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How to opt best deals on gold chains

Life hacks for finding best deals on Gold chain

By Aiden SmithPublished 3 years ago 3 min read
Exotic Diamondsa Gold Chain

Just as the winters come closer to us, the season of buying a lot of gold jewelleries starts. Be it for wedding functions, festivities or even just to feel the charm of gold, there is always a spike in purchase of gold jewelleries. Among all the gold sparkles, you can’t resist but chose a gold chain to team it up with your attire. Here are some tips to get the best deals to buy a gold chain.

We need to keep in mind these basic tips to buy gold online. Always purchase a chain which makes your purchase of jewellery 100% value to the money you’ll spent. Before you start researching about your it is important to know and accept the fact that online shopping of chains is very different from offline, go-to-the-store shopping. If you come to think of it, online stores have a huge number of shipments with them and a large number varieties among their chains, whereas the local markets cannot provide you with many items. This is obviously due to lack of physical space.

On one hand while the online markets of gold chains don’t provide the feel and touch of the chains, they sure do everything in their power to get people to buy the chains and other pieces with special cameras that capture its intricacies and get an extra certification for the same. This makes them administrable for any fault and then they could be held responsible for not providing the desired chain. Now this may make the image displayed a bit bigger than the reality, a concern raised by many when they receive the products. This is fairly normal. To capture the detailing of the segment, online retailers often use such magnification.

To get the best deals in buying gold chains you need to find a trust worthy online seller. This is important so that you’re well away from any kinds of frauds and that you invest in a well know establishment. This will give you someone who can solve your questions and simply they have a lot of experience.

You need to understand how the ranges and pricing of gold works. Pricing mainly depends on two factors: 1: The work that is put in the making of that particular chain and 2: The carats of gold used. Every chain has an elegant and even fall. If you find asymmetrical or inclined drop of the necklace, you should reconsider buying it. Once you are satisfied with the design and work of the chain, you need to understand its purity. To check the purity, you should always look for the hallmarking or any certificates which proves its authenticity. Talking of Indian markets, BIS hallmark is the standard of India that ensures purity of the gold jewel. Now if you say you need a chain of 24 carats, you are asking for 24 full parts of gold in the chain. Similarly, you can find 23,22,21 carats and so on.

To stand out in a crowd you must have a great design element to your chain. Great handwork and craftsmanship make any occasion remember the jewellery as its memory, more than the events happening. So, what jewel makes standout in your jewellery box? Just make sure that the fall is maintained and the intricacies are perfect. There should be no chance of imperfection in a handmade fine jewellery. Now the question arises, what kind of elements that you should look into? You need to look for the stone’s arrangements, and the way in which they are studded.

When looking at the overall jewellery segment, it could be either handmade or machine made. If it is a handmade chain, you need to check the way the stone is fixed to the chain. If it is a pure gold jewellery, you may want to check the design spread. All the stones should receive equal treatment to the stones and design to ensure a perfect flow of the overall piece.

Once you have confirmed the purity and you are satisfied with the design, always look for the invoice. In the bill, you should find the price of the gold chain (according to the carats of gold you are buying). You should ensure that whatever you are paying is what you are buying. Always check the weight of your chain and then calculate the price of it according to other taxes and labour charges.

This is how you can be away from any kind of frauds and buy a chain that you like. Close the deal with considering all these tips to avail full value to the price you pay. Afterall, you deserve to look pretty and dazzling in the gold chain.


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