Working in Tech? Here's What to Learn Next

Know what is upcoming in the technological world.

Working in Tech? Here's What to Learn Next

The tech field is constantly changing, and remaining current is critical for advancing in the field and landing exciting new opportunities. However, the breadth of the field can make it difficult to know where to look next. Here are some of the best areas to look if you're considering a change in your career.

Web Apps

In the early days of the world wide web, it was widely believed that the web and Java would make online apps the standard for computer applications. In reality, however, Java applets flopped and the language is now primary used on the backend. However, advances in JavaScript engines and the language itself have fueled the growth of web apps, and the popularity of cloud computing is making the field even more popular. In addition to JavaScript, developers can look toward WebAssembly, which can be used with multiple programming languages and fills the void left with the downfall of Adobe Flash. As browsers become faster and develop new features, companies are increasingly turning toward online apps. Furthermore, online apps make it easier to provide subscription services, which a growing number of companies are interested in.

Data Science

Big Data, the cloud, and machine learning are all hot topics today, and projections show that these technologies will continue growing at a rapid pace. Fueling these fields and tying them together, however, is a previously neglected field that's suddenly in high demand: Data science. Data science requires a broad skill set, making it accessible to many people working in other fields of tech today. Furthermore, it relies heavily on open source solutions, allowing those interested in making the switch to experiment at no cost. Reading through an Apache Spark tutorial can get a developer up and running quickly, making it easy to try out the platform. Industry experts predict tremendous demand for data scientists over the coming years, and along with this demand will come high salaries.


Every year, people spend more time online, and data about us lives on servers spread across the globe. While this trend offers convenience, it also comes with a significant risk: Hacking. Although cybersecurity experts have been in demand for quite some time, a significant uptick in cybercrime has made demand even greater. Cybersecurity requires a holistic understanding of modern tech, so people from all backgrounds have a route to enter the field. Furthermore, threats are only expected to rise as organized crime and governments seek to exploit poorly secured servers. There is a severe lack of qualified cybersecurity professionals, so those able to get a foot in the door will be rewarded with excellent job possibilities.

Database Administration

Although it doesn't generate many headlines, database administration is a fast-growing field as companies and governments collect more data. Despite the advent of NoSQL data storage and other technologies, traditional databases remain as important as ever, and people able to manage and maintain databases will find ample job opportunities for the foreseeable future. Furthermore, database technologies change at a slower pace than many other fields. Those interested in a field that's less turbulent may find database administration to be a great option, and it's a field that also provides high salaries.

Too often, people working in tech feel that they need to stay with their specialty for their entire career. In practice, however, it's common to switch between jobs on a regular basis, and the knowledge you acquire in one field will help you learn a new area quickly. Tech is changing rapidly, and it's worth taking a step back on occasion to determine if changing your career projection is right for you.

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