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5 Ways to Stop Procrastination and be More Active

Procrastinating a lot lately? Here's how you can put an end to it.

By Thomas GriffinPublished 2 months ago 5 min read
5 Ways to Stop Procrastination and be More Active
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Procrastination is a feeling that we all relate to. It may be more chronic in some cases than the rest but we all experience it one way or another.

Coping with procrastination is a battle we all fight on a daily basis. And it's the one that you can't win easily. Some manage to overcome procrastination eventually whereas others don't even realize the situation they're in before it's too late.

Procrastination greatly affects your productivity and prevents you from unlocking your true potential. As you waste your precious time on unproductive activities, you're unable to maximize your efficiency and make the most of your day.

There can be many reasons why you procrastinate. But, that's the topic for another day. Today, let's explore ways you can overcome procrastination and live a more active life.

So, without further ado.

Let's get started.

1. Set Clear Goals

Being clueless about what needs to be done is one of many things that leads to procrastination. As you try to figure out your tasks, your mind starts to wander - making you believe that you've got more time on your hands than you actually do.

And that makes you more prone to procrastination. So, to kick start your day productively, it's essential that you come up with a plan beforehand and set clear goals that you need to accomplish.

This helps you channel your energy in the right direction and allows you to manage your time efficiently. With your eye on the prize, you optimally utilize your resources and drive better results to grow.

With clear goals set forth, there are fewer chances for your efforts to be misdirected as your objectives serve as a constant reminder of where you have to be.

2. Timeboxing

When it comes to overcoming procrastination, having a time-bound to-do list helps. This is called timeboxing where you strive to manage your time effectively by splitting your day into different intervals and assigning activities to each of the sessions.

Timeboxing not just works well for professional tasks but also allows you to manage personal chores in an overall efficient manner.

But, for this to work, it's essential that you try your best to meet the deadlines you set for yourself. So, the effective implementation of the technique requires discipline and self-control.

Also, ensure that the deadlines you set for each task or activity are realistic. There's nothing wrong with challenging yourself but try not to overdo it. Consider moderation and go with a more balanced approach when creating timeboxes.

Timeboxing helps you stand out and live an active life but not at the expense of your leisure as you take time out for both your professional goals and your personal commitments.

3. Minimize Distractions

This is a proactive approach when it comes to avoiding procrastination. We often end up procrastinating when we are distracted by other things. So, finding what causes you to lose focus and getting rid of the things that distract you helps.

Even a single notification on our phone can lead us to waste hours of our precious time either watching random videos on the internet or scrolling through our social media timelines.

It was reported that an average person spends 2 hours and 29 minutes on social media on a daily basis.

Now, that's just one example and not the only source responsible for distracting you from work. Each one of us has diverse interests and preferences. So, find the sources that cause you to be distracted and evade them for a more active lifestyle. 

Now, we can't be completely immune to distractions. That's just not possible. What's possible is keeping them at a bare minimum so our productivity goes unscathed.

4. Have Some Fun

You can do what you love but can't love everything that you do. Even if it's your dream job, not every task assigned to you would be fun or enjoyable.

The chances for you to procrastinate increase when you're working on a boring or monotonous task. And when that happens, the best thing to do is to switch to a task that you enjoy working on.

Doing something is better than doing nothing at all. So, when you find yourself procrastinating, see if it's because of the task you find uninteresting.

Remember, work is work and all tasks assigned to you hold equal importance. So, even if you skip certain tasks momentarily, try to complete all assigned work within the respective deadlines.

This is just a quick fix to get your focus back on track. And once you've got your mojo back, cater to your tasks as per their respective priorities.

5. Learn to Let Go

Don't be too hard on yourself if you end up procrastinating despite all your efforts to avoid it. You're a human after all. So, learn to let go and start fresh.

If you had an unproductive day at work, doesn't mean tomorrow would turn out to be the same. So, there's no point in consistently reminding yourself of the lost time because you can't bring it back.

So, move on. Clinging to something you can never change will only make you more anxious and frustrated. And that's neither good for your productivity nor growth.

Forgive yourself for what happened and try not to overthink it. Commit to doing better tomorrow and try your best to fulfill the promise you made to yourself.

It's a Wrap

There you have it. The 5 ways to stop procrastination and be more active. If you've been finding it difficult to stay productive or maintain your focus at work, try out the recommendations and see if they work for you.

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