Yes, Email Is Still Relevant — Here’s Why

Email is still a powerful tool used for personal and business reasons, and it's not going anywhere any time soon.

Yes, Email Is Still Relevant — Here’s Why

As you click through dozens of emails, you may be thinking to yourself: “How are these emails effective if all I do is delete them?”

Many people are plagued with emails. Whether it be general business communication, promotional emails, appointment reminders, or something else, it can be extremely annoying to have to sift through seemingly pointless messages. But while it may seem like emails only serve the purpose of sitting in your inbox, the truth is, they still play a huge role in society, business communication, and marketing.

While there are dozens of reasons why email is still important today, there are a few that truly support the practice. Keep on reading to see just why email isn't going anywhere anytime soon.

1. Email Marketing = Revenue

While some promotional emails may not matter much to you, they may mean everything to another customer. Many companies have loyalty programs where customers can sign up through their email. Once a customer is added to the company’s email database, the customer may be sent promotional offers, news, and more to their inbox.

Customers who are extremely loyal to a brand may pay close attention to the emails they receive. It’s also no joke that email marketing in 2018 had an average return of investment of 3,800 percent, meaning that for every dollar a company spends on email marketing, they see an average of $38 returned from customers. Plus, if you’ve ever used a coupon, a coupon code, or visited a sale from an email from a company, you’re contributing to the success of email.

2. Companies can speak however they want

A big part of marketing is having a brand voice or personality. Companies create a brand and come up with a “voice” to go alongside that brand, which maintains the consistency of the brand and allows them to resonate with their target market. Email, which allows companies to send messages, is the perfect medium to say exactly what they want to say, to who they want to hear it.

These curated messages from companies can sound like they’re coming from a young professional, a mom, an athlete, and more. You can even see how your personal emails sound with this tool that shows what generation you sound like, based on your email habits for your own personal use.

3. Email is still a reliable form of communication

Whether you like it or not, email is still a great way of communicating. While most people text nowadays, email can still be used to send and receive messages reliably. Messages are typically sent instantly, making email quick and personable, but not intrusive enough to where the recipient needs to reply instantly.

With other features being incorporated into email nowadays, such as meeting invitations, flight reminders, and sentence suggestions, communication via email continues to get more intuitive. Also, pretty much everybody has at least one email address, making communication even easier with all types of people and businesses. Emails are also easier and safer to publish online than a phone number or address, making communication with potential clients even easier.

Even if you don’t use email often, it’s still a good idea to set up and maintain a reliable email address for any potential communication, and you will most likely need one for making accounts of all types anyway. Also, if your email name is outdated (we’ve all been there), make a new one for professional communications using your name or initials.

Email isn’t going anywhere any time soon, and it’s used by everybody around the world. So the next time you say that it’s outdated, think again!

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