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Awesome Lifehacks for Household Tools

There are tools around our house that can perform much more than what they're expected. Check out a few of the best lifehacks for household tools to try out.

By Jennifer VioletPublished 6 years ago 6 min read
Top Story - February 2018

We have so many everyday household items laying around the house and are used for their specific duty. How nail filers are meant to just buff out nails, a hair clip for putting hair up, a bar of soap for cleanliness, and many more. But did you know all of those little items can do much more than what we really use them for? No one said that something is meant to be used for what they're designed to do!

In our lives, we come across so many little conflicts like marks on our shoes or our bedroom door is making squeaky noises. Tiny problems like these usually lead us into buying the right tools to handle them. However, you don't have to always buy the right products to handle certain problems. There are ordinary objects around the place that we can pick up and use to fix the majority of our problems! So, these are the lifehacks for household tools to help you out on the daily.

Makeup brushes for dusting computer keyboards.

If you think about it, makeup brushes are like tiny dusters in addition to cosmetic applicators. Instead of throwing out your brushes that you don't use anymore, keep them to clean your keyboards! If you're like me who's constantly on the computer and typing away, our keyboards do get dusty from time to time. And wiping them down with a tissue doesn't really do much, because it's not getting in between the keys.

Next time your keyboard gets dusty, use your abandoned makeup brush to sweep away the dust from your keyboard! The bristles are long and precise enough to get in between the keys and swiftly pick up everything, leaving you with a clean keyboard.

Rubber erasers help remove scruff marks off of hardwood floors and tiles.

Our wooden cutting boards definitely have a couple of scruff marks on them from always using it to cut up food. Aside from that, hardwood and tiled floors are victims to every movement we cause. From simply walking to moving around furniture, our floors absorb a lot of our movement, and this naturally forms markings.

Among the lifehacks for household tools and a great way to get rid of those marks is by using a rubber eraser to buff out the marks! Erasers do much more than removing pencil markings, they also remove scruff markings off of wooden cutting boards, wooden and tiled floors, and other surfaces. Just as how you'd be erasing pencil markings, you'd be doing the same with the scruff marking. This is certainly a way to care for wood floors!

Use your hair straightener as a fabric iron.

This hack is actually pure genius. From the brilliant lifehacks for household tools to try out, your everyday hair straightener can be used to iron down pieces of fabric on your clothing! How difficult is it to use your hefty iron to flatten out smaller and more specific pieces on your clothing? It's an actual pain.

However, you don't have to spend a hour on trying to iron your shirt's collars, because a flat iron works just as well as a clothing iron. Easily iron down collars, cuffs, and other certain areas with your trusty hair straightener.

Nail filers help remove marks on suede shoes.

Nail filers are my life savers when my nail chips, breaks, or isn't shaped perfectly. It ideally buffs out my nails whenever I need them to look their best. But did you know that you can use a nail filer to remove marks on suede shoes? It's true! Even though it doesn't sound practical, the sandpaper material on the filers help remove stains and marks off of your suede shoes.

And you do know how hard it is to remove marks from suede. Water and soap never works, so don't even attempt that. Instead, use a nail filer and gently go over the marks on your suede shoes. Before you know it, your shoes will look brand new! This is certainly a lifehack every girl should know.

Toothbrush for specific cleaning.

Um, don't use your daily toothbrush for this. You can either use an old brush, or a new one to use as one of the lifehacks for household tools. Toothbrushes possess tough bristles to keep our teeth looking clean and healthy. But they can also be used to scrub certain areas on anything, since they're seen as easy cleaning hacks to improve your life.

From shoes to tiled walls, a toothbrush can help you precisely clean any area. If your regular cleaning brush wasn't able to get in between the cracks of the tiles, switch to a toothbrush and it'll easily make the job smoother. Even for your shoes, you can accurately clean the sides of your shoes and even in between the laces with a toothbrush.

Use a hair clip to prevent tangled wires.

Wires can almost always get into a tangled mess. It doesn't even matter what type and how many wires, they'll somehow find a way to tangle itself and there's nothing more frustrating than wasting minutes after minutes attempting to detangling everything. But you know an easy way to prevent wires from tangling? A hair clip!

Among the simplest lifehacks for household tools, you can gather the wires and just clip them together with your large hair clip. Whether computer wires are always in a knot or your hair appliances are never not detangled, refrain them from getting into a tangle mess with a hair clip!

Baby powder to untangle jewelry.

Speaking of untangling, are you aware that baby powder can actually detangle your jewelry? It's so common for chains to form knots and it's so annoying to take the time and untangle them. It's even harder than detangling wires! And jewelry can easily get a good grip in a knot, because of how dainty and thin the chain can be.

A great way to help you quicken the process is applying baby powder to the knot and slowly and gently start attempting to unravel the knot. The baby powder coats the metal on the chain and making it smoother. This way, it's much easier to untangle, because of the smooth friction the chain will have.

Clear nail polish stops thread from unraveling on buttons.

How many times have you come across thread slowly unraveling in and around your buttons? In a way, you can't really stop it, unless you actually re-sew the button again. Or even if you trim the thread... it'll only unravel even faster. Don't try it. Instead, clear nail polish can stop the threads from your buttons to unravel!

Clear nail polish is certainly one of the best lifehacks for household tools to try and it works wonders. Once you catch a piece of thread loosening on a button on your shirt, coat the front of the button with clear nail polish. This will hold the thread in place and refrain it from unraveling any further. Plus, if you do this to all of your buttons, you'll never have to deal with thread unraveling off of buttons anymore.

Cooking spray to oil squeaky doors.

I hate squeaky doors, it's like nails on a chalkboard to me. No matter how many times I apply oil to the hinges, it will eventually start squeaking again. Stop using regular oil and use your cooking spray to properly stop your door from making irritating noises!

While cooking spray is used to lubricate any cooking and baking surfaces, you can also use it to oil up your door if it's making noises when opening and closing. Just spray a few sprites on the hinges of your squeaking door. This will stop the horrible nosies for a much longer period of time.

A bar of soap helps zippers zip smoothly.

Lastly, among the brilliant lifehacks for household tools you can try out, a bar of soap does so much more than cleanliness. How frustrating is it when you can't fully zip up your jacket or jeans pants? You try again and again and again... and again until—you break it.

Don't force your zipper, instead, rub down the teeth of your zipper with soap. This will lubricate the zipper and make it zip up much smoother. You can do this to anything that features a zipper for an easier zip.


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