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Why Write?

Words Can Be Your Starting Point

By Mike Singleton - MikeydredPublished 3 years ago 3 min read

After doing nothing and talking, writing is probably the easiest thing for a lot of people to do. Of course you need to be able to read and write and it is a relatively simple way to be creative. You only need a pen and paper and an idea, and you may want to write a book , a short story , a letter , record something that you want to remember, or keep a diary.

You may also want to write for a living as a journalist or in education or a technical author. There are so many reasons you may want to write and a lot of outlets where you can do it.

Writing is a least initial layout path to creativity. If you want to be a sportsperson , musician , scientist , teacher or other specialist you need a lot of formal or informal training depending on the area you choose to work in. As I stated in the last paragraph, a pen and paper and your mind is all you need to become a writer. This is not belittling writers, I have friends who have published books and written TV series and they did not get there without considerable effort and their own talent and determination.

I am not using a pen and paper for this , I am using Google Docs as it is simple , fast , reliable and a good device for setting out my initial text drafts. I use my blog Seven Days In to record things that interest me and that I want to remember , and also to share music that I like. It started as a travel blog and the posts were often less than fifty words, but has become far for free form recording almost anything that takes my fancy.

If you want to write on Vocal you need to write at least 600 words in your article or 100 words if your post is a poem.

So back to my question , Why Write?

For me part of it was wanting to write a story, then wanting to record things that had happened, to offer advice and the hope that in writing I would be able to formulate an idea for a book. I have had several false starts in that area, but if you are not prepared to fail then it is unlikely you will ever succeed.

Some days I have no ideas, I know authors who have set times and hours to work and produce their output that way, but I have to write as and when I get time as I have a day job to do first that then enables me to be able to write pieces like this. I am lucky enough to have a computer , internet access and the ability to use my basic grammar to put together a piece that will be able to be read by people.

One of the things about writing for yourself is that you become your own quality control. If you write for someone else, and that includes writing on Vocal, you are subject to their quality control as well as your own, and that is something that can improve the quality of your writing.

By writing you have to stimulate your general creativity and that can bring about many unexpected bonuses. Since starting on Vocal I have started composing and practicing on keyboards and guitar and succeeding in doing what I actually want to do.

This was a totally unexpected benefit for me and it may be for you too after you put your first few words together and publish them by whatever means you want to.

I always include a piece of music in my pieces and one that I reheard recently was “Book of Rules” by The Heptones, a beautiful song and the title is very appropriate for all writers.

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