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6 Vital Tips to Care Your gold chain

Tips to Care Your gold chain

By Aiden SmithPublished 3 years ago 4 min read

Buying jewellery is a part of having gold or diamond pieces with you. The most important aspect is to be able to maintain the shine of your jewellery forever. You must follow certain steps to keep your jewellery everlasting and shiny even after decades of use. Here are 6 vital tips on how you can take care of your gold jewellery.

The best place to buy gold chains and other jewellery is a good jewellery store in San Antonio. But where’s the best place to help you maintain the jewellery? It is again the jewellery store in San Antonio, Texas. Many people are unaware of this fact but you can get your jewellery washed and clean again in your nearest jewellery stores. These 6 tips will give you an all-round treatment technique for your jewellery.

1. Make sure to clean it properly every time you use it. If you are using your gold chains or diamond stones occasionally, it is very important to clean it before you keep it inside your safe. This prevents dirt or other such unwanted materials to get stuck on it. If you choose not to clean it then and there, the dirt might get dry. If this happens, it will take a lot of efforts to clean it thereafter.

Make sure you schedule a yearly or monthly cleaning of your chains based on the frequency of its usage. These days jewellery stores in San Antonio, Texas use ultrasonic cleaners. Gold is a soft metal that can crack while cleaning it traditionally. Traditional cleaning can also wear out a lot of gold. Constant polishing and use of aqua regia sure do bring the shine back to your jewellery but also fray its quality by every wash.

2. Even the best places to buy gold chains suggest that storing your item properly is more important than getting it cleaned. It is advised to store it in a place with moderate temperature. The gold you wear is an alloy. The alloy is created to keep gold designs stay put and hold its design. You need to make sure that the temperature in which you store is not extremely hot and humid or really cold. Hot temperatures could lead to deformities in the pieces while cold temperatures would bring cracks to the jewellery’s edges. Also, make sure that the surface where you store it is scratch-free. You can use a jewellery box and cushions to prevent it from having scratch marks. 

If you are looking for the jewellery stores of San Antonio, Texas you can try out Exotic Diamonds. They have a wide range of selection, designed and handpicked specially for you. This is the best place to buy gold chains, engagement rings and get proper customer service.

3. Keep it covered while bathing or take it off. Bathing involved many kinds of bath salts and soaps. This is harmful to your gold chain. These soaps are basic in nature and slowly react with your metal. It tones down the lustre that gold has significantly over years. You will not notice any change instantly but will realise it after a period. If possible, try to keep it away from water. Acids and abrasives in water also affect its overall look. It makes the chain susceptible scratches, dents and indentations and destroys its finish.

4. Do not let wet material get stuck inside it. Not only gold chains but gold bracelets or rings sometimes Food particles, dirt and smoke from outside and other tiny particles get stuck to your jewellery. It slowly destroys the design and engravings of your chain. It is highly advised to keep your rings and chains clean all the time. This could also give an invitation to many bacteria and fungus prone problems. If you wish to clean your jewellery at home, you should soak it in a neutral pH balanced water for some time first. This will loosen all the dirt and help you clean the chain easily. You can then rush it softly using a soft brush.

5. Use chlorine-free water if you have to. Chlorine is the biggest foe of gold. Gold chains being delicate, react pretty quickly with water containing chlorine. If left unwatched it can also result in greenish coverings over your chain. It slowly corrodes the gold and in return leaves it with unwanted residue. It impacts hugely on the shine of your chain. Eventually, it becomes weak and starts wearing off. 

6. Use a simple polishing cloth. This simple cloth makes a really big difference in how your chain looks. It is quicker and hassle-free. It is an easy and inexpensive alternative to in-store cleaning of your jewellery. It is easily available in the markets and even you try to use these out. 

  With these six tips and tricks, you are ready to flaunt your gold chain forever and ever now. The gleam of your chain is now a sealed deal and will help your jewellery look new incessantly.

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