utilize outdoor exercise equipment at parks. I actually did schedule a remote yoga class I will attempt to do while my kids are in their distance classes.

The most attainable and challenging to remember bit of self-care advice is to meditate for 5 minutes in the morning and evening. My day starts with a a dog and my 2 children demanding things of me and ends with me half comatose on the couch once everyone is asleep. I plan to leave myself a note reminding me to do this!

I am my own financial planner, so I will be addressing my yearly budget tomorrow. I will begin collecting and organizing all my mileage from my Instacart deliveries, and vainly hope that I made enough from that little job to file at all. I may attempt to set a financial goal in the face of what appears to be crippling financial collapse, in the name of optimism of course.

I said thank you verbally to people who gave me gifts. Do I still have to write them a thank you card? What about condolence and get well cards? How many things should I be sending people? This is stressful. I will keep this on the back burner while I address other things. Did I mention and I have some fairly potent anxiety?

This rounds the corner to schedule wellness appointments for the year. I don't really have insurance I can use. So….. I go to the doctor when I am sick and can't make it go away with questionable home remedies. Such as curing pink-eye with diluted vinegar and distilled water, treating my migraines with salad and coffee. Always try water, in the event that you are unsure, dehydration is always a possibility on the list. Got a skin problem try steam (again water). Ache and pains? Maybe you have a vitamin deficiency, or a hangover. So there I thought about it for you. Is that going to make my year better? Will this be coming up more throughout the book or is that enough attention to my health?

Project Area: Entry Way

I am taking your advice on the entry way to my mobile home. I purchased a place for mail, and box to put things in so that they are out of the way. I have a current dilemma as I have stored all the home school supplies in the hall closet, and things that I hang on my wall tend to fall off, this is going to take a bit more problem solving. I have no where to hang coats, and I have children so it wouldnt matter if I did. I am purchasing door mats today to place both inside and out and reduce dirt being tracked in. I will update you next week on the progression of the entry way.

In conclusion aside from the socio-economic challenges of not being able to see a Dr. and lacking the current need for a financial adviser. I will keep you up to date on my progress.

Sincerely Kelly Morris

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Kelly Morris

I am sort of a novice in numerous areas, I have an associates in elementary education, I am working on my project management degree, I love art, and painting, sewing, knitting. I am all over the place and not an expert in any one thing.

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