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All About Pure Tobacco

Finding the Best Whole Leaf Tobacco

By Alica KnopwoodPublished 3 years ago 4 min read
All About Pure Tobacco
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When it comes to pure satisfaction, absolutely nothing can compare to the perfect whole leaf tobacco smoking session. Whether like rich, bold, mild, or smooth flavors, knowing how to pick the best whole leaf tobacco is key. Alternatively, the best whole leaf tobacco blends can make pipe and cigarette smoking so much better.

To help you select the most impressive smoking products, we’ve created this useful tobacco guide. That way, you will know your tobacco blends and where they come from. With this information, you can shop for whole leaf tobacco confidently. Below, we’ve included information on the most popular tobacco strains and whole leaf options.

About Tobacco Itself

Within the plant genus Nicotiana, various smokable whole leaf tobacco variants exist. Generally, cured tobacco leaves are dried and prepared to optimize smokable consumption. In most cases, these dried tobacco leaves are used in leaf wrappers, pipe tobacco blends, cigars, and cigarettes. Furthermore, there are various tobacco strains available. Then, these strains are cured in various ways.

Types of Tobacco

Tobacco comes in more than 70 species. Although, only four or five tobacco strains are often consumed in the United States. Namely, these tobacco strains are Aromatic fire-cured, Brightleaf “Virginia”, Burley, Cavendish, and Turkish. After being harvested, leaves are cured and blended with other tobacco to create unique smokable blends. Sometimes, they are left in pure whole leaf format and used to wrap cigars or as herbal wraps.

Aromatic Fire-Cured Tobacco

Through the use of open fires, Aromatic Fire-Cured Tobacco is carefully prepared to impart a rich and bold flavor. Grown in Tennessee, Kentucky, and Virginia, this tobacco is most often used in snuff, chew, and smoking pipes.

Brightleaf Virginia Flue-Cured Tobacco

Usually, Brightleaf strains are known as Virginia Flue-Cured tobacco. Referencing where the plants are grown, Virginia tobacco is cured using a chimney flue process. This can impart a smooth and slightly sweet-bright flavor.

In many cases, Virginia Flue-Cured blends are seen in cigarettes and pipe tobacco. Likely, this is because they do such a great job of providing balanced nicotine and mild flavorful smoke. As a whole leaf wrapping, Virginia Flue-Cured tobacco works well.

Burley Tobacco

Another tobacco that you’ll find in pipes, whole leaf wraps, and roll-your-own cigarette blends, is Burley tobacco is air-cured tobacco. Used to give it a sweet and delicate flavor, the air-curing process also adds mild notes. Also, Burley tobacco leaves blend beautifully with Virginia strains and are often seen mixed together with them.

Turkish Tobacco

Highly aromatic and sun-cured, Turkish Tobacco is a small-leafed plant variety. As such, you will very rarely see whole leaf tobacco wrappers that are Turkish. With that being said, Turkish Sun-Cured tobacco can be found in various cigarette blends such as Bugler Tobacco and Camel products. It’s balanced, flavorful, and produces an unparalleled aroma.

Cavendish Tobacco

Cavendish tobacco isn’t actually a specific strain type. Instead, to produce Cavendish tobacco, whole leaves are carefully cut and cured uniquely. Often, this is to create a specific kind of pipe smoking tobacco. Cavendish tobacco can be sweet, rich, moist, and full of flavor.

Many Ways to Smoke

For centuries, tobacco has been enjoyed all around the world. Specifically, Native American groups from both North and South America have been using tobacco for hundreds of years. In fact, it was Sir Walter Raleigh who was famed for bringing American Tobacco back overseas to Europe with him in 1856.

The Mayans were known for smoking whole leaf tobacco stuffed with cut tobacco. Because of this, they are credited for inventing cigars. These whole leaf wrappers kept the tobacco flavor pure and intensified the smoking experience.

Since these early days, tobacco has grown in popularity around the world. Today, nearly endless smokable options are available. Commonly, tobacco is smoked in pipes, cigars, cigarettes, and orally used in dip, chew, or snus. Many cigars still implement whole leaf tobacco wrappers to impart pure flavors into their products just like the Mayans did.

Whole Leaf Tobacco in the Purest Format

To really taste the true flavor of tobacco in its purest possible form, whole-leaf wrappers are best. Therefore, various cigars come with real whole leaf tobacco wrappers to give smokers true unaltered flavor notes.

Additionally, whole leaf wraps are available to roll tobacco or other smokable herbs in. For example, Pure Leaf Wraps come with singular tobacco leaves in a range of flavored for an unadulterated smoking experience. On top of that, many other blunt wraps made of whole leaf tobacco are available online.

Try Rich Pure Whole Leaf Tobacco

So how can you try real whole leaf tobacco? Simply click on this link and you will be taken to a top-rated online tobacco retailer. Not only does this store sell various whole tobacco blends, but it also has Pure Leaf Wraps. In addition to this, you can browse through a range of whole leaf wrapper cigars and cigarillos.

Plus, this online tobacco shop offers free shipping on qualifying orders. Finally, you can access bulk discounts at close to wholesale prices. Whole leaf at wholesale? Honestly, it doesn’t get better than that!

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